When Brooke Catches Him With RJ, Eric Makes It Clear He Won’t Be Stopped

Monday, September 11 recap of B&B: RJ and Eric design together, Ridge asks Brooke to get Donna to talk to Eric, and Carter and Thomas discuss possible conflict with RJ.

Friday’s B&B recap: Bill returned, Brooke kept her wedding gown design secret, and RJ gave Eric a pep talk.

At Eric’s, he and RJ are sketching.

He tells his grandfather how exciting this is.

He wasn’t sure what he was getting into and he’s taught him a lot.

eric and rj designing

Eric tells him that design is the “heartbeat” of the family.

This is the last collection he will make and they will learn from each other design it.

As they continue working on lines, RJ is amazed to see how the design changes and comes to life.

His grandfather doesn’t think the design is quite singing yet.

rj sketching with eric

Donna joins them, thrilled to see her Honey Bear happy and vibrant.

He attributes a lot of that to his grandson.

She got all his art supplies for him and continues to admire how “on fire” he is.

Eric tells her not to forget she’s his muse. They kiss.

donna and eric talk inspiration

He sends her off so they can get back to making the finest collection of his career.

Later, Donna returns as Eric plays piano.

He tells her his therapist thinks it’s good for his hands to play. It keeps his creative juices flowing.

She informs her that Prince Albert called and wants him at a special event.

He can’t travel while he’s working on these designs. He needs them to be a surprise for everyone, especially Ridge. Eric smiles at RJ.

eric and donna chat the collection

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B&B comings and goings

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge marvel at how lucky they are to be together.

She wishes the same could be said for her daughter and rehashes Hope’s situation.

brooke decides to take the comparison as a compliment

When she mentions she’d like to do something about it, he reminds her that Stephanie used to think that way.

She decides that he’s just talking about her later years and she can take that as a compliment.

He reminds her Hope, Thomas, and Liam are adults.

ridge and brooke talk rj

They note that they haven’t seen much of RJ lately. She wonders if she should be worried but he assumes their son is out with a lady.

He just wishes RJ was designing. He’s sure he could be the greatest designer in the family and Eric could be a great mentor to him.

Ridge asks her to talk to Donna so she can convince Eric that he should be taking it easy and leave him to run the company.

He’s sure that Donna can keep his father young and distracted. He should be taking it easy.

Brooke agrees and will talk to her sister. After giving him a kiss, she heads out.

ridge and brooke kiss

He picks up a photo of his father and thinks.

ridge thinks of eric

In the design office, Carter chats with Thomas and tells him how proud Ridge is of his success.

He gets puffed up talking about him all the time, to the point that he makes fun of Ridge.

thomas and carter talk designs

Carter is sure it must have been hard for Thomas to work on himself with RJ coming back into the fold.

Thomas claims that he and RJ are cool. Carter thinks that’s good.

He can’t imagine how it would be if Ridge’s sons were warring against each other.

carter tells thomas how proud ridge is

Thomas thinks the family working together well is all that’s important.

Carter asks if RJ has talked to him about the business.

Thomas offered to help him if he was interested but can’t see him picking up the pencil.

They ponder what could happen when Eric eventually steps down.

thomas chats with carter about rj

Thomas goes to see his father and admires his latest design, telling him any woman would be ecstatic to wear it.

He feels so lucky to be working with him.

thomas and ridge talk eric

Ridge assures him lucky has nothing to do with it. He’s so proud of who he is and the designer he’s become.

Thomas would like them to collaborate together. Ridge likes to hear him say that. They can learn together like he did from his dad.

He thinks it’s time for Eric to step down since they have the company covered.

ridge tells thomas eric should step down

Back at Eric’s, he shows RJ and Donna a sketch and talks about inspiration.

Brooke walks in, shocked to see them all together.

RJ admits he’s designing. Eric adds that he’s helping him.

brooke shocked to see rj designing

Brooke thinks that’s great but wonders why they aren’t doing it in the office.

Eric makes it clear he’s designing a new solo line.

No one is going to stop him, not even Ridge.

eric announces he's designing his own line

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