Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 23 – 27: Wendy Rejects Johnny, Gabi Finds Li’s Burner Phone and Calls Rolf

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, January 23 to Friday, January 27, 2022.

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Stefan’s revenge on EJ has unexpected consequences, Pauline enlists Stephanie in her war against Sloan, and Gabi manipulates Li.

Monday, January 23

Monday’s Days recap: Marlena goes to heaven

Will, Belle, and Eric pray Marlena will miraculously recover.

John watches as Sarah attempts to revive Marlena.

Allie confronts Johnny and Channel about them almost kissing. 

Wendy comforts a distraught Tripp.

eric prayer to marlena days of our lives

Tuesday, January 24

Tuesday’s Days recap: Susan is the devil in heaven

Marlena encounters a familiar face in a heavenly setting.

Eric turns to Sloan for some solace.

Sloan has sex with Eric.

Allie gets some advice from Alex. 

Allie suggests a threesome.

Paulina hires Stephanie in the fight against Sloan.

eric and sloan sex days recaps soapsspoilers

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Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday’s Days recap: Gabi hits Stefan while he’s drugging  EJ’s drink

Gabi receives an apology from Wendy, who encourages her not to give up on Stefan.

Allie demands the truth from Chanel.

EJ drops a bomb on Li. 

Stefan goes after revenge on EJ. 

stefan is sorry he hurt gabi days of our lives recaps

Thursday, January 26

Thursday’s Days recap: Nicole is accidentally drugged

Allie opens up to Alex about Chanel.

Allie gets advice.

Chanel and Johnny discuss their feelings for each other.

Allie walks in on her bro hugging her girlfriend.

Gabi attempts to keep an unconscious Stefan hidden from EJ.

Stefan wakes up in the secret room.

Nicole has a fraught moment with Sloan over Eric. 

Nicole slaps Sloan.

Stefan’s revenge plot has some collateral damage.

Belle takes Paulina’s case against Sloan.

ej nicole drink champagne days of our lives recaps

Friday, January 27

Friday’s Days recap: EJ refuses sex with Nicole

Gabi twists Li to get what she wants.

A drugged Nicole tells EJ she wants sex.

EJ can’t have sex with Nicole since she can’t consent.

Roman’s not happy to hear Sloan hates his chowder.

Sloan rubs Roman the wrong way.

Allie is furious when she catches Johnny and Chanel together.

Wendy gets a shock from Allie.

Wendy decides not to pursue things with Johnny.

wendy hears johnny slept with chanel but its a lie DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

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