GH Recap: Nina is Served Divorce Papers and Valentin Urges Her to Fight While Laura and Anna Talk Cyrus Into Working with Them

Tues Feb 20, 2024: Anna and Laura asks Cyrus for help, Dante urges Sonny to forgive Michael, and Portia learns that Curtis was in business with Selina.

Monday’s GH recap: Alexis was shocked when Valentin bought The Invader and made Nina publisher, and Carly wants Joss to let Dex go.

At Sonny’s penthouse, he tells Diane he needs her to handle something directly.

After she leaves, Frank shows Dante in.

sonny at home

Dante tells his father that they believe the same people who killed Olivia Jerome have been trying to kill him.

They also think they are responsible for the deaths of various other organized crime figures.

This is clearly the work of a bigger organization.

dante explains suspicions

It’s imperative they find who the traitor in his organization is.

Sonny says there could be more than one.

Dante offers to help him figure things out and his father gets defensive.

dante says they need to find the traitor

The cop senses something else is going on but his dad doesn’t want to discuss it.

With some prodding, he admits that he sniffed out a rat and got rid of Dex.

It turns out that he was working for Michael all along. He was a plant to take him down.

They sit and Sonny explains that Carly and Michael were spying on him and treated him like a child. His son tried to take him down and he can’t forgive that.

Dante reminds him that Michael was feeling betrayed and points out he came around to trying to protect him.

There’s no room in Sonny’s life for anyone he can’t trust.

sonny wants this done

Dante asks where Dex is now. His dad says he’s not a problem and assures him he’s alive somewhere else.

The detective assures him he has more friends than he knows, but warns that these are dangerous times.

Help can come from unexpected quarters.

Sonny is determined to handle this himself and he’s going to send the people who have endangered his family to Hell.

dante wants help dad

Nina and Valentin enter the Metro Court.

She wants to talk about her ideas for The Invader but he’s busy.

valentin joins laura robert

He joins Robert and Laura at a table to discuss the consequences for Charlotte’s stalking of Anna.

Robert tells them that he’s in a hard position but his office has decided not to pursue any charges as long as Charlotte does three years probation, 1000 hours of community service, and sees a therapist.

valentin laura ask what robert has decided

Valentin thinks that going to court might be the better option.

It’s clear that Robert blames Valentin for all of this and Laura thanks the DA for being so generous.

She tries to lead Valentin out but he stays.

He guesses the DA is coming for him and taking out his loathing for him on his daughter.

robert thinks valentin should be behind bars

Robert claims he’s sympathetic to Charlotte but he still believes that Valentin should be behind bars.

Diane walks in and serves Nina with divorce papers.

It’s a 50/50 split of all accrued during the marriage.

diane serves papers

Nina can’t believe he had these papers drawn up without a word to her.

Diane tells her none of this is personal and Nina assumes she’s trying not to gloat.

She thinks it’s sad that Diane’s whole life is just her career and nothing else.

The lawyer tells her she knows nothing about her.

nina served divorce papers

Sitting down, she starts trashing Nina for her luxury life as an heiress and for taking advantage of Sonny in Nixon Falls.

She’s thrilled that Sonny has finally come to his senses about her.

diane gloats to nina

The lawyer walks away with Robert.

Valentin joins Nina and they vent about how infuriating Diane and Robert are.

They have a lot of bad karma.

valentin nina bad karma

They toast.

Taking her hand, he tells her he’s sorry.

She’s miserable after giving Sonny months to come around.

He fills her in on the punishment Robert gave to Charlotte.

Nina says she will be okay and they will be there for her.

valentin holds nina hand

He’s sorry she’s being treated so poorly by Sonny.

It’s high time for her to see the man divorcing her is not the one she fell in love with.

She’s determined to get Sonny’s attention and make him change his mind.

Nina feels like they would have been better off in Nixon Falls. He reminds her that wasn’t reality.

If she wants to stay married, the best thing to do is fight the divorce.

valentin urges nina no divorce

Robert and Diane go to his room and she rails about Nina.

He complains about Valentin and they make out.

She tells Scorpio that he’s soft where it counts and hard where it counts.

He wants to call for room service but she wants something else.

diane compalisna botu nina

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Anna shows up at The Grill to speak to Cyrus.

She gives him the chance to save some lives, including his own.

anna says chance to save lives

He doesn’t think he’s at risk but she suggests he could be the next target.

He’ll rely on God to protect him not the PCPD.

She keeps pushing him to help and knows he still sees his acolytes at the prison.

He accuses her of wanting to exploit the people who look to him for guidance.

cyrus asks why they want to save him

She insists that all these mobsters needs their help and she’s not talking about the power of prayer.

Anna says he could be an asset in gaining intel. Aside from everything else, he doesn’t work with cops.

cyrus refuses to help

Laura shows up as Anna exits.

She tells her brother she’s disappointed that he’s not eager to help stop an assassin.

He wonders why she’s so wound up about saving mob bosses. She reminds him he was one.

If he wants to prove he’s turned over a new leaf, this is his chance.

laura lectures brother

She tells him that she listened to his radio show and he almost had her convinced.

Anna returns as Laura urges him to be more concerned.

When his sister turns on the waterworks, Cyrus caves and agrees to do what they need him to.

cyrus backs down

They sit and Anna explains they need him to reach out to an inmate.

anna laura talk cyrus around

Jordan visits Curtis and Portia. Technically, they aren’t supposed to hear what she has to say.

portia not supposed to hear

They promise not to say anything to anyone.

Jordan explains they are closer to who the shooter was and they know they were aiming at Sonny.

He wasn’t the only target. She explains it was part of a series of attacks on organized crime figures.

Curtis explains he’s been looking into things himself. They talk about his recovery getting in the way.

curtis listens to jordan

Jordan suggests that they could make him a more active part of the investigation. Portia looks worried.

The doctor suggests they let the FBI handle this since they aren’t even law enforcement.

Jordan thinks they can bring Curtis in as a consultant.

When he looks at Portia glaring at him, he says he will sit this out.

jordan doesn't see a problem

She appreciates that and asks if he turned up anything on his own. He flashes back to Sonny telling him about Pikeman and claims nothing comes to mind.

As she gets up to go, Jordan says that she and Anna are working a strategy that involved Cyrus.

Once she’s gone, Portia tells Curtis she’s glad he’s staying out of this. He needs to make a call but tells her he’s never felt closer to her than he has in these past few days.

He announces he has to warn Selina because she could be the next target. He admits they used to be in business together.

curtis tells portia about selina

She starts to pace and he explains their arrangement.

He says he wanted to keep the family safe and she feels like he’s treated her as a fool.

She’s terrified.

portia tells curtis terrified

None of this makes sense to her but he wants to keep things amicable with Selina.

She’s not thrilled when he mentions that he was working with Sonny too.

He tells her not to worry but she thinks he could already be on the hitman’s list.

portia worries to curtis

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