B&B Spoilers March 11 – 15: Hope Shows off the Gown Thomas Creates & Brooke’s On Board With Thomas and Hope

Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of March 11?

In the aftermath of Sheila’s passing, anger divides Finn and Steffy, lives are forever changed when Thomas decides to make one final proposal to Hope.

Will she say yes this time? By the end of the week, he creates a new and beautiful gown for her. Is this a wedding dress? Could there be wedding bells ringing for this couple? And will Brooke eventually come on board for a union?

Meanwhile, Deacon emotionally mourns his beloved Sheila, trying to come to terms with the suddenness and his greatest loss. And Bill is back this week, chatting with Poppy about children and family.

Knowing that Luna’s still quite upset with her mother for letting her “happy pills” out of her sight and unintentionally into Luna’s hands, Bill offers to be a shoulder for Luna. Though Poppy said that Bill wasn’t Luna’s father, do we believe her? Do we think Jack is the father or someone else? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

luna can't keep it secret Bold & Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, March 11:

Finn and Steffy fight their demons over Sheila’s demise and try to fix that void between them.

Steffy felt their cliffhouse was haunted. 

Wracked with guilt over betraying him with Zende, Luna cries at RJ’s praise and loyalty.

Luna and RJ go swimming.

Zende and Carter prop RJ and Luna’s relationship and Carter notices Zende really likes her.

Zende covers.

Thomas vents to Hope about Sheila.

thomas vents about sheila to hope

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, March 12:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Finn hallucinates.

Ridge asks Brooke if she will give more grace to Thomas and Hope’s relationship.

Finn hallucinates about Steffy ending Sheila’s life while attempting to connect with his wife.

Finn freaks out.

Thomas and Hope remember their time in Rome together with a romantic Italian dinner.

Brooke agrees Hope and Thomas bring out the best in each other.

hope and thomas dinner

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, March 13:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Finn confides in Steffy.

Hope worries about Deacon’s emotional well-being, after losing Sheila, while Thomas is focused on Steffy’s.

Hope and Thomas share more romance and think of their future together.

Finn freaks out when he cannot stop seeing his deceased mother, Sheila.

Finn reveals what he’s been seeing to Steffy, who comforts him.

Bill and Liam dish on Sheila being gone for good.

liam mocking finn

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, March 14:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Bill is moved to tears by Luna’s pleas.

Bill and Luna share an unexpected and comforting conversation about parents and children.

Bill talks to Luna about her father and cries when she wishes she knew who he was.

Hope attempts to get through to Brooke about Thomas’s commitment and care.

Thomas complains that Brooke isn’t on his side.

hope asks mom for support

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, March 15:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Thomas asks Hope to marry him again.

Ridge encourages Thomas to act boldly in his love for Hope.

Thomas creates a beautiful new gown for Hope.

Thomas creates a romantic scene in the big lounge at Forrester.

Thomas wants Hope to marry him and asks once more.

Bill offers to be a sounding board for Luna when Poppy cannot.

Bill admits Poppy talked to him about Luna and her dad.

Brooke and Ridge canoodle.

brooke and ridge cuddle office

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