Y&R Recap: Sally’s Not Ready to Forgive Adam, Victor Wants Claire Released as Bait, Sharon Helps Chelsea & Adam Work Through Connor’s OCD

Thurs Feb 22, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor reveals a plan to protect Nikki, Adam and Chelsea put their differences aside to help Conner, Nick evaluates his feelings for Sally.

Wednesday’s recap: Amanda Returns and Faces Devon and Abby, and Lauren Suggests Danny May Have Real Feelings for Phyllis

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 22. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Newman Enterprises

In Victor’s office, Nick talks business with his father, who is distracted.

victor thinks about sally spectra

Nick comments about this and Victor says he’s never needed Nick and Adam more.

Nick asks if he really said no to bringing Sally’s design company to Newman.

Victor asks why, is his investment in trouble?

Nick believes in her talent but says yeah, there’s some concern.

nick asks his dad if he can explain himself

Victor says if they do this, he’ll have less contact with her.

He likes that Nick and Adam are working together but not that he might be stirring up trouble.  

Nick appreciates his father watching out for him but cutting his ties to Sally’s firm or keeping them doesn’t concern him. He’s a silent investor.

He’s accepted that Sally isn’t supposed to be with him.

Sally and Adam are supposed to be together. “Well, well, well,” Victor says.

victor talks to nick about sally

He still doesn’t know why he should accept this proposal. Nick says keeping Adam could keep him from reverting to his devious ways. Victor gets it.

Make sure there’s something in it for Newman, “Because business is business.”

They discuss Nikki and Victor snarks that “that Jordan woman” keeps calling her.

victor agrees to take sally on

Nick worries about Mom’s sobriety. Victor says she wants to set her own trap to provoke Jordan into coming after her. 

Both men hate that idea. Victor needs to do “everything in my power” to get to Jordan first.

He’ll do it through Claire.

He’ll pull strings and remand Claire into Victoria’s custody. Nick sighs and Victor shares that Claire wants Jordan behind bars as much as they do.

Nick doubts Vic will let that happen but Victor says he just wants a message to get to Jordan. Once she thinks she can pull the wool over his eyes, he’ll turn the tables on her.

nick newman

Athletic Club Dining Lounge

At The Athletic Club, Chloe bitches to Sally about their images not going in a magazine until June.

The publisher wants to feature a cousin’s lake house or something.

Chloe doesn’t know how they’ll hold out for summer. Sally’s off in la la land and Chloe barks at her.

chloe blusters to sally girl

Didn’t she hear it? She did and apologizes. Chloe complains about money.

Sally says it sucks but she’s so mad at Adam for going behind her back.

“There’s something to cheer me up,” Chloe says.

Sally tells her that Adam tried to save their company without telling her. “It’s none of his business,” Chloe says, thinking this is about getting back at Nick. Sally denies it.

sally complains about adam to chloe

He talked to Nick about it, which is more infuriating.

When Chloe hears the details, she’s flabbergasted and begins to laugh.

Sally says she’s angry he did it behind her back but it’s not the worst idea ever. 

Chloe thinks her “friend” is wrong and that Sally’s judgment is clouded because she took Adam back.

chloe laughs

Sally knows she doesn’t want her reuniting with Adam but this is separate.

Chloe asks how she can trust Victor when he pulled the rug out from under them before.

Sally refuses to give up. Adam said he’d protect them.

Chloe’s still unconvinced. 

sally yells at chloe on Y&R saopsspoilers

Adam’s condo

Adam thanks Chelsea for coming over.

They discuss the new report from the school psychologist.

He thought they’d recommend tutoring and now she thinks he has OCD.

adam and chelsea worry about their son in his condo

Chelsea wrings her hands and says this is why the doctor wants to test for him in an outside facility.

Adam ponders if this doctor knows what she’s talking about.

Chelsea reminds her ex that Connor’s been washing his hands a lot.

They can’t dismiss this because it makes them uncomfortable.

adam worries for connor his son

Neither knows a thing about the disorder. Adam isn’t going to waste time with Googling.

He’s going straight to the source.

He makes a call. Later, Sharon drops by.

They share what’s going on and ask if she can help.

sharon helps connor

She explains to them what OCD is.

