Sheila Gets Revenge on Brooke by Switching Champagne Labels to Ensure Brooke Will Get Drunk on New Year’s Eve

In the Tuesday, December 28, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful,  Sheila starts her plan to get Brooke drunk, and Ridge has to leave town, while Zende’s plan comes together. We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Sheila pushed Brooke’s buttons by asking Brooke why she couldn’t be more like Taylor.

At the bar, Sheila refuses to let Brooke take away the chance of her having a family. She’ll put a stop to Brooke. She picks up the non-alcoholic champagne and gets an idea. She hates that Brooke thinks she can do no wrong and predicts Brooke will have a very festive New Year’s Eve, as she stares at the bottle of champagne.

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Brooke welcomes Ridge home with a luscious kiss. He tells her “Something’s come up. I have to leave town.” He won’t be home on New Year’s. Brooke reminds him it’s a holiday. He says they’re flying some gowns out tonight. “Me and you.” He wants to show her off to the prince. “You think I’m still good enough to show off, huh?” She asks with a smile.

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She makes excuses as to why she shouldn’t go. He tells her to get a toothbrush and a gown. That’s all she needs. She reminds him these parties are filled with drinking. He won’t drink in solidarity. She thanks him but was looking forward to spending time with the kids and grand kids.

They’re excited for the games. She knows he has a commitment and Ridge says he understands she wants to be with the kids. Ridge decides he will tell the prince that he wants to stay home with his wife. She’s touched. They hug. Brooke tells him about Taylor inviting Sheila to Christmas.

Ridge defends her. She’s trying to find out Sheila’s mental state. “Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out she’s crazy. That kinds of person doesn’t get reformed.” She tells him about running into Deacon when she went to buy non-alcoholic champagne and that Sheila was there. She shares the story. Ridge doesn’t want to leave her but she tells him to enjoy himself.

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At Forrester, Zende looks at the engagement ring and calls it beautiful, like Paris. Meanwhile, Paris finds Carter in his office. She shows him the year end financial. She calls him her new financial guru and he grins. She expects to have billions by the time she’s 30. He laughs. “I better get on that.” They discuss New Year’s eve plans. He jokes about doing all things financial and asks if she’ll be with Zende. She makes a noise in her throat.

He walks in and tells her he has something special planned for New Years for them. They’re starting off the night at Il Giardino. Zende made a reservation on the patio. He wants to keep it low key and go back to his place or hers and ring in the new year. He’s full of surprises for her. She thinks it sounds perfect. They can’t wait. He goes off to a design meeting. Paris isn’t ready for any surprises. She calls Zende sweet. Carter agrees he’s into her. She’s into him too.

They have a good time when they’re together. Carter remembers when he was gutted when he returned from Paris. Then he met Paris. She says the progression of their relationship felt natural. She calls herself independent but says she’s not ready for a commitment. She’s not implying that he’ll propose. They haven’t been dating that long. She wants to keep it more casual and asks if it makes her a bad person. “Course not,” Carter says. He tells her to let Zende know. She agrees. The last thing she wants to do is hurt him.

Zende sits in the design office and holds the ring and smiles.

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Sheila gets back to her room at the hotel and takes out several bottles of champagne from her bag. She stares at one. “Brooke thinks she can keep me from my children and grandchildren? She can think again,” Sheila snipes. She gets out a bucket and hot water and melts off the label from the alcoholic champagne and the blow drys it and then glues it to the alcoholic champagne bottle. She smiles. She tastes the non-alcoholic one and thinks it’s not bad. She hears the holidays are hard on alcoholics and doesn’t thin Brooke will know the difference.

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