B&B Recap: Finn and Deacon Rush in to Break Up a Brawl as Steffy Tells Sheila She Wants Her Dead

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn searches for Steffy, Liam vents to Bill about Sheila, and Steffy tells Sheila she’ll get more than a punch next time.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy flipped out after spotting Sheila in Kelly’s selfie so she tracked her down and smacked her down.

Lucy calls Finn at work and tells him what happened at Il Giardino.

finn hears of the fracas

When she says that Steffy headed over to the restaurant, he asks her to keep the kids a little longer and runs out the door.

At Il Giardino, Deacon brings in a wine order and Hollis tells him he hasn’t seen Sheila for awhile. Deacon starts to worry.

deacon worries about sheila

Hollis explains Barry came in to cover for her. Deacon gets nervous when she disappears.

hollis hasn't seen sheila

Before he can text her, Finn rushes in, looking for Steffy.

He explains what’s happened. They wonder where Sheila and Steffy are.

finn looks for steffy

Barry comes over to explain that he saw Sheila head up to the apartment and adds that some “good looking brunette” came looking for her.

The men start to panic.

deacon finn worry

In the apartment, Sheila massages her jaw as Steffy warns her that if she comes near her kids again, it will be more than a punch that she gets.

sheila massaging jaw

“We don’t exist to you. You mean nothing to us! Steffy says.

steffy says sheila doesn't exist

Sheila is outraged and tells “sweetheart” Steffy she needs to be taught a lesson.

Steffy says that her existence bothers her.

Sheila says Finn is her son and she loves him. She’s just trying to lead a simple life.

sheila threatens steffy

The Forrester tells her to stop acting like a victim.

Sheila was happy to see Kelly but she did nothing wrong and Kelly wasn’t afraid of her.

“Neither am I,” says Steffy, who says she’s a sick, demented criminal who should never be allowed people.

steffy threatens sheila

Sheila is sick of her telling her what to do. LA is her home.

Steffy makes it clear she will never be part of Finn’s family.

They rehash the shooting and Steffy declares it makes her sick to see Sheila lounging around and doing her nails when she should be rotting in a cell.

sheila wants to be left alone

Sheila guesses she wants to see her dead.

“It’s the only way my family will be free of you,” Steffy says.

She’s looking forward to that and hopes that day comes very soon.

steffy wants sheila dead

Sheila just wants to be accepted but Steffy says that’s not going to happen and her son wishes she never existed.

Nine toes accuses her of poisoning Finn against her.

“I am not a monster! I am a human being!” she says, finally losing it and lunging at Steffy, who kicks her across the room.

steffy sheila fight

As they wrestle and trash the room, Finn and Deacon jog in and break them up.

Steffy yelps that Sheila attacked her and Sheila claims all she did was say hello.

finn breaks up fight

She tells her son she’s sorry he saw this and blames it all on Steffy.

As Finn holds her back, Steffy keeps telling her to stay away from her family.

finn holds steffy back

Sheila knows she’s made terrible mistakes, but does she deserve to die? Steffy came and told her she does.

She begs her son to tell his wife to leave her alone.

Sobbing, she insists she not a threat to her or the babies. “Please, tell her Finn!” she begs.

sheila begs finn

Finn looks at his wife and then looks away and thinks.

finn feelings

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B&B comings and goings


Bill finds Liam looking at a photo of Steffy in the Forrester Creations design office.

He asks if he had plans with her.

liam looking at steffy picture

His son starts stuttering about being there.

He says his son is thinking of Steffy.

He can tell because he has the same look Bill gets when he thinks of money.

bill know liam thinking fo steffy

Liam admits he loves Steffy and has made no effort to hide it.

He’s worried about her and Bill assumes that’s because of Sheila.

They talk about what a threat Sheila is and Liam complains that she’s not in jail.

Everything is backwards. Steffy is paranoid and Sheila has no care in the world.

liam and bill talk sheila

Liam is sure that she will never leave and is determined to convince everyone she’s changed.

Bill doesn’t blame him for worrying and wanting to help.

His son keeps worrying about Kelly.

That’s what’s driving him insane.

liam and bill talk sheila

Liam trusts Steffy to protect her kids but Sheila is not a rational actor.

Bill has been keeping an eye on Sheila and worries about her being provoked.

His son wants to do whatever is necessary, but there is only so much he can do if she’s with Finn.

liam complains about finn

Finn turning his mom away only makes her angry and puts Steffy more at risk.

He can sense how much tension Steffy experiences.

She’s constantly texting him to say she’s okay.

He loves Steffy and wishes he could protect her from all this.

Bill is proud of him and says Steffy is lucky to have him.

bill has eyes on sheila

He needs to get to a meeting, hugs him, and takes off.

Liam flashes back to saving Steffy from drowning and her telling him how wonderful he is.

He recalls their reunions and kissing on the cliffside, telling himself he’s not giving up on her.

liam thinking of steffy

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