B&B Spoilers August 14 – 18: Ridge Talks to Steffy About Liam’s Feelings For Her

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of August 14!


Monday, August 14

Monday’s B&B recap: Finn is rocked by Steffy’s decision

Finn continues to fight for his family.

Steffy realizes her kid is alive because of the dark cloud that is Sheila.

Finn apologizes profusely.

Steffy tells Finn she loves him but didn’t want to leave him. She is sorry but can’t forgive him.

Ridge chooses a side.

Ridge and Brooke discuss the gossip in the family.

bridge kissing after gossiping about the kids lives

Tuesday, August 15

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Taylor and Ridge argue

Taylor makes her opinion known.

Ridge disagrees with Taylor telling Steffy to go home.

Finn turns to R.J. for help.

Finn’s heart is broken.

Wyatt continues to tell his brother to just admit he’s in love with Steffy.

rj has questions

Wednesday, August 16

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Liam kisses Steffy’s cheek

Steffy is caught in the middle.

Liam kisses Steffy. He wants her back.

Brooke sees the designs from Ridge for her gown.

Brooke wants to design her own gown.

Finn kisses Steffy. He wants her back.

steffy learns finn's sorry

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Thursday, August 17

Thursday’s B&B recap: Beth has a birthday party

Beth’s birthday is a mermaid theme.

Donna, Katie and Deacon share in the fun.

Everyone gathers for a celebration.

RJ insinuates himself into Liam and Hope’s divorce.

Eric and Ridge work on a new collaboration.

Ridge is dismissive of his dad since he’s busy.

ridge placates his father.

Friday, August 18

Friday’s B&B recap: Liam reminds Hope of how awful Thomas has been to them

Hope and Liam address the state of their relationship.

Liam reminds Hope of all the bad that Thomas did.

Ridge asks Steffy about Liam, since he told him he loves her.

Brooke, Katie and Deacon talk about kids of divorce.

beth putting earrings on liam

Week of August 21!

Hope’s choice changes things for multiple people.

Hidden feelings come to light.

hope explains she's getting a divorce

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