B&B Recap: Finn Tells Steffy the House Feels Haunted, and RJ Assures Luna She Will Always Be Safe with Him

Monday, March 11, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy worries to Finn that she will never feel normal, RJ assures Luna he will always make her feel secure, and Zende and Carter talk about how great Luna is.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Finn returned home with Steffy but a nightmare terrified him, while Luna almost came clean, and Hope talked about Steffy’s guilt.

At the cliff house, Steffy assures Finn that he is safe and just had a really bad dream.

Her husband says seeing Sheila dying and begging for his help in his dream felt very real.

steffy hugging nightmare finn

It’s hard for her to see him in so much pain.

He knows she didn’t want any of this but he can’t deny his feelings.

His connection makes no sense after all Sheila did to him.

He can’t imagine how she’s feeling and is worried about her.

Finn knows she had no choice but can’t imagine the toll this is taking on her.

finn is sure this is hard on steffy

She hated Sheila and doesn’t want this to come between them.

The doctor is struggling but he can see she is too.

Steffy is dealing with her demons.

She admits that she thought about taking Sheila’s life a lot, but she never thought she really would.

steffy getting upset

Steffy worries he will run out again if she opens up about this.

After he promises he won’t, she explains that she’s thought a lot about what she would do to protect her family.

When she felt her knife going into her, she didn’t feel rage or relief but anguish and that haunts her.

It was self-defense, but she’s worried she will never feel normal again.

steffy tells finn she's haunted

They both hate that they are suffering.

He wants to be there for her but hearing her talk and knowing it all happened in this house is a lot.

It feels like the house is haunted and he could have a panic attack.

finn hates feelings haunted

This is not how he wants to feel. She and the kids are his life and this is their house.

He hates feeling like he has to leave.

Steffy tells him how much she needs him.

He holds her.

finn holding steffy bold and beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Thomas notices Hope is distracted.

She admits she’s worried about Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

hope and thomas discuss his sister and finn

He hates that his sister is going through this. At least Sheila is gone.

Sheila was evil and deserved worse.

He rails about Finn not giving his sister the support she needs.

He needs to get over whatever is bothering him and he there for Steffy.

thomas vents about sheila to hope

He’s not trying to be insensitive.

Hope knows. He’s being protective and she loves that.

This has been hard for all of them.

Hope knows it may be illogical but the connection Finn feels to Sheila is real.

He needs Steffy and she worries this has compromised their marriage.

hope listens to thomas rant

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In the design office, Zende keeps thinking about his night with Luna.

As he stares at a photo of her on the intern sheet, Carter startles him.

the intern sheet

He teases him and talks about how talented and lovely and special she is.

Carter is sure she has a bright future there.

They talk about when Zende was an intern and Carter tells him how gifted he is.

carter catches zende staring at luna pic

They both think Luna is super special.

RJ lights up whenever he sees her.

Zende goes on about how awesome she is. carter is sure that he will work with her more and get to know her better.

Zende would like that a lot.

carter and zende talk luna awesomeness

Once Carter is gone, Zende thinks about his night with Luna again and rubs his head.

zende thinking of luna

At the beach house, Luna is distracted.

RJ tries to make her laugh by telling her a shark joke before their swim.

rj luna talk sharks B&B

She tells him how lucky she is to have him and how she never wants to lose him.

He says she’s a beautiful honest woman.

He urges her to relax and get some perspective so she can see things aren’t as bad as she thinks they are.

RJ tells her how great the moon looks on the water and they rush out to the night.

rj tells luna a joke

They soon jog back in and he warms her up. She thinks that was pretty incredible and kind of scary.

He promises he will always be there to make her secure and happy.

rj luna fresh from swim

He assures her that he always wants her to feel loved. She wishes they were never apart.

rj assures luna he cares

They feel good so he asks her to stay over.

He loves being with her.

She thinks he’s sexy, even with all his corny jokes.

She never wants to be away from him. He’s so honest and loyal.

rj luna talk feelings

Luna tells him never to doubt her love. They kiss.

As they cuddle, she looks worried.

rj luna cuddle worries

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