Chanel Breaks Up with Allie After Learning She Slept with Alex, Xander and Gwen Steal Jack’s Newspaper and Wendy Asks Johnny Out for a Date

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, February 13, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Chanel caught Alex and Allie together again and ended her relationship with Allie, Xander and Gwen blackmailed Jack for control of The Spectator, Gabi advised Wendy to go after Johnny, while Paulina encouraged Johnny to pursue Wendy.

In the last Days recap, Valentine’s Day dawned in Salem as Allie and Alex woke up with hangovers and regret for their night of passion, Sarah put the brakes on Rex’s romantic overtures, Leo and Gwen fretted about their plot to take over The Spectator and Johnny threatened Xander for his role in Susan’s death.

Xander and Gwen are with Jack and Jennifer in the Horton living room. They’ve proposed their blackmail plot – Gwen will keep quiet about Jennifer running her down if Jack hands over The Spectator – and are waiting for an answer.

Jennifer shocks them when she announces they will not be stealing Jack’s beloved newspaper. She goes on to rip Xander and Gwen to shreds for trying to take it.

Gwen commends Jennifer for her pretty speech but reminds Jennifer it was she who got high on drugs, got behind the wheel of her car and ran down Gwen.

Gwen says not only was it wanton and cowardly to leave her there to die, but it could also mean prison time for Jennifer.

xander gwen horton house DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jennifer stands her ground and tells them to call the cops. Jack begs his wife to reconsider. Gwen says Jennifer will get what she deserves.

An angry Jack reminds Gwen of her time dosing people with psychosis-inducing drugs, suggesting she may not be the best arbiter of what is right and wrong.

Jack recalls how Gwen turned Sarah into a vegetable to keep her from Xander.

“He’s right, Xander,” Jennifer says. “You didn’t exactly trade up.”

Gwen lunges at Jennifer but Xander holds her back. He reminds Gwen that Jack and Jennifer have plenty of reason to hate them.

Gwen pulls her phone out and makes a call. She tells the person who answers she needs to speak to Rafe about something urgent.

Jack and Jennifer look antsy as they watch. Gwen gives them one last chance to change their minds, but Jennifer doesn’t budge.

jenn and jack valentines DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

As Gwen begins speaking to Rafe, Jack leaps forward and grabs the phone. He makes an excuse to Rafe and hangs up.

Jack tells Gwen she can have The Spectator. Jennifer begs him to reconsider.

Jack tells Jennifer if giving Gwen the paper keeps Jennifer free, he considers it an even trade. They share a tender moment before Jennifer spins around to confront Gwen.

Jennifer asks if Gwen is satisfied now that she’s made Jack suffer. Gwen says she just wanted what was hers.

jennifer loses spectator DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Gwen looks as though she might be having second thoughts. Xander reminds everyone they’re here because Jennifer chose to drive a car while high as a kite.

Jack gets self-righteous until Xander brings up how Jack blackmailed the paper out of Leo’s mother, Diana Colville back in the day.

Xander tells Jack to not look at this situation as a door closing but as a window opening.

“Dad…” Gwen starts to say, but Jack tells her to never call him that again. Jack and Jennifer share a tearful embrace as Xander and Gwen walk out.

jennifer yells at gwen after she takes spectator DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Leo sits alone on Tom and Alice’s bench in Horton Square, ruminating on the art of writing.

He begins dictating some snappy copy for his gossip column to his phone about Alex and Allie swapping spit and the Kiriakis brothers’ penchant for breaking hearts.

leo alone horton square DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Just then, Sonny walks up and asks what Leo was babbling about. Leo haughtily greets his former friend.

Leo says he was working on his gossip column and Sonny mistakenly assumes Leo is working for The Intruder. Leo is offended Sonny thinks a respected journalist like Leo would work for such a rag.

Leo tells a shocked Sonny that he’s been hired by The Spectator. Sonny doesn’t understand how Leo got a job with a real newspaper.

