B&B Opinion: Pushing Fans Too Far With Bill and Sheila’s Bad Romance — From Wasted Talent to Lack of Story

Talking about what went down on Bold and Beautiful week of January 16-20:

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill’s plan and a corrupt judge set Sheila free, Steffy and Finn kept fretting, and Taylor vowed to make things right by sacrificing herself… and then changed her mind.

This week, the news about Bill and Sheila’s twisted love affair got out, forcing Katie, Steffy and Brooke to try (and fail) to get the blubbering billionaire to come to his senses.

Pushing fans too far

What happens when a soap opera with a spotty creative history pushes fans too far with an unpopular couple and weeks of recapping?

B&B might be about to find out. 

Will Bill and Sheila’s nonsense pairing prove to be a ratings hit or will B&B‘s numbers fall faster than the advertising revenue at Spencer Publications?

What do you think? Are Shill a hit or miss?

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Bill is being ruined to save Sheila

It pains me to say this, but Bill Spencer has a strong early lead for Most Ruined Soap Opera Character of 2023.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are other ways to make this plot get to the same place without putting Bill through the personality shredder, but the writers seem intent on chopping him to bits to keep Sheila in the mix.

If this were any other soap, I would wonder if this weird, wordless man who looks like Bill isn’t Bill.

This guy looks like the badass publishing magnate we used to know, but he almost never acts like that Bill anymore.

This weird personality shift started a while back. Think of when he begged Katie to take him back minutes after being rejected by Brooke.

Desperate much?

bill sheila rehash Bold and beautiful recaps

I don’t know this low-energy bore

Some have suggested Bill’s low-key manner and avoiding eye contact means he’s hypnotized or something, but I’m not convinced it’s intentional or has any hidden meaning.

Bill doesn’t seem to me like he’s been drugged into being Sheila’s zombie lover, he just seems rewritten.

Sure, sometimes he acts like he’s high as a kite, but other times Bill is lucid and speaking normally.

Maybe it’s just acting and directing choices being made?

Maybe the scenes were shot out of order?

Maybe Bill just needs to see a doctor about his glucose levels.

Unfortunately, I think this is a new downgraded version of Bill who loves Sheila and that’s all there is to this situation… at least until the next damage-control retcon.

sheila and bill a united front Bold and beautiful recaps

Neutering Bill isn’t worth it

Even if it were revealed that Sheila is somehow controlling Bill through poison or witchcraft or whatever, will it make this coupling any better?

Sheila’s near-constant husky whisper voice lost its impact weeks ago and Bill silently standing at her side with his head down isn’t true to his character. 

Neutering Bill under any circumstances is dumb, but to prop Sheila and service this hair-brained plot is a crime.

Right now, I don’t think there’s anything more to Bill and Sheila than what they’re showing and telling us in dialogue. 

I think alleged clues like Bill’s darting eyes will end up meaning about as much as all the dream-reference theories have turned out to be.

This is B&B and we know the CBS soaps love a story about a woman curing some unworthy dude’s man pain. 

So maybe that’s all this is.

katie shocked sheila love of bill's life B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Is Bill getting all Shakespearean?

My pet theory based on absolutely no evidence is Bill thinks he’s protecting his family by being with Sheila. He’s got a plan to take her down without killing or jailing her.

This could all be a weird Taming of the Shrew-inspired plot to gently force Sheila into subservience.

The Shakespeare play of a man trying to squelch a woman’s spirit is very old-fashioned and super misogynistic, so a great fit for B&B.

I’m sure I’m wrong about this but it gives me something to think about during the recap and hand gesture scenes.

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B&B opinion: What’s Bill getting out of being with Sheila?

New B&B comings and goings

Where’s the story?

I’m never privy to any inside info about the show or the stories, but I suspect we’re going to have a few hard left turns in the love story of Bill and Sheila before it’s over.

Remember how the Douglas custody story kept changing facts and focus last year? 

I’d bet we’re in for more of that kind of nonsense.

Maybe I’m wrong and there is a long story plan (right, as if) or maybe the writers will backfill the story with newly created details later, which is nothing new for B&B.

Explore the business angle

Bill, Liam, Wyatt and everyone at Spencer Publications should be going through hell because of Sheila. 

Advertisers dropping out, employees striking, readers boycotting, press gathered at the end of the driveway and news stories suggesting Bill must be desperate, crazy or both.

Liam and Wyatt could decide to prioritize the health of Spencer Publications over their relationship with their dad.

They come up with a plan to oust Bill from his own company, citing declining revenue and his obvious mental incompetence.


wyatt and liam at bill's house B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

What’s Steffy up to?

I watch a lot of murder mystery shows, so I know there are ways of getting rid of a troublesome person without getting caught, especially if Chief Baker is on the case.

I mention this because Steffy has vowed to “take down” Bill and Sheila twice this week.


Maybe she could recruit Hope and Wyatt into whatever doomed-to-go-wrong scheme she comes up with and get a story going.

Donna could surprise everyone by offering to be Sheila’s friend, only for a later reveal that Donna is faking it to gather intel and report back to Brooke and Steffy.

Then, Donna could get caught red-handed by Sheila herself who makes a threat and a demand that Donna can’t say no to!

If we’re meant to believe Steffy believes Sheila is “more dangerous than ever,” she should be pooling her resources and forming a united task force of Logans and Forresters to get rid of Sheila once and for all.

Check out last week’s B&B column for thoughts about how Thomas could end up the hero.  

In the end, we could see some surprising developments in usually hostile relations between the clans… just for a while.

donna says too soon ridge move on bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Random thoughts about criminal law

Finn and Steffy don’t have to press charges against Sheila for shooting them, because the shooting is a crime, regardless of their testimony. 

A defendant’s convicted partner in crime (i.e. Sheila and Mike) swearing the defendant did nothing wrong would go nowhere.

Victims of a crime like Finn and Steffy usually make a statement to the police and which is then reviewed by the DA’s office to determine if there is a case to be made.

If the DA decides to press charges, a district attorney staffer contacts the victims to go over statements and evidence. 

If those witnesses then later refuse to testify on the day of the hearing, they can be investigated and possibly prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

Real criminal law is fascinating, intricate, and ripe for soapy storytelling. 

Unfortunately, reality seldom seems to work for the stories B&B wants to tell.

judge macmullen crooked bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Quote of the week!

Sheila: “You’re going to have to accept it. You have no choice.” 

She’s talking to us, people.

sheila tells wyatt liam she is in love with bill B&B recaps

What do you think? 

Is Brill for real?

Who will be the next to threaten the happy couple?

Will the dialogue seem strangely familiar? 

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!

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