Ciara Finally Regains Her Memory After Receiving a Fortune Cookie from Ben


In the Thursday, August 12, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ciara reminds Ben again that she’s marrying Theo, Claire and Allie are still in jail, and Paulina offers a reward to get Ciara home. In case you missed out, on The last Days of our Lives episode Sami was kidnapped!

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Chanel knocks on Allie’s door. Tripp opens the door and almost loses her towel, causing Chanel to cringe. She begs of him to please not lose his towel. She’s had enough of that. She asks where Allie is but she never came home last night. They worry and he calls Roman and hears she’s in jail. They argue about who should go to her. He reminds her that he’s her boyfriend. Chanel gets it. He wants her honesty and she admits she doesn’t deny there was something going on between her and Horton and she hoped it would go somewhere but she made her choice. “And it’s not me. I just want her to be happy. No need to trip, Tripp. You won’t get any trouble from me.”

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At SPD, an exhausted Claire and Allie talk about helping Ben kidnap Claire. Allie says, “Shhh!” Claire doesn’t think they are allowed to listen. She’s sure her mother will get them out of there. She talks about buying the dress on a sale rack at Basic Black, and then talk about Ben not giving up on Ciara. Outside, Belle tells Eli to let “the girls” go. Eli says Shawn’s following a lead. The motorcycle was seen outside the DiMera gatehouse. Eli will let them go as soon as he can so Theo can get his life back. “This isn’t some cute RomCom Belle.” Ciara was abducted by a guy she doesn’t know who she sees as a serial killer. “He’s not that guy anymore,” Belle says. Eli isn’t disputing that. They head to see “the girls” and they want to leave but Belle tells them that’s not going to happen unless they reveal where Ben took Ciara. They refuse. Belle tells them this will go on their permanent record. They can go to prison. Are they willing to risk this for Ben Weston? They head to the cells as Tripp and Chanel stop them. They heard the news. Allie asks how Henry is. She learns he’s fine. Eli takes the women to the cells after hearing Tripp and Chanel’s concerns. Belle follows and Chanel and Tripp realize Allie needs their help.

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Theo and Abe arrive at the pub and see a poster for a reward being given for 100,000 to anyone who has information about Ciara’s kidnapping. They wonder who did this. Paulina turns up. She did. For both of them. They thank her. Lani turns up. She thought she told Paulina to leave her family alone. The men argue. Lani’s upset to learn that she put up the reward. “I wanted to help.” Lani brings up Price Town and Paulina knows it was a terrible idea. She wants to make it up to everyone. Lani berates her so she goes and Theo goes off to find his bride. Abe and Lani go in to dine and Abe says he felt betrayed the most about Price Town but Paulina owned her mistake, let the project go at a substantial loss. Lani’s supposed to forget it? No. Abe says he knows Lani loves her and Paulina loves her. She’s sincere in wanting to make amends.

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At the cabin, Ciara awakens in bed alone and flashes to remembering her discussion with Ben last night. He wakes up in the chair nearby. She’s hungry and has changed. He directs her to get food from the trunk and she does, since he can’t walk. She returns with Chinese food and she remembers how he told her all about it being their favorite food. She finds it boring, “but do you know what I do care about? Marrying Theo.” They dine and she bitches that it’s cold. He says they’ve had this argument before. She tells him all of this isn’t magically going to make her fall in love with him again. “Okay,” he says. He’s done with forcing the issue. He won’t stand in her way if she leaves after she eats. Later, she finishes and tells him not to pull anything like this again. He won’t. He gives her a fortune cookie. She doesn’t want it. He says it reminds him of their first date and flashes back. Ciara opens her cookie and tells him, “It says that my date will end with a kiss.” Ciara won’t take the cookie. It won’t change anything. “This is about fate,” he tells her. Ben keeps talking and she finally wants him to shut up and opens the cookie… “It says yes.” He’s puzzled. She says, “So much for fate.” She gets up and begins to remember everything. He can tell and she denies it and tries to run off. He begs her not to fight it.

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At home, Paulina finishes a call when Theo turns up. He’s sorry for Lani’s hostility. “She feels betrayed,” Paulina says, knowingly. She reveals she may know something about Ben and Ciara.