Sheila Orders Deacon to Back Off, and Steffy Surprises Distraught Hope by Agreeing to Let Douglas Move in With Her

In the Monday, February 13, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn tells Li what’s been happening with Douglas, Deacon asks Sheila to dump Bill, and Douglas makes his choice.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Douglas shocked everyone when he asked to live with Steffy, and Deacon told Sheila he wanted a relationship.

In the judge’s chambers, Douglas confirms that he wants Steffy to be his custodian. Steffy is gobsmacked.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Hope and Thomas are in shock and remind him that Steffy is his aunt. He knows.

They tell him how much they love him. Liam adds that Beth loves him too.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Douglas loves them all, but he like it at Steffy’s and doesn’t want his parents to be mad at each other.

Hope tells him this choice will stick until he’s an adult. He’s been a part of her home for so long…

Steffy tells Douglas she’s touched by his choice and he’s always welcome at her house, but he already has a home.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

The judge suggests that the adults have a moment to talk alone. She leads him outside, telling them to take their time.

Thomas doesn’t think his son has thought this through. It makes no sense to Hope, who asks Steffy to talk him out of this.

Steffy tells them that they created this situation. They need to set aside their feelings and focus on Douglas.

Thomas declares that Douglas is his son and storms out. Hope tells Steffy that they shouldn’t even be entertaining this and begs Steffy to put a stop to it.

Steffy says they need to make sure Douglas isn’t feeling rejected. Hope says that last night he claimed he wanted to live with her and Liam.

Steffy questions the whole idea of allowing a child to choose his guardian but that’s the mess he’s in. She repeats that he needs to be listened to.

She’ll talk to Finn but maybe it’s a good idea for Douglas to stay with them for a while. She suggests he’ll miss his other family and want to go home eventually.

Steffy promises to do what’s best for Douglas.

Li is with her son at the cliff house, impressed by the drawing that Kelly made for her.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Kelly tells them about the mobile of the solar system she’s been making with Douglas and wonders when he’ll be back.

After giving them hugs, she jogs off. Finn tells his mom that Steffy is at the courthouse with the others to determine where Douglas will live.

They talk about how this came out of the blue and what the likely outcome will be.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They talk about how Douglas needs stability and how Thomas can’t give it. All of this just makes Finn feel blessed by the family he has with Steffy.

finn sits at home talks to mother Li finnegan B&B recaps

Finn checks on Kelly and returns, confused about what kind of planet Pluto is. He hopes things are clearer with Douglas.


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In his little apartment, Deacon prompts Sheila to admit she wants him. She starts laughing and tells him he has a big ego.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

He refuses to believe that she and Bill have what they did and could have again. Kissing her hand, he urges her to let this be their time.

Pulling her hand away, she asks if he seriously has feelings for her and reminds him he wanted Brooke.

He says he was just fooling himself and assures Sheila she’s no runner-up. Since they parted, he’s been thinking about what they had.

Deacon suggests she dump Bill. She thinks he’s envious.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

He complains about Bill being a neanderthal who wears a toy sword. He knows Bill is a millionaire with his own jet and yacht, but Deacon is confident that she still feels strongly about him.

He strokes her face.

Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They nearly kiss but she backs away, reminding him she’s with Bill now and insisting this can’t happen. If he keeps this up, she will have to break all contact with him.

She needs friends but he can’t talk to her like this again. As quickly as Bill got her out of prison, he could put her back there.

“You’re willing to become Spencer’s concubine?” he asks.

Sheila insists she’s no one’s concubine and tells Deacon that she doesn’t long for him. He only wants what he can’t have.

She’s moved on with a man who is committed to her, not one who constantly screws up. It’s over.

“You are a loser!” she tells him, saying that he can never see her again. She storms out, slapping herself on the head and saying she has to forget.

sheila upset missing deacon bold and beautiful recaps

Alone, Deacon flashes back to his nights with Nine Toes.

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