Paris Tells Finn He’s the Complete and Total Package, While Thomas and Hope Bond

In the Wednesday, September 23, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn sing Paris’ virtues, and Thomas is grateful to Hope for being a part of Douglas’ life. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Wednesday’s B&B recap when Katie meddled in Eric’s marriage and Ridge hired Justin to follow Quinn around.

Steffy and Finn get back from the beach. The kids are put down for a nap and they tell each other Paris is a welcomed addition to their lives. Paris listens on the stairs and comes down when they agree it’s hard to imagine life without her. She tells them to be careful of what they wish for. She could easily become the guest who comes for a visit and stays for life. She apologizes for eavesdropping. Steffy laughs. There’s more order where there used to be chaos. She’s grateful that Paris is there. She lights up the house and family. Paris says that’s sweet. They’ve given her so much. Not just a roof over her head but a place in the kids’ lives and friendship. They all smile at each other. Steffy gets jealous that her kids love Paris so much. They laugh and sing each other’s praises for a while longer. Finn goes to find sunblock. He wants to go surfing and promises to get Paris a surfboard. Steffy checks on the kids and takes off to take a conference call. Finn talks about how positive Paris is. He’s grateful. She has a special place in their hearts. Finn finally finds his sunblock and asks Paris to rub some on his back. She does so, smiling to herself as she rubs it in sensually. “There. All protected,” she says. He asks, “Why stop there?” She rubs some on his impressive chest and abs. “You are so beautiful,” he says. She reminds him he’s married, with a “beautiful” family with Steffy. He needs her in his life. He leans in to kiss her and she snaps out of a fantasy. She tells Finn he’s the complete and total package and that Steffy’s fortunate to have him.

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Thomas and Douglas play video games at home and joke that Hope’s playing the winner next. “Okay, I’ve got to step up my game,” Thomas says as the guys play one more round. She calls Liam and talks about Beth having her daddy all to himself. She disconnects and tells Douglas that he had a good idea. Douglas is happy to be alone with his mommy and his daddy. The guys take off to play ball and Hope gets back to work. Later, they return and Thomas has overheard talk of both designs of his and Zende’s for her line. Thomas says Zende has stepped up his game, as has Douglas, in sports. Talk turns to Liam and Douglas is glad he came home. The kid goes out to play and the adults talk about sharing him. Hope’s happy. After everything he’s gone through, Thomas says it’s turned Douglas into a wise young man. Hope’s grateful to him for allowing her to mother Douglas. Thomas is happy to hear that. He wants her happiness, which in turn, makes him happy. He brings up his feelings and tells her they won’t be an issue. He won’t let that happen. He did some things he’s not proud of. Hope knows they all lose their way sometimes. Thomas calls her happiness a priority. She laughs and admits she’s happy things are easy between them now.

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