GH Recap: As Port Charles Celebrates Thanksgiving, Nina Delivers Pizza After the Quartermaine Dinner is Ruined

Monday, Nov 27, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Spencer and Trina spend the holiday together, Anna confronts Nina, and Yuri eavesdrops on Gloria and Lois.

Thursday’s GH recap: The smoke alarm blared at the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, Valentin confronted Charlotte, Emma surprised Anna, and the Davis were grateful.

Drew and Joss are playing with the kids at Carly’s place when Sonny drops by with Avery.

drew joss play with kids

As Dex enters and says hello to Joss, Ava arrives at the door.

ava sonny arrive at carly's

She joins the others and Carly tells Sonny that Joss suggested they invite Ava. She thought it would be best for the kids.

Sonny asks Dex for the keys and tells him to stay. As he takes off, Dex wishes him happy Thanksgiving.

Ava thanks Carly and Drew for making room for her. They discuss the mysterious buyer for Wyndemere. She’s eager to forget all about that place.

ava thanks carly and drew

Taking a moment alone, Drew and Carly try to savor that they are having a normal moment and kiss. Ava watches and cringes.

Nina leaves a gift basket at Willow’s door, wishing she could have spent the holiday with the family.

nina leaves basket

At the Metro Court, Diane and Robert join Emma and Anna for dinner.

anna emma at metro court

They sit around the table but Anna can’t stop staring at Nina.

diane robert anna emma at table

She chases her into the hall and says it’s time for them to have a chat.

anna lays into nina

Anna tells her that erasing the security footage directly led to Charlotte getting shot.

Nina says she was just doing a favor for a friend. “Do you think Sonny will see it that way?” asks Anna.

nina argues with anna

Anna returns to her family and Sonny joins them. Emma asks Diane and Robert how long they have been dating.

robert tells emma about dating

Sonny and Anna step aside to discuss her situation. She mentions the dead man from her past and how the evidence she found disappeared.

anna sonny talk dead man

She feels like she’s inching toward the truth.

Back at the gatehouse, the family returns and find the basket. Wiley wonders why Nina didn’t join them and says how much he loves her.

Michael rolls his eyes. His wife asks him to play along. She sends the kids upstairs and they argue about Nina.

willow asks michael play along

He apologizes but says he’s just being protective. She reminds him Nina has been wonderful.

Wiley returns, eager to go to the big house.

wiley wants to go

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At the Quartermaine estate, Ned goes off to investigates why the fire alarm is going off. Lois asks her mom what she did.

ned olivia alarm

Yuri and Chase soon return, covered in water. The sprinklers went off and soaked all the food thanks to some burning onions.

chase yuri wet

Turning to Gloria, Lois asks her what’s going on. BLQ tries calling Tony’s but they are closed.

Olivia complains that the place is cursed so Lois reminds her she owns a restaurant and goes off to call.

Olivia assures Gloria this is not her fault and Lois declares that a feast will be delivered. BLQ and Liv run off to set the table.

Lois asks her mom why she ruined Thanksgiving. Gloria admits she was playing bingo when some broad got loud at her in Russian. She tried to keep things calm but it escalated. Yuri eavesdrops as Gloria explains she got kicked out of the church bingo.

lois questions gloria

Michael and his family arrive and he’s not thrilled to hear that Nina will be saving the day by bringing turkey dinner.

When the doorbell rings, Ned answers and tells Nina that he remembers her clearly, assuring her he won’t make any trouble…today.

nina delivers pizza

Olivia pops up and is surprised to see that Nina hasn’t brought turkey but pizza.

Wiley rushes over to his grandma to thank her for the robot she gave him. He and Olivia ask her to stay.

nina and wiley at q's

She looks at Michael and says she has to meet with Sonny. When Michael and Nina are left alone for a moment, he reminds her of their deal that she keep her distance.

Yuri listens in as Gloria tells her daughter that the broad she fought with is one of the Petrov gang and they are after her dog. Yuri finally interrupts and offers his help, assuring them he’s not as nice as he looks.

gloria tells lois about petrov's

They rejoin the family just in time to sing the holiday song.

ned olivia sing

Nina arrives at the Metro Court to join Sonny. Anna abruptly walks away from him and he guesses something is up.

nina and sonny talk anna

She tells him to forget about that right now so they talk about everything they have to be thankful for.

He’s really happy that she and Willow are getting along.

At General Hospital, Portia calls her daughter to say she’s there to talk since she knows she’s having a hard time with Spencer. getting off the phone, she hopes that will be the last of him.

portia calls trina

Spencer and Trina are romping in bed. They come out from under the sheets and he tells her how grateful he is for every part of her.

She doesn’t know how to list all the things she’s careful for…like Joss, her mom, her fathers, her granddad…and Spencer when he’s not being a jerk.

He’s glad that she forgave him and talked him around. Figuring out how to deal with his brother’s situation won’t be easy.

spencer and trina sex GH recaps

At home, Curtis tells his father that it suits him fine that they are alone without the family. He explains to Marshall that he’s trying to find out who took a shot at him.

curtis marshall at home

Curtis admits he has stuff to be thankful for and now solving this case gives him a purpose.

His father isn’t sure this is a good idea. Curtis feels like he needs to be proactive.

curtis and marshall talk case

Spencer and Trina arrive and Marshall is happy to see he brought a bottle of the good stuff.

spencer brings drink for marshall

Trina reminds Curtis that this is their first chance to spend the holiday together since she found out he’s her father and she didn’t want to miss that.

Portia arrives and clearly isn’t thrilled to see Spencer.

portia arrives and spots spencer

They all toast to new family connections and Marshall says he’s really happy they are all there.

marshall and family toast

Sitting around the table, they join hands and Curtis gives the blessing, wishing that God keep an eye on those less fortunate, and giving thanks for the promise of tomorrow.

curtis family pray

This episode was dedicated to the memory of Tyler Christopher.

tyler christopher

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