Michael and Willow Agree to a Second Marriage, Obrecht Offers Willow Her Support, and Portia Struggles with the Truth as Her Wedding Begins

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 13, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Spencer lashes out at Dex, Liesl asks Carly for a favor, and Jordan urges Portia to come clean.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Jordan burst in to tell Portia she’s making a mistake, Austin and Ava arranged to move Nikolas’ body.

Outside of the church, Joss bumps into Dex. He’s doing security. She was hoping Sonny and Nina would be no-shows but she’s glad to see him.

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They chat about her niece and Willow’s condition. He holds her hand.

Sonny and Nina arrive at the church and she thanks him for pushing her to attend the wedding.

sonny and nina wedding GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Laura startles Ava as she arrives. They talk about Nikolas and how they wish things were different. Ava changes the subject to the bride and groom.

Molly joins TJ and they remember how different their civil partnership ceremony was.


Drew is impressed by how Curtis is not nervous. Curtis says this is a sure thing.

Nina and Sonny come over and the groom thanks them for coming.

Taggert admits to Sonny that he’s glad that he’s got his people doing security there while the hook is on the loose.

Drew and Nina have some awkward conversation. She asks him if Carly will be joining him. “No date for me,” he says, excusing himself.

Terry bumps into Finn and asks after Liz, who pops up. The doctor has been worried about her but thinks that Liz seems calmer now.

Flashing back to her desire to confess, Liz explains she’s been struggling with a decision but now it’s resolved.

Spencer tells Trina how beautiful she looks. He’s surprised her mom let her invite him. He complains about his father until Zeke and Stirling interrupt.

spencer and trina wedding GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She introduces them to Spencer.


When she and the Cassadine step outside, he’s not happy to see Dex is there. He tells him that he’s not welcome there. The ladies remind them that they are at a wedding.

Joss gets defensive. Spencer doesn’t like the way she defends him.


Sonny comes out and asks what’s going on. Joss complains that Spencer is an “ass” and storms off.

When Dex and Sonny are left alone, the boss tells him the Pikeman shipment will be in two weeks. Dex thanks him for the change to prove himself.

Ava corners Trina and senses something is wrong. She complains about Spencer blowing up at one of Sonny’s people.

In the bridal room, Jordan confronts Portia about Curtis likely being Trina’s father. Portia orders her out. Jordan points out that Stella knows her secret too.


The doctor realizes this is why Stella is not officiating the wedding. She blames this on Jordan and orders her to stay out of her business.

Portia keeps repeating that Stella won’t say anything. She is sure that she will keep this secret. She kept Marshall’s for years.

Jordan wonders how long it will be before the doctor cracks. Trina might need her family medical history or look into her genealogy again.

Portia tries to wave that off and accuses her of still being in love with Curtis. Jordan admits it. That’s why she wants him to be happy and she wants this marriage to work.

That isn’t likely to happen if she goes into it with this secret. Secrets are what destroyed her marriage to Curtis.

Left alone, Portia looks in the mirror and thinks of Curtis and all he has given her. Then she thinks about lying to him about how Trina couldn’t be his daughter.

portia cries with her lies GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Curtis knocks on the door, asking if they can talk. He won’t open the door because he doesn’t want to tempt fate.

He just wanted to tell her how much he loves her again and how grateful he is that they can do things right and without secrets this time.

She starts to sniffle and is about to say more but he runs off.

Curtis heads for the altar. Laura says it looks like they are ready to start.

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Portia comes down. Her daughter and father tell her what a vision she is.

Tearing up, she tells her daughter to always remember how much she loves her, no matter what.

The music starts and Trina marches down the aisle. Stirling tells Portia how proud he is of her. He and her mother feel blessed that she’s found someone who deserves her love.

The bridal march starts and they head down the aisle. Once the bride and groom are in position, Laura begins the ceremony.

portia cries wedding day GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells a story about how clear it is to her that Curtis and Portia are bonded. Curtis starts tearing up.

When Laura asks if anyone can show just cause why they shouldn’t be joined in matrimony, Portia’s lip starts to quiver.

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Sam and Dante arrive in Devon, England. She nearly crashed them on the road. They make out.

devon england dante and sam visiting GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She stops them and reminds him they need to be looking for Esme’s nanny. After that, they can go to bed.

All they have so far is a PO box. She realizes they have to go looking the old-fashioned way.


They figure out a story to tell Maggie. It’s night so they decide to get a pint.

sam and dante in england GH recaps

Obrecht corners Carly in the GH elevator. Liesl has been waiting for the chance to “eviscerate” her. What she did to Nina and Willow is unforgiveable.

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Carly is sure this must be hard for her giving that she just lost her daughter. She tells her how sorry she is.

Liesl says that if she means that, she will help her niece. Carly won’t pressure Willow to accept Nina. She can’t build a bridge between them… but maybe she can build one between Liesl and Willow.

In Willow’s room at general Hospital, she tells Michael how much she wants them to say their vows. He suggests they do that right there.

willow wants to do death bed wedding GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

“Absolutely not,” she says. She doesn’t want anything that beautiful to happen in a place that smells like this.

She hates the likelihood that she will die soon, but she refuses to die in that bed with beeping machines. She wants to go home by tomorrow.

Then they can plan their wedding. Sounds good to him.

They recall their last wedding and she wonders if they can have it in the family living room again.

He’ll take her home but wants her to keep believing a miracle could happen. If they find a donor, she needs to accept the transplant.

She promises to fight with everything she has. They will both pray for a miracle.

Carly shows up and they announce they are getting married.

That sound beautiful to her. They think it will be in two weeks and Carly assures them it will be perfect. The ladies send Michael out so they can get planning.

Once he’s gone, Carly asks her a favor.

Soon, Obrecht joins Willow, who is still adjusting to having a great-aunt.

obrecht talks to willow, her neice GH recaps

Liesl tells her she comes from a family of strong women. They may have flaws, but they come through for each other.

Dex stops by the hospital to tell Michael that the Pikeman shipment is arriving in two weeks.

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