Young & Restless Spoilers Sept 27-Oct 1; Ashland’s Secret is Revealed — Plus, Victoria Unleashes Her Anger

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for Y&R from Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1.

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Ashland’s secret is revealed! Victoria asks how Ashland is connected to a dead man and he confesses that the deceased is really him. Ashland’s real name is Bobby Defranco who was believed to have been killed in a traffic accident 40 years ago.

Monday, September 27

Victor helps Ashland create a defense against Billy.
Abby turns to Devon for help with Dominic.
Mariah hints at plans for the future.

Tuesday, September 28

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Jack and Phyllis discuss unfinished business.
Victoria and Adam call a truce.
Amanda makes a move in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 29

Nate gives Ashland unsolicited advice.
Nikki questions Billy’s motives.
Jack spends quality time with Phyllis.

Thursday, September 30

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Victoria accuses Nick of betrayal.
Ashland protects his interests.
Mariah opens up to Sharon.

Friday, October 1

Nick interrupts a moment between Jack and Phyllis.
Mariah and Tessa disagree about their future.
Victoria unleashes her anger.

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