victor goes see jesse gaines young and the restless cbs

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Thursday, September 23, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, September 24, that is uploaded live by 5:45 PM EST daily. In the previous episode, in a standalone episode, Gaines threatened Ashland. In this episode, Victor welcomes Ashland into the family fold, Billy makes a big deal, and Phyllis does digging into Ash’s past.

Ash calls someone and asks them to have the 500 grand ready. He disconnects and Abby strolls up. They’re happy that they get to know each other better now that they’ll be related by marriage. She asks to join him. He congratulates her on her new son, Dominic. She calls him a perfect angel and he asks to see photos. She brags and asks about him and Victoria, “When you knew when you were in love.” Later, after he’s told her about their first deal and how it went sour. He admits he felt a connection to her. The first time they kissed, he knew everything was different. He found a person on this planet who could make him happy to be alive. Abby’s eyes glaze over. Ash asks if she’s okay. She’s already moved on to thinking about her own wedding to her own husband. He’s sorry. She tells him she’s happy for him and Victoria and hopes his marriage lasts forever. She admits she had reservations about him but she can see why her sister fell for him. They talk about her history with Billy, the gambling, cheating and shady business deals. They talk about what a powerhouse Victoria is and how she convinced him to go forward with treatment. “When she’s right, she can be ferocious.” Abby asks him never to lie to Victoria. Billy did it quite a bit to protect her but he was only protecting himself. Ash will take that into consideration. They say goodbye.

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abby thinks about herself young and restless

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Victor pops into Victoria’s office hoping she’s not busy to see him. She always finds time for him. He sees her portrait, “My God I love it,” he tells her. She’s taking time to get used to seeing it. He thinks it’s beautiful. She reveals that Mom wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it. He calls it a fitting way to show that she’s bringing the company into the future. It’s symbolic of her power. He learns it’s a gift from Ashland. Victor has a gift from her as well. He gives her the deed to his villa in Tuscany. She cries. “It’s your Tuscan home away from home.” He wants her and Ashland to spend years there. She’s so happy he supports them and their marriage. “Sweetheart, I love you. You’re my daughter. I want you to enjoy that house and that villa and that estate.” He’s never seen her this happy. He calls Billy Boy insanely jealous and says that he hasn’t stopped digging into Ashland’s past to find out what his real name is. Victoria says that Billy’s no threat but Victor urges her to be careful. He is sure that Billy wants to spoil her wedding and make her unhappy.

victor deed tuscany young restless

Billy brings Gaines to his room and says he did digging into his past. His license was revoked, yet Ashland calls him his east coast lawyer. “If he’s lying about that, what else is he lying about?” Why does Billy care? Billy likes to get the dirt on everyone, basically but admits he needs to know Locke can be trusted around his kids since he’s marrying his ex-wife. Billy thinks Locke is hiding something monumental. He offers Gaines money if he spills. He can be an anonymous source if he tells him everything about the man he knows. He offers 100K. Before Gaines can answer, Ashland knocks at the door. Gaines is quiet. He writes down $500K on a piece of paper and shows Billy as Ashland walks away.

billy gaines young restless

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In their suite, Phyllis is on her laptop while she tells Nick she’s on a national database searching for death records and Ashland Locke who died. She wonders if he assumed someone’s identity 30 or 40 years ago but finds nothing. Phyllis knows it’s easy to pay someone off if you have enough money. They discuss Ash’s story and Phyllis asks, “Do we really believe that story?” Maybe he took the name from someone who was really sick or someone who wanted to disappear. Maybe Ashland Locke is dead. Phyllis gets an idea. She looks up the station in Toms River New Jersey and says Ash was 20 when he started working there. She then looks up deceased males around his age. She wants to get a list together and eliminate the ones that don’t fit. Nick says that’s how they’ll find out what identity Locke took. Later, they find three men. They find one that fits the profile. They discuss whether they should move forward and Nick concludes that he has to see it through. Locke winds up downstairs and runs into Victor. Victor can tell he has a lot on his mind. Ash lies. He’s meeting with one of his lawyers. Victor mentions Victoria’s beautiful portrait and how much he likes it. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pull out the boxing gloves.” Victor chuckles. Ashland hopes one day he can teach him. He hopes that Victor’s opinion hasn’t changed since hearing about his past. Victor says it’s made him think more of the man. He could have walked in the footsteps of his father and respects that he pulled himself out of the mire and became the man he is today — and a successful businessman. Victor welcomes Ash into his family. Ash would have vetted his background if in his shoes as well. Billy comes from the elevator and greets them, calling them FIL and SIL. “Father-in-law and son-in-law.” He talks as though he knows something is going to come crashing down around them and Victor threatens Billy. “You cause one second of heartache for my daughter during this happy time and I will crush you.”

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Phyllis drops by Victoria’s office. She says hello and sees the portrait. “Wow, that’s a statement.” She tells Phyllis it was Ashland’s idea. “That’s sweet,” she says, frowning. “I bet that didn’t score points with your dad.” She’s shocked to learn he loves it. She asks Victoria for Victor’s old portrait. “Nick needs a dartboard for our rec room.” Victoria laughs. Phyllis hands over the bracelet that she left behind when she got her facial. “I do nice things for people.” Victoria says, “But not for me.” Phyllis counters, “Don’t get carried away.” Victoria doesn’t get what’s going on. Phyllis says she’s Nick’s sister and about to be married. She wants them all to be happy. Victoria thanks her and she goes. Abby calls to tell her she and Ashland chatted. She can see why her sis fell in love with him. Later, Ash shows up and they talk about his visit with her sister. She asks if he got everything squared away with the surprise for her. “You know the one where you were arranging a large amount of cash for?”

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At ChanceComm, Billy’s on a call with Lily and says Gaines will give them an exclusive if the price is right. He’ll meet up later to discuss. “I’ll call you later.” To himself, he says, “So much for the big Italian wedding.”

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Phyllis returns to their suite and Nick tells her that he’s got the jet ready for New Jersey to track down the three men they found — one of which could be the real Ashland Locke. Phyllis worries about Victoria but knows her boyfriend is doing the right thing. He’s a good brother. Meanwhile, Victor drops by Jesse Gaines suite. He knows the man recognizes. “Let’s talk about you. What are you up to?”

victor goes see jesse gaines young and the restless cbs

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Victoria asks Phyllis why Nick took the jet to New Jersey.
Nikki sneers to Billy. “Back the hell off Billy, and do us all a massive favor. Don’t show your face at the wedding. You’re no longer welcome.”

nikki sneers billy young and the restless cbs


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