Sonny mocks Leo over not having a contract. He tells Leo not to hold his breath for Jack to approve his hire, since he owns the paper.

“For now,” Leo says, and Sonny asks what he means.

sonny and leo square DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Leo can’t help spilling the beans about Gwen taking control of The Spectator.

Leo tries to leave, but Sonny demands to know what happened between Jack and Gwen.

When Leo refuses to talk, Sonny grabs him and asks again. Suddenly, Xander and Gwen appear.

leo and sonny argue DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Xander pulls Sonny off Leo and tosses him aside. Gwen warns Sonny against attacking a journalist but invites her cousin to join their celebration.

Sonny declines the invitation, so Leo, Xander and Gwen walk into the Salem Inn.

xander hired muscle DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Wendy sits on a park bench having an early lunch when Gabi jogs by. Wendy tells her things are slow at the DiMera offices.

Gabi senses something is up and figures out Wendy’s got a case of the blues over Johnny.

Wendy tells Gabi all about getting close to Johnny, only to discover he’s still hung up on Chanel.

Gabi reprimands Wendy for throwing in the towel over a nagging doubt about another woman.

Gabi reminds Wendy how she encouraged Gabi to go after Stefan, but Wendy brings up the obvious difference that Johnny hasn’t been brainwashed.

wendy in the park DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Wendy says Gabi doesn’t let anything stop her from getting what she wants, but Wendy isn’t like that. Gabi disagrees.

Gabi reminds Wendy how she barged into Gabi’s hotel room demanding tickets to the DiMera Gala and then came to Salem demanding a promotion.

“You wanted something, you went after it and you got it,” Gabi says.

Wendy points out that a job isn’t in love with his ex-wife like she thinks Johnny is. She goes on to come up with reasons why she shouldn’t pursue him.

Wendy tells Gabi about all the horrible things Allie said about Chanel, but Gabi waves it off as Allie’s jealousy about Johnny and Chanel.

Gabi advises Wendy to fight for Johnny and jogs away.

gabi jogging DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers


Johnny and Paulina stand outside the Brady Pub talking about Allie and Chanel. Paulina thinks Johnny is what’s keeping the couple apart, but Johnny narcs on Alex.

Johnny tells Auntie P it’s Alex who’s making trouble for the baking duo and reminds her about the underwear incident.

Paulina sees right through Johnny’s efforts to make Alex the scapegoat. She knows Johnny is trying to blame Alex for what Johnny did himself to bust up Allie and Chanel.

“So, you can swear until you’re blue in the face that this is all Alex’s fault,” Paulina says. “But don’t kid a kidder, Johnny. It’s yours, too.”

johnny and paulina days of our lives recaps

Johnny says he respects the fact Allie and Chanel are together, but Paulina clearly doesn’t believe him. He reminds her that he and Chanel didn’t end up kissing when Allie saw them at the hospital.

Paulina says he and Chanel are divorced. Doesn’t he have another girl he could chase after, like Wendy?

Johnny says he really likes Wendy, but he messed that up. Paulina says she’s learned from being in Salem is that there’s always hope.

Paulina advises Johnny to find Wendy and tell her he made a huge mistake. Johnny is unsure, but Paulina encourages him to call Wendy and invite her out for Valentine’s Day.

Paulina leaves with a warning for Johnny: stay away from Chanel!

Johnny sits on the bench outside the Brady Pub and psyches himself up to text Wendy. He fumbles with his words and can’t decide what to say.

Speaking to himself, Johnny says the reason he can’t decide what to say is that he thinks Wendy won’t be interested in reading it.

Just then, Johnny’s phone rings. Wendy is calling. She asks him to meet her in the park.

johnny with paulina pub DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Chanel is outside her apartment door trying to find her keys, unaware Alex and Allie are inside, having just spent the night together.

Alex thinks Chanel will give up and go away if they’re quiet, but just then, Chanel finds her keys and unlocks the door.

Chanel walks in to find Allie alone. Allie makes an excuse for not opening the door but seems jittery and uncomfortable, probably because Alex is hiding under the dining table.