That it’s a coping mechanism, a tool for coping with obsessive thoughts.

Sharon suggests they take the advice of the school psychologist and not panic.

Adam can’t help himself. “I want answers now!”

Sharon knows it’s scary when your kid is hurting.

sharon calms adam and chelsea down

It can be hard to diagnose.

She knows they’re wonderful parents and will get him through this.

They thank her for talking it though with them. She tells them to call anytime.

Adam apologizes to Chelsea for freaking out.

Newman ranch

Nikki tries to work at home.

She dashes to the drink cart but there’s only water there.

nikki wants booze Y&R recaps

A noise sounds from outside and she runs to the window, opening the curtain.

“If you’re out there, Jordan, come and get me,” she says through gritted teeth.

She won’t be the other woman’s prisoner again.

She hears someone come in and frightened, yells, “Who is there?”

nikki looks out the window Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

It’s just Lauren.

Nikki thought someone was there. Lauren calls the guards to ensure nobody’s on the property.

lauren in red with nikki

Lauren suggests they get down to work but Nikki’s losing her mind and needs a change of scenery.

Lauren agrees to take her to Crimson Lights with her driver. They’ll have one cup of tea and return.

nikki relieved

Empty Glass Lounge

Seth arrives at the Empty Glass Lounge. “Isabelle” calls him over.

Seth thanks her for urging him to contact Nikki.

“Tell me everything,” she says, wanting to know if the blond seemed stronger.

Seth calls her stronger than him these days. She’s sober.

jordan as isabelle

Jordan seems horrified and comforts Seth when he calls himself a mess as he feels humiliated for reaching out.

He asks why Isabelle doesn’t reach out. She lies that her hurt runs very deep.

Seth thinks she needs to take her own advice and reach out.

They should go to a meeting together. They can reconnect on safe, supportive ground.

Jordan refuses. Maybe one day but not now. She thinks that’s something Seth will be able to do for Nikki.

Get her out of the house, because being locked up at home isn’t the way to get sober. 

jordan horrified

At Crimson Lights, Nikki drinks tea and tells Lauren she feels free. Lauren’s glad.

They discuss her talk with Seth and Lauren is concerned that his visit was draining.

Something he said has been gnawing at Nikki.

nikki relaxes at crimson lights

Someone from their meetings encouraged Seth to reach out to her.

They’re a private group and don’t hang out, so who was it that encouraged him?

lauren glad nikki feels better

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns

Athletic Club dinner lounge

Adam approaches Sally and Chloe and Chloe runs away while Adam tells Sally about Connor and the testing.

adam with chloe and sally Y&R

Sally’s comforting and Adam feels helpless.

They embrace. She offers to go for a walk with him but he refuses.

He calls Chelsea a rock. “And I’ve been… me, but I’m gonna do better,” he says.

Talk turns to Adam going behind Sally’s back and Chloe’s thoughts on the proposal.

sally embraces adam

Adam asks if she understands him a little better now. She’s not ready to forgive him if that’s what he’s asking.

He swears he wasn’t going behind her back, he wouldn’t commit to anything behind her back.

He wanted to create an opening.

She feels he wants to control her company and future. It wasn’t his intention.

He’s sorry he screwed up. She can see his logic and asks if Victor made up his mind about this.

sally tells adam not to control her


Chelsea wanders into Billy’s office, upset over Connor.

She fills her boyfriend in on what’s happened and he doesn’t know a thing about OCD, either.

In fact, Chelsea tells him that she believes that most people don’t.

chelsea says nobody knows about OCD

She thinks it’s really big and really scary. She can’t think straight.

He’s confused and scared and doesn’t get what’s wrong with him.

Billy’s sympathetic. He won’t let her go through this alone and embraces her.

billy has no idea what OCD is

Newman ranch

Back at the ranch, Victor spots Lauren and Nikki on their way in and asks where the hell his “bee bee” has been.

With all due respect, he says to Lauren, why did she let Nikki leave?

victor wants to know where the hell his bee bee has been

Nikki asks him not to blame her. She explains what happened and why.

They were safe. His security detail was with them. He knows.

He got a report but they agreed she’d stay home.

She says being cooped up makes her want more booze.

nikki has some splaining to do

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