Ridge Reacts to Eric’s Warning While RJ Meets the Intern Who Takes a Cryptic Call

Weds Sept 4 recap of B&B: Brooke says in Eric’s mind, they’re in a competition, while Eric and Ridge design and later, RJ meets Luna.

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Eric Warns Brooke to Tell Ridge He’s Coming For Him, While Everyone Agrees Ridge’s New Collection is His Best Work

At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he doesn’t know what his father means, that he’s coming after him.

Brooke says he’s putting him on notice.

She went to see Eric and learned he and RJ are designing.

brooke tells ridge what eric says, he's not quitting

Ridge is happy to hear it but not that his father’s in some competition with him.

Eric says he doesn’t think his dad took the metaphor of a broken stapler and thought he as talking about him.

Brooke agrees. They’re giddy about RJ designing.

Ridge thinks RJ has more talent than any of them.

brooke tattles on eric to ridge

“Don’t tell Thomas,” he says. They hug.

Ridge says it’s just like his dad to get something in his head and roll with it.

It’s not good for him. It’s taxing, though good for RJ. Forrester is doing well so why does he have to do any of this? 

“He’s coming after me, huh?” Brooke shrugs. “Yes.” Ridge is grateful that he had a front seat to everything his dad did.

They created some great designs and then he wanted a break.

Ridge goes back and forth about how he feels about his father designing.

He jokes that he wants complete control and then shows Brooke his design that he did in one take. Brooke inspires him. His dad will need to step his game up.

ridge is upset that his father is coming for him

At his house, Eric tells RJ his shading is excellent.

ridge and rj designing

Donna hauls in some supplies and says Luna’s coming with the rest.

She trusts her with the secret but it isn’t really much of a secret anymore since Brooke ruined it.

donna hauls in supplies home

Eric thinks it’ll be fine.

Donna suggests the three men work on this together but Eric refuses.

Ridge considers him obsolete and he refuses to let him near this line.

Eric rubs his hands and Donna kisses them and asks if the tremors are getting worse.

eric is happy designing


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Krista Allen, Jacquie Woods & Lisa Yamada comings and goings


Luna (Lisa Yamada) arrives with bags of fabric and samples.

luna meets RJ

Donna helps her with them to the sofa and introductions are made.

She’s gleeful to meet fashion royalty and has never stepped into such a beautiful home.

Luna talks about still being in school and Donna admits that she was swamped when Luna was waiting to interview and after she helped her out, she gave her the job.

ridge designs with eric

She’s sweet, capable and a good person.

Everyone smiles. RJ sees the same thing. Luna’s been following RJ online for years.

He chuckles when she tells him he slays.

She sees a design and calls it the most beautiful gown she’s ever seen.

luna follows rj online

One day, she’d like to wear something like it.

A call comes and Luna seems concerned as she goes to take it by the stairs. “I can’t talk. I’m at work.”

luna on a call with some woman

The woman asks if she’s in LA and doesn’t know what she’s doing.

She needs to stay away from the Forresters.” Luna disconnects and stares at the men with a smile on her face.

Donna calls this design the most epic of his life.

RJ asks if Eric can see if Luna’s still watching them. Eric says she is.

It makes RJ nervous. Donna drags Luna to organize the samples as Eric tells RJ that he’s a fine young man.

The anointed one. They laugh. The only child of Ridge and Brooke.

They talk about teamwork and embrace as Luna stares with a smile on her face. Soon, her smile fades.

ridge and eric being watched by luna

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