Sheila Flatlines and Li Tells Finn They Should Let her Die, as Ridge Tries to Explain His Absence to Family Who Freak Out When Bill Arrives

In the Friday, March 31, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila is rushed to the hospital, Bill and Ridge thank Deacon for his help, and Stephen lectures Ridge.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Deacon betrayed Sheila to the Feds and after she was arrested for murder, ran off and collapsed.

At Il Giardino, Ridge yells at Sheila to shut up when she accuses him, Bill, the cops and Feds of being liars and manipulators.

When the cops try taking her into custody, she wiggles away and runs out to the alley.

sheila and baker when she's arrested

She bumps straight into Bill and tells him he lied to her. He says the ring on her finger is fake as the feelings he pretended to have for her.

She rips it off and then collapses, grabbing her guts.

sheila falls to the ground in pain

Deacon and Ridge rush out and ask what happened.

Bill says she’s faking a heart attack and kicks her boots.

The cops come out and say they have this.

Deacon sees ths smashed ring on the ground as Bill and Ridge leave to celebrate.

sheila on the ground, heart attack

Deacon, Ridge, and Bill return to the restaurant and toast to this being over.

Ridge explains he summoned everyone to his dad’s house so he could explain what Bill did.


They tell Deacon they couldn’t have done this without him and flashback to forcing him to help or face jail time.

Ridge still doesn’t understand how he fell for her.


Bill doesn’t want to hear about that. They offer to keep his romance with Sheila a secret.

After Ridge takes off, Deacon tells Bill he deserves a victory lap.

Spencer is eager to tell everyone why did what he did. Deacon thinks the town will throw him a parade.

Bill hopes Sheila had a real heart attack and walks out.

Finn and Steffy make out at the hospital.

That makes her feel better. The doctor’s lips have some magical properties.

steffy and finn talk about sheila

She assures him he’s the opposite of Sheila.

They look forward to a time they don’t have to worry about her.

Sheila is rushed into the hospital.

Li is shocked when she finds her rolled into the exam room on a gurney.

sheila being worked on hospital

The nurse runs out and gets Finn, telling him that his mom is with Sheila and she’s had a heart attack. Steffy’s eyes bug out.

She and Finn rush down the hall. Sheila has been stabilized.

sheila hospitalized

Li stares at her and recalls their fight over Finn.

Finn can see from her vitals that she’s in bad shape. Sheila flatlines.

sheila flatlines

Li says they need to let her die.

li refuses to save sheila life

A nurse rushes in.

The doctors stare at each other.

Steffy stares at Sheila.

steffy shocked li won't save sheila

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Stephen and Lucy arrive at Eric’s place to see Brooke and Donna.

Brooke asks if Ridge told anyone why he summoned them all there.

stephen happy to see eric

Taylor arrives after getting the summons and asks what’s going on.

They assume Ridge is back. Stephen thinks it’s about time.

Taylor says he was doing soul-searching and that takes time.

Stephen jokes that it could take decades of moping.

Carter and Katie arrive.

They’re confused about why Ridge asked them there too.

Ridge shows up after fixing his hair and tells his exes how much he missed them.

Taylor says, “Okay.”

ridge asks everyone to listen

Stephen starts lecturing him for gallivanting and Taylor tries to control herself.

stephen gets antsy and yells at ridge

Ridge claims he was watching out for his family. They all find that hard to believe and vent about Sheila and Bill.

Bill walks in. They bark that he’s not welcome. Ridge explains he invited him.

Bill looks at their glaring eyes and takes a deep breath.

They keep telling him to leave and tell him to think of the children and the danger he could be putting them in.

taylor tells ridge to get to the point

Ridge wants to explain. Eventually, they let him. He says they can all take a sigh of relief because of what Bill has done.

Stepping up, Bill explains he knows they all hate him because of Sheila, but she won’t hurt them any longer.

Ridge says she’s out of their lives because of Bill.

They all remain confused and skeptical.

ridge tries to explain where he's been

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