EJ Rejects Nicole, Thinking She’s Drunk, Gabi Seduces Li to Find Rolf, Roman Warns Eric Off Sloan, and Allie & Chanel Separate

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, January 27, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, EJ and Nicole agree to take things as they come after almost sleeping together, Sloan has a bad first meeting with Eric’s dad, Gabi played on Li’s feelings to locate Dr. Rolf, Allie and Chanel agreed to take some time apart, and Wendy rejected Johnny’s offer to go on a date.

In the last Days recap, Allie opened up to Alex about Chanel, while Chanel and Johnny discussed their lingering feelings, and Nicole slapped Sloan across the face before mistakenly getting drugged by Stefan.

Tripp and Wendy are playing video games in the Johnson living room.

Tripp wonders if she’s letting him win because she feels sorry for him.

Wendy tells him she always plays to win. Tripp thanks her for keeping him company but has noticed her checking her phone every few minutes.

Wendy admits she was hoping to hear from Johnny but assumes he’s busy with family stuff.

tripp and wendy play video games DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Roman arrives with a special batch of Brady chowder. Tripp says Steve and Stephanie are at St. Luke’s planning for Kayla’s funeral.

Tripp introduces Wendy to his uncle Roman. She expresses her condolences over the loss of Kate and Kayla.

Wendy remembers meeting Kayla in Hong Kong and says she was “a total badass.”

roman meets wendy DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Roman notices Tripp’s black eye and asks for details. Tripp downplays what happened with Johnny.

Later, as Wendy leaves, she asks why Tripp didn’t tell Roman the truth about his black eye.

Tripp says the Bradys have been through enough.

Tripp says he’ll be in Salem at least through the funeral, so Wendy tells him to give her a call.

wendy waits for johnny to call DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Allie walks into her apartment just in time to see Johnny and Chanel hugging. She’s livid at what she sees.

“I’m sorry,” Allie says with snark. “I didn’t mean to interrupt this special moment.”

Johnny and Chanel both deny anything is happening between them, but Allie doesn’t buy it.

This is the second time she’s caught them in a compromising position.

Allie’s convinced something is going on and demands to know what it is. 

allie sees chanel and johnny hug Sexy guitar music plays as

Johnny tries to explain but Allie’s not listening. She’s convinced she just stopped them from having sex.

Allie still doesn’t believe her brother and her girlfriend don’t want to be together.

Johnny blows it when he tells Allie she’s acting just like Sami – jumping to conclusions, throwing a tantrum, and making everything about her.

Allie counters by accusing Johnny of acting like EJ – making moves on a woman who’s not available and ruining relationships to get what he wants. 

The twins got toe-to-toe insulting each other’s parents. Chanel gets between them and breaks it up. 

johnny says allie acting like sami DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

She tells Johnny to leave and opens to door to Wendy, just in time for her to hear Allie accusing Johnny of hooking up with Chanel.

Johnny tries to explain to a shocked Wendy, but she runs off. Johnny runs after her.

Allie mentions seeing Alex and Chanel is stunned.

Chanel wonders if maybe this whole argument is Allie’s way of turning their threesome into a twosome – just Allie and Alex.

wendy hears johnny slept with chanel but its a lie DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Allie denies it and Chanel makes her see the similarity in their situations with Johnny and Alex. Chanel trusts Allie, so why can’t Allie trust Chanel?

“I mean, I’m not the one who’s cheated before,” Chanel says.

Allie is taken aback. She reminds Chanel she cheated on Tripp with Chanel because Chanel is who she’s meant to be with.

Chanel thinks they should take some time apart and Allie reluctantly agrees. Chanel goes to the bedroom to pack a bag so she can go to Paulina’s for a while.

When she comes back out, Chanel tells Allie to take a few days off work to deal with her family drama.

Chanel leaves and both women look regretful.

chanel leaves allie Days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Eric and Sloan are sharing a tense breakfast at the Brady Pub after their confrontation with Paulina and Belle about Sloan’s new civil lawsuit against Paulina and Chanel.

Sloan is rattled and Eric says Paulina is a formidable woman.

“Not only has she ruined my entire life but she’s also ruined my pancakes!” Sloan moans.

eric and sloan eat pancakes DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Sloan can’t deal with having confrontations with Paulina and Nicole on the same day, but she thinks now Nicole will realize it’s time to move on.

Eric leaves the table to fetch Sloan some Brady clam chowder to warm her soul.

Sloan tries the chowder but isn’t impressed. Eric is aghast anyone wouldn’t like clam chowder.

“Warm milk and clams,” Sloan says. “Just not my thing.”

They have a humorous spat with Sloan saying she’s a chicken noodle traditionalist and Eric telling her to get out.

Roman walks in just in time to hear Sloan say she hates the famous Brady clam chowder.

Eric awkwardly introduces Sloan to his dad. Sloan is on her best behavior, but Roman goes right in on her for suing Paulina and Chanel.

roman learns  sloan hates chowdah DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

He reminds her Paulina is married to Abe, his best friend who is like family, and there’s nothing more important to Roman than family.

Sloan doesn’t back down. She says she won’t stop until Paulina and Chanel have been brought to justice for taking her parents from her.

Eric tries to talk them both down, to no avail. Roman advises Sloan to drop her vendetta and move on.

Sloan’s phone rings and she leaves the pub to take the call.

