B&B Spoilers Jan 22 – 26: RJ Fishes for Information on Poppy and Bill’s Connection

Monday, Jan 22 to Friday, Jan 26.

B&B recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of January 22?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, January 22:

In Monday’s B&B recap, Bill and Poppy realize they’re not alone at the beach house

Finn and Li argue over Luna’s true intentions.

Finn and Steffy spend  quality time together.

Steffy and Thomas have a chat.

Bill and Poppy and RJ and Luna’s worlds collide at the Malibu Beach House.

finn tells lil luna at his house

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, January 23:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Hope’s decision is that she needs more time, but canoodles with Thomas

Hope can’t live in the past, she tells Thomas.

Thomas hopes that Hope will let him in.

Hope gives Thomas a decision about their relationship.

Luna is stunned to catch her mom and Bill together.

Luna and RJ leave the beach house.

Bill tells Poppy how much he likes Luna.

Poppy stares off…

poppy laughing

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, January 24:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Li has it out with Poppy over her “loose morals.”

Poppy walks in on RJ and Luna kissing.

Li, Luna, and Poppy have a heated disagreement about Bill Spencer.

Li says Poppy has loose morals and thinks she’s after Bill for his money.

Ridge and Eric share a poignant father-son conversation.

Donna tries to keep Eric away from martinis.

Li learns poppy's dating bill spencer B&B recaps

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, January 25:

In Thursday’s B&B episode recap, RJ thinks Bill’s Luna’s father.

Emotions get heated when Li makes an accusation against Poppy. 

Li tells Poppy that Bill is off limits.

RJ plants a thought into Luna’s head about her mom’s past with Bill.

Luna’s rocked.

liam wears a hat

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, January 26:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Luna asks a teary-eyed Poppy if Bill’s her father

Poppy reminisces about the unforgettable night she and Bill met.

Luna asks why Poppy didn’t readily admit she remembered Bill when they first met.

Bill meets with RJ at the beach house to sign the lease.

RJ digs for information about Poppy and Bill. 

Smitten, Bill prepares for another magical night with Poppy.

poppy nervous

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