Victor Learns Where Lucy is After She Slips Out to Interfere with the Ball Again, and Victor Agrees to Deal with Esme

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 31, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Spencer asks Victor to help deal with Esme, Ava confronts Esme about what she did, and Valentin assures Anna she’s not to blame.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where dead Ashby was fished out of the harbor, sending Anna and the others into panic, Spencer worked with Victor, and Cam said goodbye.

Spencer meets with Victor in a park. His uncle asks if he’s now willing to do what needs to be done. Spencer says he’s done waiting to gain Esme’s trust. She needs to be “dealt with.”

victor needs spencer to say the wor

He worries that Esme may be able to leave the state with his brother. Victor urges him not to hesitate prioritizing the well-being of his little brother.

Spencer wonders why they are there rather than in the Metro Court. His uncle claims he just wants some fresh air and goes on about how he appreciates the planet.

Victor explains they need to dig up some damning evidence against Esme to convince the DA to prosecute her. She’s friendless and without resources.

They mull over the options. Victor still thinks they should just take her out but Spencer wants his friends to have justice publicly done.

victor tells spencer his options

Victor agrees, but if the legal route doesn’t work, he will go with his original plan. The baby needs to stay in the family fold. Spencer thanks him and walks off.

spencer owes victor

Victor’s goon pops up and notes that he didn’t tell his nephew that he didn’t tell him he was leaving town. Victor says the custody fight will prove to be irrelevant soon. If Spencer knew what he was really up to, he would never go along with it.

At the safe house, Anna and Valentin beat themselves up about Ashby getting killed. They wonder what she could have told Victor. Drew says they can’t stay there. It’s not safe.

sonny tells anna and valentin they'll be signing their death warrant

Sonny says if they leave now, they are signing their death warrant. They argue about whether they are safe or not and decide to stay and risk no further exposure.

As they consider who Victor could be in contact with, they assume it might be Spencer. Sonny is sure his nephew will do what’s right.

They thank Sonny for his help. He says that Victor will pay for what he did to Luke and he will stop him for doing any more damage to Spencer.

sonny tells anna he'll do all he can

Anna tells Valentin it is all going wrong. She keeps bringing in civilians and doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. He assures her this isn’t her fault and the only person who will pay for this is his father.

valentin tells anna not to blame herself

Meanwhile, Lucy watches the red carpet coverage on the Nurses’ Ball and chews popcorn.

lucy watches nurses ball on TV

Maxie is interviewed. She says Lucy is irreplaceable and the night is dedicated to her. When the reporter asks Maxie about a backstage hiccup, Lucy flips out.

Maxie insists that it’s all under control but Lucy thinks the Ball is toast. She immediately tries calling Maxie, who won’t pick up.

maxie at nurses ball

Eating, Lucy tries to calm herself but that only leads to her convincing herself that the Ball needs her. She calls for a car to meet her.

On the red carpet, Felicia tells Maxie she’s doing a good job. Maxie assumes that Amy has been blabbing to the press about what’s happening backstage.

felicia says you have bigger problems

When Felicia steps away to take a call, Lucy shows up in a fur coat and startles her. Maxie reminds her that only cats have nine lives.

lucy is disguise

Lucy saw her talking to the reporter and has a solution to her problem. A man wanders by looking for the patio. It’s closed so Maxie calls her mom over to lead him to the restaurant.

Maxie orders Lucy to leave before she’s recognized. She won’t go until she shares her plans for the Magic Wands. Lucy suggests she ask Mac.

lucy explains how important the ball is

Maxie reminds her he’s her step-dad. “He is a daddy alright,” Lucy says. Maxie assumes she just came to suggest this because of her need to control the event.

Lucy knows people think she’s vapid, but the Ball is the one time of year when people take her seriously. She feels needed and useful. It’s the one moment the whole town comes together.

lucy suggests they get mac to strip

Maxie knows the Ball is mostly special due to her and suggests someone else to substitute for Mac.

Once Lucy is gone, Felicia shows up and her daughter tells her she has a plan for the Magic Wands.

The old man Felicia had taken upstairs reappears. He calls Victor and tells him that he just spotted Lucy Coe.

victor's goon call him about lucy

“I’ve got them. Anna and Valentin can hide no more,” Victor says,

Lucy returns to her room and continues to worry about the Ball.


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Ava bumps into Esme at General Hospital. She says the baby looks like his father, her husband. Esme thought she divorced Nikolas and is sorry about what happened.

ava asks how they can help

Ava grills her about the other things she did to her. Esme says the things she’s been alleged to do were awful but she doesn’t remember any of them.

She tells her that Spencer endlessly reminds her of her past. Ava is sorry that Nikolas isn’t helping her raise her child.

“I’m not. As far as I’m concerned, he can stay gone,” Esme says. She tells her the prince even came to Spring Ridge and tried to get her to sign away her parental rights.

esme protective of baby

She’s sure that she and Ava are both better off without him. Esme repeats that she’s changed and is trying to make up for what she did.

The Jerome asks how she plans to make it up to her. She is sure she’s really lost her memory and even cares about her baby but she doesn’t trust her and is sure the old her will come back.

ava and esme argue about nikolas

The moment she remembers who she really is, she will recognize it and finish her.

Austin interrupts and hands Esme a bag of probiotics. She thanks him and turns to Ava, repeating that she only wants what’s best for her baby before walking away.

austin gives esme probiotics

Austin asks Ava if she believes people can change. “I do, for the worse,” she says.

She says they are constantly lying. He cracks a joke about it.

ava has an idea for austin

Ava tells him that they need a better explanation for why he was on Spoon Island to give the cops. She asks if he owns a tux.

Meanwhile, Spencer arrives to pick up Esme. She complains about how long he was away.

spencer picks up esme ace

Carly rushes into Willow’s house where Nina is asking Willow if she needs an ambulance. She explains to Carly that she only stopped by to learn about the transplant being a go.

carly walks in on nina and willow

She and Carly bicker. Carly wants her out. Nina says that’s for Willow to decide.

Willow asks about the Ball. They gossip until Willow gets up to start the prep on the snacks for watch the event.

After she slowly walks into the kitchen, Carly and Nina hope for good things for Willow. Nina suggests they put aside their problems to support Willow.

Nina promises to do better. Carly is smug and starts poking her for biting off more than she can chew with Sonny. She says he needs someone who can stand by him no matter how dirty things get.

nian tries to get along with carly

Nina says her relationship with Sonny is nothing like the one she had with him. That’s what appeals to him.

Carly thinks their relationship has been predicated on being ignorant and seeing the truth about Sonny’s life will destroy it.

Willow returns and Nina starts stuttering. She asks Willow how she feels about the transplant tomorrow. Willow admits she’s worried. They are sure she’s gone too far to be disappointed and she won’t be alone.

nina and carly support willow

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