Days Spoilers Mar 18 – 22: John’s Determined to Confess, Johnny and Chanel Get Intimate, EJ Searches For Stefan

Full list of spoilers Monday, March 18 to Friday, March 22, 2023.

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Sloan and Eric argue over Jude’s christening, and later, Eric watches as Sloan talks to Nicole about it. Nicole’s going to plan the christening for her own baby. We wonder when she finally learns Jude is hers. Will it be at the christening or do we have a long wait for this? Meanwhile, Leo is on the lookout for material for his latest gossip column, and heck knows there’s a lot of that around Salem from Konstanin and Theresa’s plans to obtain the Kiriakis fortune to who is setting up Xander to who set that fire. And there’s some romance this week as Sarah takes Xander in when he is released on bail and they enjoy alone time as Ava and Harris get some time between the sheets as Johnny and Chanel finally fool around as a married couple.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — March 11 – 15 spoilers.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, March 18:

EJ informs Stefan he’s putting the escape plan in motion.

Ava and Harris get intimate.

John is disturbed to discover that Steve and Marlena are aware of what Konstantin has been alleging.

Sloan and Eric argue over Jude’s christening.

steve makes a confession to marlena

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday, March 19:

Ava is appalled when she hears that Stefan attempted to rub out Harris.

Johnny rings Chanel’s bell after they tie the knot.

Kate and Paulina bond as Abe talks to Roman about it being a miracle she survived.

Sarah takes Xander in when he is released on bail.

ava cares for harris days spoilers

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More Days spoilers into March

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, March 20:

Johnny tells Chanel where he thinks they should head for their honeymoon.

EJ looks for Stefan.

Eric senses that Holly isn’t telling all she knows about Tate.

Alone together, Xander and Sarah try to make the most of it, but soon start missing Victoria.

Konstantin gives Theresa a reminder of their scheme to get their hands on the Kiriakis fortune.

chanel and johnny wake up together Days of our Lives spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, March 21:

Jada begs Harris not to destroy his career by continuing an affair with Ava.

Leo is on the lookout for material for his latest gossip column.

Chad gets a shock when plastered Stefan shows up on his doorstep.

Johnny and Steve surprise Paulina and Abe with a little celebration.

paulina and abe visited by angel DOOL

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, March 22:

EJ is shocked to discover that Stefan has turned himself in to the authorities.

Harris tips Ava off that there might be an issue with the deal Stefan made.

John tells Doc that he’s determined to turn himself in once he gives Konstantin an apology.

Eric watches Nicole having a chat about christening arrangements with Sloan.

nicole tells sloan she's pregnant


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