B&B Recap: After a Fight with Poppy, Luna Inspires Bill to Tears and Hope Appeals to Brooke for Support

Thursday, March 14, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope tells Brooke how Thomas makes her feel, Thomas tells his father he can’t imagine life without Hope, and Luna inspires Bill to weep.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Finn confided in Steffy about his hallucinations and Thomas and Hope envisioned their future together.

In the Forrester Creations office, Petra models the latest design and Ridge admires it.

She says it is even more perfect than it already was.

petra modelling

Thomas quips that it’s just like his relationship with Hope.

Once the model exits, Ridge commends his son a job well done on his personal life.

ridge and son discuss hope

Thomas tells his dad they had a great night reminiscing about their past.

He talks about the stress he’s under and how he wants to run off with Hope.

She’s like the best surprise he ever got.

thomas and ridge talk about magic

Ridge says she’s no surprise. He worked hard for her.

His son can’t imagine life without her.

He knows Hope loves him and wishes Brooke could see it.

thomas and ridge talk about magic

Ridge says that Brooke isn’t in the way.

His son keeps repeating he loves Hope and he’s sure she will put the ring on her finger soon.

ridge tells thomas brooke not problem

In the design office, Hope holds the ring around her neck and thinks of making love to Thomas until her mom interrupts.

hope thinking of thomas

“You seem a little flushed,” she says to her daughter.

Hope admits she was thinking of Thomas.

She tells Brooke about their night recapturing the romance of Roma.

He’s always making her feel loved.

It’s nice to finally be the only woman.

Brooke gets that he’s devoted, but is this really the guy she wants to spend her life with.

brooke and hope discuss thomas future

Hope says he’s made her realize what she deserves.

His passion is healthy and beautiful and makes her feel beautiful.

hope says thomas makes her feel beautiful

Brooke smiles and nods.

brooke smiling at hope

Taking her mom’s hand, she tells her how happy she is and begs her to be happy for her too.

hope asks mom for support

Brooke wants her happy but has reservations.

Hope did too but she’s opened her heart and he’s given her his.

The kids feel it too.

They all feel so secure with him.

She begs her mom to support her relationship.

Brooke starts twitching and fidgeting.

hope begs her mom for support Bold & Beautiful

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Liam and Bill are eating at Il Giardino and discussing ad revenue.

Liam asks his dad about Poppy and their special connection.

liam asks dad about poppy

He thinks that she may be in LA to give him something he’s never had before.

Bill may regret it but asks what that could be.

His son says he has someone who met him as Bill not Dollar Bill.

His father admits he’s right.

She gets him out of his head and away from his ego.

bill talks about poppy B&B

It’s great with her and they aren’t labeling it.

It feels like anything is possible and it’s really exciting.

He has no idea what’s next and decides to go and see her.

Teasing, he tells his son that if it’s meant to be, he’s going to see her at just the right time.

bill tells liam he's going to see poppy

At Poppy’s, she notices that her daughter hasn’t gone to the office.

She hates all the tension between them since the mints incident.

poppy hates distance from daughter

Luna doesn’t want to think about that night.

Putting her arms around her, Poppy says it was a mistake and asks for her forgiveness.

She leaps away when Luna says, “I wish I could talk to my father about this.”

luna doesn't want to talk mints

Luna isn’t trying to hurt her but she can’t come to her about this because she’s part of the problem. It’s eating her up.

“I need to know who my father is,” she says.

She’s always wanted to know but put that aside in the past.

She’s been acting out of character with lying and keeping secrets.

Maybe knowing who her father is would help explain things.

Why won’t she tell her who it is?

Poppy tells her they don’t need anyone else.

They have Nozawa power.

poppy shocked nozawa power failing

Her daughter doesn’t think that’s enough anymore.

Poppy starts to weep and runs out.

Bill shows up and notices that Luna is upset.

bill at luna's door

He asks if the Forrester kid hurt her. She says he would never.

Bill asks if she had an argument with her mom and says he knows all about parents fighting with their kids.

He has three sons and drives them crazy but it’s only because he wants what’s best for them.

Some people might says he’s intense and he goes too far, but parents do that because they love their kids and can’t get out of their own way.

bill tells luna about being a dad

She admits she had an argument with her mom and it has been tense.

It’s nice to hear him talk about his sons.

Bill tells her that her mom loves her just as much.

She thinks it may be different for a dad.

luna needs to know who father is

Her mom has always been there for her but part of her is missing and her mom doesn’t seem to want to understand that.

She can’t let that go anymore and needs to know who her father is.

A tear runs down Bill’s cheek.

bill with a tear

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