Marlena’s Emotional Reunion With Belle and Eric, Bo Holds Kayla Hostage, Megan Makes a Deal, and Stephanie Receives a Shock

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, March 31, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Marlena has an emotional reunion with Eric and Belle when she gets back to Salem, and Hope confronts Megan.

In the last Days recap, Rachel showed up at Statesville to confront Kristen and Wendy and Tripp shared a fraught moment while Johnny was jealous of Tripp being shirtless around Wendy, and Chloe thanked Xander for cutting her part in Lady Whistleblower’s column.

John and Marlena arrive home and Doc is so happy to be there.

John wishes the whole family was there now to share in this incredible miracle.

They make out and discuss telling the kids.

john and marlena kissing

At the ISA facility in Fredrick, Maryland, Hope’s surprised to see Harris cuffed to his bed.

harris cuffed to bed isa

His shrink is trying to determine if he’s too dangerous to be let go.

She feels he’s been completely deprogrammed. Andrew arrives and gives them an update.

Hope’s thrilled Marlena and Kayla are alive and hugs him.

She begs him to let her see Megan, to grill her. If Bo was alive, Andrew would let him. He lets her go and Andrew thanks Harris for his work.

Harris wants his job back, knowing it may not be possible. Donovan says he’ll be put through tests and if he passes, he might be free.

andrew visits harris isa

In her own cell, Megan’s visited by Steve who tells her she’s there to keep her safe from him.

He tells her to stop stonewalling and tell him where his wife is.

Megan calls him sexy when he’s angry.

He makes demands and she honestly says she doesn’t know where Kayla is. 

megan in a call at ISA

Bo and Kayla let themselves into an old home on a beautiful island. She bitches that she’s exhausted and filthy and angry he hasn’t told her what he has planned.

He’s thrilled to be there. They go out to get the supplies and return and she’s still bitching.

He’s patient with her as she complains about “this crap shack.”

He finally tells her they’re in Greece at Victor Kiriakis’ place.

kayla angry in greece

Bo says he bought this place as a reminder of where he came from.

It’s where his dad came to make his dreams a reality and where it begins for Bo, too.

He wants to build an empire. Kayla looks at him like he’s demented. They argue over whether or not he’s still brainwashed.

She calls Victor vicious and vengeful and he’s not like him. Their family is rich in love. She asks him to clear the confusion from his head.

He doesn’t belong there. They need to go home to those who love them. 

Bo comments that Ma let him grow up thinking he was a Brady when Victor was his dad.

He’s angry that the truth about Victor was kept from him.

“What do you call people who deny a child to be or really know who he is?”

bo and kayla in greece

She won’t answer. “This isn’t real,” she says but this is his reality. He’s done with being controlled by others.

She brings up his kids and he says they’re not his family. “This is my family,” he says, looking around. Kayla cries.

She’s done with this. She moves to leave and he stops her.

They argue about what he believes to be true and he sets his gun on the table and whips out the orchid and Rolf’s notes.

He wants Kayla to help him build an empire based on the flower. He tells her not to bother trying to leave.

She won’t get too far. He goes into another room, urging her to read the notes. She does.

It’s part genius and madness, she tells him when he returns. He goes off to make food and she rummages through his bag and finds a phone.

She calls Steve but the call won’t go through. She calls Stephanie.

bo angry

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At the square, Chad talks to Stephanie who is off in la la land. She apologizes.

She’s waiting for an update from her dad.

He finally picks up after two calls and she tells him she’s worried about him.

He insists he’s fine and says Megan’s in ISA custody.

stephanie and chad at square talk about steve missing

He has some other news about her mother. She’s alive.

Stephanie gawks and he doesn’t have much to tell her.

She seems in shock and he fills her in on Marlena and some other stuff and they disconnect. She tells Chad.

chad happy for steph

He’s confused. She wants to see her mom and hold her. She’s sorry for being excited since he’s lost so much but he’s happy for her.

She reveals Marlena’s alive too and in Salem. Chad can’t process. He asks about Kate but she has no news.

Kayla calls from an unknown number and Stephanie’s shocked at hearing her voice.

kayla calls stephanie

Back at John and Marlena’s townhouse, Belle and Eric arrive and start in on each other about Sloan.

Belle thinks she ransacked Paulina’s office while Eric believes Sloan’s innocent.

John whistles to interrupt them. He tells them Megan’s in ISA custody. She can pay for killing Mom. “No, she can’t,” John says.

Marlena steps out. Belle and Eric are astounded. How is it possible? Marlena calls it a long story, saying Megan took her body from the hospital and had Rolf create a serum to save her life.

John says Megan stole the orchid. John found her on an island and brought her home. They tell her Kate was shot.

They ask by who. Marlena says most likely it was the person who has Kayla.

marlena holds belle and eric

Eric and Belle stare in disbelief for long moments and Marlena embraces them. They cry in her arms.

Belle asks if they told Sami and John says yes, she’s over the moon. Marlena heard their raised voices before she revealed herself.

They are sorry but she tells them it’s painful to see them argue and asks them to make up. They’ll try. 

Back in Maryland, Megan asks for immunity. Steve says no. Shane won’t give that. She wants to go home to Salem to do her time in Statesville.

He refuses. She tells him he’ll let her be in a normal cell with a cellmate and a library or he’ll never see Sweetness again.

steve and megan at isa headquarrers

Steve goes and Hope arrives. The hold she has on Harris is gone. Megan shrugs. She can see Hope’s involved with him.

Hope’s not there to discuss her personal life. Megan asks if she’s sure he’s the one for her. Is she ready to give up on “everyone else.”

Hope asks what that means. Steve returns and gives Megan the deal. She gets 20 years in Statesville, provided Steve can find his wife.

She signs the documents and he asks who has Kayla.

megan and hope isa


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