Roman grills Eric about Sloan and Nicole. Eric says they’re finished, but Roman doesn’t believe it.

They talk about funeral arrangements for Kayla and Marlena. Roman thinks everything’s taken care of.

Sloan walks back into the pub. Roman goes back to the kitchen to find something “less authentic” for Sloan to try.

Later, Sloan is digging into a salad and suggests Eric come over to her place tonight if he’s up for the challenge.

Always, he says, and they kiss over the table.

eric sloan kiss  pub Days of our lives recaps

EJ and a drugged Nicole are making out on her bed at the DiMera mansion. EJ doesn’t realize Nicole drank the mimosa Stefan had drugged for EJ, which is why she’s suddenly all over EJ.

EJ tries to stop the action, but Nicole asks him to make love to her right now, so they keep at it.

They start undressing, but EJ pulls away again. He doesn’t think this is a good idea.

ej and nicole kissing on her bed DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Nicole thinks it’s a great idea and doesn’t care what Eric would think. In fact, maybe she’ll rub it in his face.

She pushes EJ down on the bed and jumps back on him. Lips are locked and clothes are coming off, but EJ pushes her off again. 

He reminds her she was trying to avoid impulse decisions, but she says enough time has passed.

“But now I am ready,” she says as she reaches to take his belt off. “Oh, looks like you are, too!”

ej and nicole almost have sex DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Nicole doesn’t understand why EJ keeps pulling away. Doesn’t he want her?

EJ doesn’t think she’s in her right mind to make an informed decision. He thinks she’s drunk as a skunk.

Nicole admits she’s drunk but doesn’t understand how. She only had one mimosa and a “teeny tiny champagne chaser” after that.

She gets up and does a little dance but ends up running to the bathroom to puke.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom, humiliated about the way she’s behaved. EJ tells her he’s flattered she wanted him, and it was hard to turn her down.

Nicole still doesn’t understand why she’s so trashed. She’s known for holding her liquor, after all.

EJ chalks it up to her not having breakfast, but Nicole wonders if something was wrong with the champagne.

nicole sick mimosa drugged DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Later, EJ comes back with a proper pot of tea and toast, “the over-indulger’s best friend.”

Nicole thanks him for being a gentleman earlier and refusing to sleep with her in her compromised condition.

Nicole tells EJ everything she told him wasn’t because of the champagne. She’s tired of pining after Eric and she’s ready to move on with EJ.

EJ asks what moving on entails. Is it a relationship or just sex? 

Nicole says she doesn’t know. Can they just figure it out as they go along?

They both think a commitment at this stage would be a bad idea. EJ suggests they go out on a proper date and see how things go.

Nicole agrees.

EJ leaves to empty the teapot, finding Nicole asleep when he returns. He tenderly covers her with a blanket and has a wondering look on his face.

nicole and ej have tea DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

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Gabi leaves the room in the DiMera cellar where she has Stefan tied up. She calls a surprised Li at the Salem Inn and asks to see him.

She tells her husband she had a run-in with Stefan that got ugly, and she just needs to talk. Li tells her he’ll be waiting.

Gabi hangs up and vows to herself she’s going to get Stefan deprogrammed – whether he likes it or not.

gabi on a call with Li DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

When Gabi arrives at Li’s room at the Salem Inn, he tells her about getting fired by EJ.

Gabi tells Li she’s realized he was right when he said she’s wasting her time with Stefan and should stay with Li.

Li doesn’t understand Gabi’s sudden 180. What has happened to make her want to stay with her new husband?

gabi and li kiss DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Gabi tells him she’s realized he was right about everything. She realizes Stefan will never love her, so she’s giving up on him and giving Li another chance.

They kiss and Li tells Gabi how much he’s missed her. Gabi pulls out the rings Li gave her and puts them back on to prove she’s committed to him.

Gabi reminds him of the close connection they had every time they were intimate. She’s ready to make this a real marriage.

Li is completely taken in and rushes to the bathroom to shower.

gabi and Li fake reunite DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Gabi immediately goes into snoop mode, opening drawers and doors, looking for something that will tell her where Dr. Rolf is.

She finds a burner phone and dials the most-called number. Rolf is on the other end.

Gabi spells out her demands and tells the mad scientist to get back to Salem ASAP.

She grabs her stuff to bolt, just as Li comes out of the bathroom and asks where she’s going.

li out of the shower Days of our lives recaps

Johnny catches up with Wendy in the park, but she doesn’t want to hear his explanation. She reminds him they’re not a couple.

Johnny says Allie just wanted to mess things up with Wendy to get back at him.

Wendy asks if there is anything going on between him and Chanel, and he admits he almost kissed Chanel at the hospital.

Wendy wonders what this all means. Johnny admits he was the instigator and would have kissed Chanel if she let him.

He tells Wendy he needed to be close to someone, but he no longer has feelings for Chanel.

wendy asks johnny if he's into chanel DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Johnny admits there’s something unresolved between him and Chanel. He doesn’t think it matters, but Wendy does.

Johnny tries to assure her that Allie and Chanel are where it’s at. He asks Wendy if he can take her on a date.

Wendy turns him down flat. She thinks between losing his grandmothers and the drama with Allie, he’s got too much going on.

Johnny suggests they take some time so he can deal with his family stuff. After things cool down, he’ll take Wendy on that date.

She reluctantly agrees. They hug and Wendy looks unsure.

johnny admits tried to kiss chanel DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

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