Sonny Confirms He & Nina Were in Love, Marshall Confronts Shawn About Tommy’s Death, and Obrecht Asks Britt to Move on

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Tuesday, December 28, 2021 episode. Today, Sonny takes the stand and confirms that he and Nina were in love, Olivia and Ned get Leo’s diagnosis, and Brook Lynn and Chase try to discuss their feelings. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Carly was in shock after hearing that Nina and Sonny were in love and Spencer defended Victor.

NIna reacts to sonny truth general hospital abc soapsspoilers

In the courtroom, Scott pushes Willow on the stand to explain what she overheard. She says that Sonny and Nina fell in love in Nixon Falls. Carly starts to fume as she hears this and glares over at Nina. Sonny looks away and rubs his face. Willow says that Nina claimed their love was the purest she’d ever known and Sonny felt the same.

carly snarls sonny truth nina love general hospital abc soapsspoilers

As Carly wipes away a tear, the DA questions Willow, prodding her to speculate on whether Nina’s feelings for Sonny prompted her to fraudulently keep his survival a secret. She can’t testify to what’s in Nina’s head. When she’s excused, she storms out of the courtroom.

Michael questions willow GH

Michael trails after Willow into the hall. She never meant for his family to learn about this. He’s baffled as to why she didn’t tell him. Nina convinced her not to say anything. He tells her she played right into Reeves’ hands and is giving her everything that she wanted.

sonny admits truth finally general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Back in the courtroom, the judge calls Sonny to the stand to clarify things. He asks Sonny if he had a romantic relationship with Nina. Sonny admits that Willow was telling the truth. “Nina… we had a relationship and we ended up falling in love,” he confesses. Nina is in tears and Carly is gritting her teeth. The judge asks him if he considers himself the victim of a crime. Sonny doesn’t.

Once Sonny is allowed to return to his seat, the attorneys give their closing statements. Scott points out that Sonny doesn’t even consider himself a victim and asks the charges to be dropped. The DA says that doesn’t negate Nina committing a civil infraction and is a depraved character.

After the judge ends the hearing to deliberate, Nina is appalled at what Scott’s done. When she walks into the hall, Willow asks if she used her.

Carly storms out of the courtroom and Sonny trails after her. He wants the chance to explain. She asks who she is listening to: Mike, Sonny, or someone else completely.

chase and brook lynn spelling out naked general hospital

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Chase asks Brook Lynn how she really feels about having him around. Before she can answer, Ned and Olivia drop Leo off and remind them they are looking after him while they head to the hospital. Brook Lynn tries to entertain Leo, but he just stares and ignores her.

Chase asks her again if he’s around too much and getting on her nerves. She thinks about her sex dreams of him and says she’s feeling frustrated. If Peter wakes up, Chase points out, they may be stuck in this situation indefinitely. Chase knows she will have to make a huge sacrifice when the child goes back to Maxie, whenever that day arrives.

Chase brook lynn talk feelings GH

Chase will help for as long as she needs it. She confirms that she wants him around but won’t explain more. He takes this to mean they will just act as co-parents for appearances’ sake and will stay out of her life otherwise. Once he walks away, she groans and kinks her neck.

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Obrecht drops by Britt’s office at General Hospital with her Christmas gift. Liesl teases her for not spending the holiday with her. She signed her daughter up to a matchmaking service for upwardly mobile professionals. Jason is gone and there is no use in her pining. If she can find love with Scott, there’s hope for her daughter too. Britt isn’t interested.

liesl advice to britt general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Her mother tells her not to be like Nina and explains that she fell for Sonny in Nixon Falls. That makes sense to Britt, who worries that Nina will be facing the wrath of Carly when the truth comes out.

Ned and olivia wait for results leo test GH

Ned and Olivia sit in the corridor waiting for the results to Leo’s tests. They’ve done all the prep they can but it’s still not enough. Ned says the diagnosis won’t change how they feel about Leo. She knows that; she’s just worried it may mean there is something she can’t give to her son. The doctor calls them in.

leo autism says doctor to olivia and ned general hospital abc soapsspoilers

In his office, the doctor explains to Olivia and Ned that Leo has autism spectrum disorder. They can get a second opinion but he’s sure other physicians would concur. He recommends they take some time to process this. They are going to have to readjust their expectations for how their son will develop. There are programs they can engage with right away. The parents worry about what this will mean about the possibilities of future relationships for their son. The doctor says that there’s no reason he can’t live his best life.

Once they exit the office, Olivia thanks Ned and hugs him, saying they are starting the next chapter as a family.

TJ asks Shawn about Marshall GH

TJ drops by Shawn’s office at The Invader to talk about the future. Shawn notices that he is preoccupied. TJ fills him in about the Marshall situation. It’s a shock to Shawn to hear he’s alive. He can understand why Curtis is so skeptical given that Marshall is offering no explanation for his absence. He urges TJ to be cautious.

marshall yells at shawn general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Marshall interrupts them, surprised to see TJ there. He’s looking for an arts reporter to get publicity for his band. When TJ introduces him to Shawn, Marshall refuses to shake the hand of the man responsible for his son’s death after having an affair with his wife. Shawn says he doesn’t have all the facts. TJ and Shawn claim that he had no choice and Tommy wasn’t in his right mind when he was shot. TJ insists it was nobody’s fault. “It was my fault,” Marshall claims.

Marshall thinks that if he’d been present to guide Tommy, he might have been able to save him. He’s glad that TJ got a dad to do what he couldn’t. Once Marshall exits, TJ apologizes to Shawn but Shawn understands how Marshall feels. TJ just hopes that Curtis realizes how much his father wants to be part of the family.

Curtis questions stella about father GH

Curtis joins Stella a Perks and tells her he’s discovered his father is a musician. That only made him realize how little he really knows about Marshall. He asks her to tell him everything she knows about his father. Growing up, he and his brother never asked because they thought it would cause her grief. They made up stories about him instead. In his mind, he was a hero, but meeting him revealed he’s just a man.

stella and curtis together general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Stella says that his father was very private, but very generous and dedicated to his mother. Curtis quizzes him about his father’s friends. She suggests he speak to Marshall. He repeats that he’s not helpful. She explains that she met with his father and warned him against agitating the family. Stella says he just wants to get to know them and suggests they start small.

shawn interrupts marshall call general hospital

In his room, Marshall makes a call and tells someone he is still following protocol. Curtis shows up at his door.