B&B Spoilers Feb 12 – 16: Eric Councils Zende and Luna Makes Accusations as RJ Tries to Concentrate on Work

Monday, Feb 12 to Friday, Feb 16.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of February 12?

Li is all over Poppy once more, hating on her sister’s life choices, and judging her. Meanwhile, Poppy learns that Luna cheated on RJ with Zende, but since it’s all fuzzy, Poppy realizes that she’s kind of to blame since Luna accidentally took her pills instead of those Altoids she carries around. It’s a big mess…

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, February 12:

In Monday’s B&B recap, Luna and Zende are puzzled as to why she ended up in bed with him.

Li and Poppy have another argument over Poppy’s life choices.

Poppy is confronted about her drug usage. 

Luna wakes up in Zende’s bed to find her life has turned upside down.

luna shocked at waking up in Zende's bed

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, February 13:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, RJ worries when Luna doesn’t text him back.

Zende and Luna wake up together and discuss their shared night together.

Zende calls sex last night beautiful while Luna’s horrified that she consented to RJ, not him. 

Luna doesn’t like discussing what happened.

Li continues to bash her sister’s choices in life.

Poppy is stunned to hear about Luna’s news. She realizes Luna had her mints.

luna feels like she was drugged

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, February 14:

Brooke assures RJ of Luna’s commitment to him.

Poppy realizes she may be responsible for Luna’s actions with Zende, since she lost her happy pills and Luna wasn’t aware of what she was doing with Zende.

brooke begs hope not to accept

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 15:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Luna calls her mom a druggie.

Poppy lets Luna know she got her happy pills and Luna is incredulous that her mother is the reason she “cheated” on RJ.

Eric offers Zende a new opportunity.

Eric wants to work with Zende and wants him to work with Luna. 

RJ ruminates over Luna not texting.

Liam talks to RJ about Poppy and his dad.

Liam feels protective of Dollar Bill dating Poppy but RJ says she’s honest.

rj pointing for liam

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, February 16:

Zende is shocked when Poppy and Luna confess that Luna was accidentally on drugs when they had their night together.

Luna is now faced with making an unbearable choice.

luna asks mom about shame

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