While Thomas and Hope Kiss, Liam Stops Brooke From Drinking — & Carter Admits Quinn Left Him and Katie Kisses Him

In the Monday, October 17, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Katie tells Carter why things aren’t working with Bill, Thomas fills Hope in on his parents reuniting, and Brooke tells Liam about losing Ridge.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Taylor and Ridge had sex while Bill moved on to Brooke after Katie rejected him.

At Forrester Creations, Katie tells Carter that Bill wants her back, but she takes all he says with a grain of salt. She’s given him plenty of shots already.

katie has large issue BOLD

Katie is sure Bill means well and part of her is tempted but his feelings for Brooke aren’t going anywhere. Carter wonders if he would sweep Brooke into his arms if she were available.

They have a beautiful son, Katie says, but she can’t trust him while he has feelings for her sister.

She wonders why he isn’t running home to Quinn and wonders if they are having issues already.

“Quinn moved out,” he explains. He’s going home to an empty apartment and has no idea what’s happened.

carter asks about brooke Bold Beautiful

Katie is confused. So is he. He wanted a family with Quinn but she says she can’t give him what he wants.

She’s shocked and asks if there is any chance she will change her mind. Carter thinks it may have been too soon and she hadn’t gotten over Eric.

He was willing to risk everything for her and as soon as they got together, she ran away. Katie is glad she’s gone. She never deserved him.

She gets closer to him and tells him how great he is. He opens up about his feelings and how his path has disappeared.

Katie tells him marriage is hard and not all it’s cracked up to be. He’s wondering if he’s not destined to meet the right woman. She assures him other women think he’s amazing.

“Like who?” he asks. They kiss and then laugh.

katie carter kiss after dumping bold beautiful

Down the hall, Thomas and his sister chat on the phone about their parents reuniting. Hope interrupts.

thomas talks recommitting B&B

He informs her that his parents are back together and Ridge no longer wants to be married to her mom.

Hope has to sit down. Thomas says it’s over. She’s sure her mom is heartbroken.

hope surprised by news B&B

When he says his parents were always meant to be, she lets out a guttural groan. She agrees to the degree that her mom deserves a man who only has eyes for her.

She tries calling her mom but only gets voicemail. She’d go home but they have work to do.

She goes behind the changing screen to try on his latest design. After she changes and comes out, he says it looks fantastic on her. She says it feels incredible.

thomas likes dress on Hope BOLD

He wants to take up the hem line and touches the bodice, saying it falls perfectly. She sighs as he tells her how stunning her back is.

She’s sure he says that to all the models. “I’m a one-woman man and that woman is you,” he says. She kisses him. They stop.

hope kisses Thomas bold

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At Brooke’s, Bill holds her in his arms. She tells him he can’t be there given how Ridge feels about him.

bill hugs heart broken brooke bold beautiful

Bill tells her Ridge is an idiot and he’s not coming home any time soon. She won’t give up on her husband. “Ridge doesn’t deserve you,” he says.

She is sure her husband will be back. Liam wanders in and asks what’s going on. His father explains that the Forrester let her down again and he doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Liam suggests he should. Bill promises to always be there for her and exits.

Left alone with Liam, Brooke tears up. She really had faith in Ridge and fought so hard for him, but he’s left her. This is all stunning.

brooke is confused about the dumping BOLD

Liam gets her to recap he last argument with her husband. None of it makes sense to her. She thinks it must have something to do with the Douglas issue… or Taylor hovering around.

liam with brooke after dumping BOLD

Liam suggests Ridge just needs to blow off steam. Brooke feels like everything is caving in. “This isn’t the end for us,” she insists.

He assures her Ridge will come back. That’s what he does. She appreciates him being there but suggests he leave.

After glancing at the booze, he exits. She sobs and stares before picking up a bottle and pouring a glass.

brooke pours some vodka Bold

Before she can drink, Liam returns and stops her. Crying, she says she needs to numb the pain. He takes her hand and hugs her.

liam stops brooke from drinking bold