GH Recap: The Feds and Anna Find Jason But He Escapes Before The Capture — & Sam Learns Jason’s Alive

Monday, March 11, 2024:  Carly reveals the news about Jason to Sonny, John and Anna continue their pursuit; Maxie and Spinelli try to resolve their issues, Sasha offers her support to Cody.

Friday’s GH recap:   Jason Gets Gobsmacked Carly to Patch Him Up as John and Anna Pursue Him, and Ava Promises to Help Nina Save Her Marriage

Spinelli and Maxie get into her car and wonder where Jason would hide out.

She can’t start her car and Spin says her gas is on empty.

She knows. Spin worries that the feds will find Jason.

Maxie bemoans being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas but Spin is glad to be with her.

He feels bad about screwing Jason over.

maxie's car won't start

Maxie thinks it’s all on Jason since he decided to let it be known he’s alive.

She knows he won’t give up without a fight. He’s grateful for Maxie’s help.

He kisses her hand and she smiles and asks when he can move out.

maxie wants spin out

At General Hospital in TJ’s office, Jordan thanks TJ for letting her hang out there and bringing her coffee and pastries.

She wants to give Dante’s family space.

TJ has no updates and assume they’re going out of their minds.

tj has pastries for jordan GH recaps

TJ likes Dante and hates this and thinks about his child being related to Sonny Corinthos.

He talks about the bad things that happen to him and how it ramps up his fears.

He doesn’t want to have this type of life for his child or him. Jordan thinks that’s human of him.

She gives him a pep talk. She thinks the good outweighs the bad.

In a perfect world, pregnant women would be resting and getting pampered but it’s not reality. Jordan says she survived and so will he.

They say I love yous. She can’t wait to meet her grandchild. 

jordan feels for her son

At home, Jake hides his vape pen when Finn shows up early to see Liz.

Finn finds a piece from his vape pen and Jake plays it off like it’s a game piece.

Finn knows better so Jake lies that it’s from a friend at school.

He claims he took it from someone who uses it a lot. Finn says they are highly addictive.

How did his friend react when he took it? Jake says he wasn’t happy.

Finn urges him to get his friend to stop since it’s so bad for the health.

jake hides that he owns the vape pen

He thinks his mother needs to know but it’ll be better coming from him. Liz walks in, sorry she’s late.

She can tell something is wrong. Jake hands over the piece to the pen and hears him out.

She’s sorry he’s worried about his friend and says this is a much bigger conversation they will revisit in the morning.

Jake goes upstairs and Liz is relived the piece of the vape pen wasn’t Jake’s.

liz happy

Finn asks if he overstepped with her son. She’s glad he was there to help and asks how he’d feel if she stepped in for Violet.

Their families are meshing, she says.

Aiden said he was happy to give him baking advice as long as he gave him advice on someone he likes named Tobias.

Liz’s smile fades as she is surprised. Aiden told him about Tobias?

liz didn't know her kid was gay

Finn worries she didn’t know about Aiden but she says he confided in her at Christmas.

He wasn’t ready to tell anyone else. Finn thinks brownie bonding is real.

Liz is so happy she says her heart exploded. They kiss.

liz kisses finn

Back at GH, Danny goes to see his mom. Scout and Rocco are asleep so he came to check on Dante.

Liz gets it and knows his mom is doing the best she can. They should go see her. Danny worries she’ll be mad.

They find Sam and Drew doesn’t know he snuck out.

Sam’s upset but Liz says he’s worried about Dante.

danny to see liz at work

Sam thanks Liz before she leaves the area.

Sonny offers to send a car for him but Jake’s not leaving.

Alexis will look after him and take him home with her.

She could use the company.

The two get a snack while Sonny wishes Dante hadn’t have gone after them. 

sonny will do what sam wants

Sam tells Sonny she’s at peace with Dante’s job but there won’t be for the person responsible for shooting.

She needs Sonny to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Do you understand what I’m asking you to do?”

She wants to know. Sonny gets it.

alexis will care for danny GH

She goes to sit with Dante and he gets a 911 text from Carly.

Nearby, Alexis and Danny get a snack and she assures Dante should be fine.

She asks him to go back to the Quartermaine’s since Scout will need him when she wakes up.

He agrees and they get going.

danny hugs grandma alexis

Elsewhere, Sasha hugs Cody, worried.

She heard about Dante. Cody’s sorry he didn’t call her back but she doesn’t mind.

She just wanted to be there for him. It’s why he didn’t call, he says.

She tells him they’re friends and she cares.

“Back atcha,” he says. This means she’ll always be there. Next time things hit the fan, she asks who he’ll call.

“Ghostbusters,” he says, then apologizes for the “dumb joke.” Sasha’s surprised that Dante’s family doesn’t even know he’s there.

He doesn’t want to intrude. Besides, he can care for himself. Sasha asks him to lean on others, like her from now on. 

sasha worried about cody when hears about dante GH Recaps


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At Carly’s house, Carly is shocked to hear that Anna and John have a warrant to search her house.

carly angry with john and anna's search warrant GH

They had reason to believe she’d aid and abet him.

She tells them they can wait outside until her lawyer gets there.

Anna knows he’s there and tells her to get out of the way.

Carly’s frustrated and has no choice but to let them wander.

john says they have a warrant to search carly's house

They can’t find Jason anywhere so while she calls her lawyer, Anna asks where her cars are.

She fills them in and they tell her they think Jason attempted to kill Sonny and that he shot Dante in the chest, twice.

Carly thinks that’s insane. Jason would never do that. The cop and fed take off to find him. 

anna knows where jason went

Carly meets Sonny on the roof of th hospital and tells him the feds and Anna searched her house for Jason but didn’t find him.

She’s shocked he already knew Jason was alive so he shares that he saw him on the footage of Dante’s shooting.

Carly refuses to believe Jason would try to kill him but Sonny saw the footage.

When Sonny asks what happened at her house, she fills him in with everything.

Sonny has theories about what happened and he and Carly argue. Sonny reminds his ex that Jason’s an expert shot who never misses.

sonny knews jason's alive

Anna and John find Jason on the footbridge.

They confront him and he stares, surprised they found him.

feds find jason

Anna asks him to stop running so she can take him into custody and sort this out. 

Jason jumps over the railing and the cops look down. 

jason jumps the railing

“He’s gone,” John says, cursing. Anna tells her team to search the area.

John asks why Jason came there. She says he built it and tells him a little about that.

She thinks there’s a structure nearby he hid in.

John says that now, he’s in the river and probably perished.

john thinks jason expired

Sonny goes back to Dante’s room and pulls Sam out.

He tells her about Jason being alive.

She looks stunned.

sam learns jason's alive

Outside, Carly hopes Jason is okay.

Meanwhile, Jason lets himself into the Quartermaine boathouse and passes out cold.

jason passes out

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