B&B Opinion: Throwing Common Sense Out the Window Setting the Stage for Hope to Put up With Thomas Lusting After Her Again

Talking about what went down on Bold and Beautiful week of January 23-27:

Thomas the Superstar, Sheila’s #1 Fan, the Real Drama of Fashion and Other Missed Opportunities

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, the news about Bill and Sheila’s twisted love affair got out, forcing Brooke, Katie, and Steffy to try (and fail) to get the blubbering billionaire to come to his senses.

This week, all hell broke loose at Forrester Creations when the latest Hope for the Future collection got a bad review, leading Thomas back with an offer to save the day, while Katie made another attempt to get through to Bill and Finn rejected Sheila’s peaceful overtures.

Is there Hope for the Future?

A new all-consuming story fell out of the sky this week when we learned the Hope for the Future line is about to go bust and take the entire Forrester empire down with it!

Wait, did Steffy say that or am I just filling in the gaping holes of this plot?

It’s probably just me. My mind tends to wander when I’m watching entire episodes of recycled recapping scenes.

Anyway, turns out Eric and Zende designed the latest HFTF collection and, according to that one bitchy review, it was no bueno.

So now everyone at Forrester Creations is in a tizzy, for reasons I don’t fully understand.

eric and zende talk about the design line bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

The real nasty business of fashion

In the real business of fashion, what the creator of B&B wanted this show to be about, designers usually know when they’re going to get a bad review.

Editors and bloggers have already come to the showroom and talked to the designer about the collection while looking at the garments, well before reviews are written. 

Bad fashion reviews are seldom a surprise.

It’s usually (not always) designers who are either unimportant or not spending money on advertising that get the critical write-ups. 

Big-time designers like Eric Forrester can send garbage down the runway and be hailed as a genius because companies like Forrester Creations spend lots of money advertising in fashion magazines.

Money is always in fashion

CHA-CHING! Money is always the deciding factor in big business.

So, I’m having a hard time caring about a story, with little basis in reality, that seems to have happened mainly off-screen.

That’s what happens when the head writer doesn’t map out a long story, I suppose. But that’s just my guess. 

If you’ve got a theory about the mess B&B has become, I’d love to hear it!

eric zende office bold and beautiful recaps

More manufactured drama, coming right up!

Let’s get real. The last collection Thomas designed for HFTF looked like resort wear for elderly widows in Palm Beach. 

But, according to business expert Paris, it was a big hit and Forrester Creations needs psycho genius Thomas back!

At a real fashion company, there are entire teams of designers, so the loss of Thomas shouldn’t be the calamity we’re seeing on B&B.

That’s why I can’t be convinced one bad review means Hope has to ask her abuser to come back and work with her.

Once again, B&B is shying away from reality to manufacture drama.

paris design office bold and the beautiful recap today soapsspoilers

Thomas the fashion superstar 

The fashion business is as much about theater and personality as it is about the garments, so one thing I could believe is Thomas being the hot young designer of the moment.

He’s sexy, talented, a good dad and looking for love – if you believe what you read on social media.

I could imagine Thomas having a huge media following. Fashionistas would know who he is and want to own anything with the Thomas Forrester name attached.

Think Tom Ford, Michael Kors or Calvin Klein – design superstars overseeing millions of dollars in products.

thomas shows his new designs to steffy B&B recaps


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B&B opinion: What’s Bill getting out of being with Sheila?

New B&B comings and goings

Steffy’s difficult choice

If word got out Thomas had been banished from Forrester Creations, retailers would freak out over what this meant for their own sales and profit.

Orders would be downsized or cancelled. HFTF might end up having no presence in department stores, which means a huge drop in sales, which means a loss in profit for Forrester Creations.

For that reason, Steffy could be forced to make the decision to bring Thomas back to the fold, firing up her own conflict with Hope.

Or, Thomas could just sit on Paris’s couch and sketch out a new HFTF collection with fabric specs so no one but a messenger would have to interact with him at all. 

Instead, the writers are throwing common sense and dramatic possibilities out the window to set the stage for Hope to put up with Thomas lusting after her.


thomas asks hope forgiveness Bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Sheila pays the price of fame

Doesn’t it seem weird Sheila is just traipsing around Beverly Hills without a care in the world?

How is it that in this day of 24-hour news and social media fame, no one recognizes the lady at the next table is the psycho granny who just dodged prison with the help of her billionaire lover?

The lunch crowd at Deacon’s Place (that’s what I’m calling it; more on that later) should be pointing at Sheila and hurrying out while taking pics to post on their socials.

One couple stops to take selfies with Sheila and lets her know #freeSheila is trending. 

Sheila has become the latest gruesome viral celebrity!

Deacon’s parole office sees the pics of Sheila at the restaurant and warns Deacon to have no contact with Sheila because it would violate his parole and he’d lose his business.

Deacon has to tell Sheila she’s no longer welcome at his place and Sheila loses her closest friend and confidant.

sheila deacon congratulations bold and beautiful recaps

Villians should get punished

I watch a lot of international telenovelas and one thing I love about those shows is the bad guys always get what they deserve.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see villains pay for their misdeeds, even if they don’t wind up in jail.

The villain may make our hero’s life hell and get away with it for a while, but sooner or later justice will be served. Sometime in unexpected ways.

So, if Sheila’s going to be a regular character on B&B and not go to prison, we need to see her suffer in other ways.

Sheila’s #1 fan

With Mike cooling his heels in prison and Deacon busy selling pizza by the slice, Sheila needs a new confidante and partner in mischief.

Maybe a devoted tech-savvy social media fangirl who Sheila recruits to do some dirty work. 

Sheila doesn’t take this person seriously, but Sheila’s biggest fan may eventually turn the tables on her…


mike sad sheila being freed bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

A new look and a new name

Can we all agree the restaurant should be called Deacon’s Place? 

I imagine the joint could use a re-branding after two people were almost shot to death in the alley.

Deacon could even glam the place up a bit and make it look less like an American Girl Café.

Maybe Hope could get suspicious about where her dad got the money to buy a Rodeo Drive restaurant, so she and Liam do some snooping and are shocked at what they find in the basement…


deacon tests pizza bold and beautiful recaps

B&B drinking game…

While we’re on another week of waiting for a story to happen, I’ve come up with a new B&B drinking game.

Elegant in its simplicity: just take a drink every time you hear a character say something that sounds like a better story than what we’re watching. 

For example, Deacon got investors to help him buy the restaurant. Hope for the Future needs a new lead designer. Sheila’s daughters won’t talk to her.

Little nuggets of organic drama that come from character and history.

Fair warning: if you’re like me and enjoy an adult beverage while watching the show, you might not get to the end of the episode, so pace yourself!

brooke pours some vodka Bold

Quote of the week!

Deacon, about Bill: “Yeah, billionaire problems. That’s rough.”

deacon talks to bill at il guiardino bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

What do you think? 

Will anyone ever invite Bill and Sheila over for dinner? (Read my last column about this bad romance.)

Is Thomas about to repeat his last story in a perpetual time loop?

How will Deacon ever get his pizza recipe right?

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!

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