B&B Recap: Finn Confides in Steffy About His Hallucinations and Thomas & Hope Envision Their Future Together

Wednesday, March 13, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn tells Steffy of his visions of Sheila, Bill and Liam discuss how Steffy is coping, and Hope and Thomas remember their romance in Rome.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Finn heard noises and hallucinated Sheila while Thomas and Hope recreated Italy and shared a romantic dinner.

Bill and Liam are at Il Giardino. Bill is sure it will be a lot more enjoyable eating there now that Sheila is out of their lives.

bill and liam at il giardino

Once they get their drinks, they discuss how Steffy is coping with what she did.

Liam says that plunging that knife is a lot to live with.

liam says this is hard on steffy

Bill is infuriated that Finn keeps walking out on Steffy.

Liam knows that Finn understands what happened but knowing it was his birth mother is causing him trouble.

bill glad sheila gone B&B

Bill doesn’t think this is the time to be developing some sick “mommy boy connection.”

“It’s just nuts!” he complains.

Liam gave the doctor a piece of his mind about it and Finn got defensive, accusing him of waiting in the wings to pick things up with Steffy.

liam mocking finn

His father asks if that’s what he’s doing.

Liam says that if Finn can’t be the man she needs, he can.

Bill is impressed that he’s let Steffy know that.

He knows that his feelings for her will never go away.

bill thinks finn is nuts

At the cliff house, Fin tells his wife that he can’t stop seeing Sheila.

When he looks at the floor, he sees her pool of blood on the carpet.

finn can't stop seeing sheila

He knows it’s not real but it seems real.

She holds him and says it will be okay.

Finn keeps feeling his mom’s presence.

When he sees her, she disappears.

It’s like a waking dream.

“What’s happening to me?” he wonders.

steffy finn discuss his visions

He drinks and she tells him Sheila is gone.

He knows. His mind is just playing tricks.

steffy finn coping

Liam starts calling and Finn urges her to answer.

She does, checks Kelly is fine, tells him it’s a bad time and hangs up.

Steffy and Finn hold hands and she tells him they will overcome this.

She needs him to understand that.

steffy tells finn they will get through thus

She tells him they need to look at the facts and recaps all he’s told her.

He appreciates it and knows his mom is gone.

finn can't adjust to visions

Rubbing his eyes, he says he’s not confused.

He’s just having visions.

She’s sure that he’s taken a toll and his mind is trying to catch up with him.

He apologizes, feeling like he should be her rock right now.

Neither of them want to go through this alone and she says they will get through it together.

steffy tells finn they can get through this

As they hug, they look worried.

Back at Il Giardino, Bill complains about Finn, but is glad to hear he made it home.

Liam thinks that the doctor needs to let Sheila be gone.

liam thinks finn needs to drop sheila

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At Casa Thomas, he tells Hope that he’s whipped up something special for her.

She assumes it’s brownies since he has no time for puff pastry.

hope with some wine

No, he made panna cotta.

She’s amazed.

This is all so sweet.

They both love Italy and will never forget their time there.

thomas made pana cotta

She offers to do the dishes but he says that’s not what happens at his “Mojo Dojo.”

They make out and giggle. He’s feeling a little guilty given how his sister is suffering right now.

As they go over how traumatized she is, he wishes that Finn could compartmentalize and help his wife.

They remember tonight is supposed to be about them and drop it.

hope going on about rome

She wants to go back to Rome.

He says they should and smiles.

thomas tells hope they should go to rome

When she admits she’d loved to he whisked away to Rome and they recall their meal by the Spanish Steps.

They keep making out.

Rome is where all of their romance started. It will always be with them.

hope thomas kiss think of rome

She says the spirit of Rome has never left them.

They remember the Colosseum where she finally kissed him.

He says that’s where their future began.

Touching the ring around her neck, he says it’s the future that still awaits them.

thomas and hope talk future

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