Chanel apologizes for the things she said when she saw Alex and Allie at the bar last night.

chanel lost keys days of our lives recaps

Allie says she understands how Chanel misinterpreted what she saw.

Chanel sits on the edge of the dining table, prompting Allie to suggest they go for a walk and talk things out. Under the table, Alex is panicking.

Chanel wants to talk now. She’s realized everything that’s been going wrong in their relationship is her fault, but Allie disagrees.

Chanel says she should have accepted Allie’s explanation about why Alex’s underwear was in their apartment. She now believes that nothing happened between Alex and Allie.

Allie says nothing happened with Alex and Chanel says nothing happened with Johnny, but it almost did.

Chanel says she was so convinced Allie had slept with Alex that she considered sleeping with Johnny to even the score.

Chanel says her love for Allie kept her from making that mistake. Chanel wants to put all this fighting behind them.

chanel kisses allie forgive DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Allie and Chanel express their love for each other and kiss. 

Just then, Alex’s cell phone rings from his hiding place. He tries to cover the sound.

Chanel asks Allie if she wants to answer the call. Allie makes up an excuse about robocalls for not answering the phone.

Chanel looks doubtful. She asks if Allie changed her ringtone. Allie nervously tries to laugh it off and get Chanel out of the apartment.

Chanel says she has to make a quick call and pulls her phone from her bag. Alex’s phone rings again.

Both women look to the table where the sound is coming from – under the dining table.

alex under table allie house DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chanel yells for Alex to come out. He sheepishly emerges.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Chanel says with an angry look.

Alex tries to convince her he spent the night after drinking too much, but Allie’s guilty face says it all.

When Chanel asks Allie if the story is true, Allie admits she and Alex slept together.

alex caught at allie's place DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Alex and Allie both try to make excuses for their drunken tryst, but Chanel is having none of it. She throws Alex out of the apartment.

After he leaves, Allie tries to convince Chanel it was all unplanned, but Chanel doesn’t believe that, either.

Allie pleads with Chanel to just forget any of this happened.

“I’m sorry,” Chanel says with a single tear running down her cheek. “But I just can’t do that.”

allie and alex caught DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Allie reminds her of the first kiss they shared and the awakening it started in Allie. They’ve shared so much and been through so much to be together, so how can it be over?

Chanel says now all they’re doing is hurting each other. She thinks they should end things now before they hurt each other even more.

Chanel walks out and leaves Allie in tears. Chanel is on the other side of the door crying, too.

challie break up DAYS recaps

Johnny and Wendy awkwardly meet up in the park. She asks if he has any plans for tonight.

Johnny is surprised. He thought Wendy changed her mind about him.

Wendy admits she did, but now she’s changed it back. Johnny reminds her it’s Valentine’s Day.

Wendy suggests they go see the movie Johnny had tickets for. He suggests they go to his place instead and watch it on streaming.

wendy johnny date valentines DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Leo, Xander and Gwen get to the room at the Salem Inn. Xander wants to call down for champagne.

“And caviar!” Leo adds and dances over to Gwen. He congratulates her for pulling off her scheme to get The Spectator, but Gwen looks less than thrilled at her achievement.

Leo thinks Xander and Gwen will be Salem’s next power couple.

gwen and leo talk power couple DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jack and Jennifer sit on Alice’s couch and review their tumultuous day. Jennifer blames herself but Jack says only Xander and Gwen are to blame for blackmailing them.

Jack proposes they put this behind them and share a romantic Valentine’s Day lunch at The Bistro. He says giving The Spectator away was selfish on his part because he couldn’t live without Jennifer.

They share another tearful embrace.

jack and jenn mope DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers


Alex walks into the Kiriakis living room to overhear Sonny leaving a message for Justin. Sonny tells Alex about the change in ownership of The Spectator.

“Just what Salem needs,” Alex says. “More dirt.”

Alex tells Sonny he just destroyed Allie and Chanel’s relationship.

leo and alex at home talking spectator DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers


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