Days Spoilers Nov 27 – Dec 1: A DNA Test Heightens Tensions, Tate Intervenes With Chanel & Johnny, and Theresa Lays Into Konstantin

Full list of spoilers Monday, Nov 27 to Friday, Dec 1, 2023.

Coming up: Everett plots with Stephanie, Sloan is confronted by Dimitri, and a DNA test heightens tensions.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — Nov 20 – 24 spoilers.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, Nov 27:

EJ tries getting some answers out of Rafe.

Nicole is suspicious.

Sloan is confronted by Dimitri.

Jada has a deal for Leo.

Stefan and Ava get devious.

leo interrogated days spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday, Nov 28:

Everett plots with Stephanie.

Sarah has a document for Xander.

Steve and John have the truth about Konstantin.

Theresa lays into Konstantin for what he did.

xander and sarah reuniting soon days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

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More Days spoilers into December

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, Nov 29:

Steve tells Kayla and Sarah his suspicions.

Xander eavesdrops on Alex and Theresa.

Kayla confronts Sarah about how she really feels for Xander.

Bad news ruins some romance.

kayla and steve Days recaps soaps spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, Nov 30:

Holly gets an apology from Nicole.

Dimitri threatens to expose someone.

Eric fills Marlena in on what happened with Nicole.

Theresa prods Alex about the status of their relationship.

theresa on days of our lives soapsspoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, Dec 1:

A DNA test heightens tensions.

Sloan tries to get a suspect out.

EJ brags to Leo.

Tate intervenes with Chanel and Johnny.

sloan wants to come clean

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