Katie Cries About Living on Borrowed Time, and Carter and Taylor Learn Steffy Saw Sheila

In the Tuesday, December 21, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Katie breaks down in tears, remembering that Storm gave her his heart and that she hasn’t got a lot of time to live, while Carter and Taylor learn about Sheila.  

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where the police chased Sheila down the highway, and she escaped.

Taylor and Carter rush into the main Forrester office and Steffy tells them she saw Sheila. They’re shocked she’s alive.

Steffy says she bumped into her at Il Giardino.

Carter’s rocked as Steffy says she was in a disguise and was missing a toe.

She was so stunned, Sheila took off.

The cops saw some footage of her and with facial recognition, they confirmed it was really her.

steffy in hat bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

The monster they fear. Taylor’s shocked.

Wigs always look so fake.

Steffy tells them all about Sheila’s car theft and escape.

They need to stay vigilant.

The cops think she’ll stay west of Beverly Hills.

taylor learns sheila alive bold and beautiful recaps soaps spoilers

Carter asks why she’s there. Steffy thinks she’s obsessed with her family and calls her an idiot.

They’ll find her and put her behind bars. Carter goes and the women continue to talk about the “murderous psychopath.” Steffy doesn’t want to think about it. Taylor agrees not to and Steffy says she didn’t want her mother back with her dad at the cost of her own self-worth. Taylor says it feels good to let go.

carter hears sheila alive bold and beautiful recaps soaps spoilers

Steffy never thought she’d see Brooke and her mom on the same side.

Taylor says she could tell that Ridge wasn’t ready for it. He apologized for not being honest and hurting them.

It’s time for them to be role models to everyone.

Steffy thinks her mother has always been a good role model. Taylor laughs about her past mistakes.

Steffy talks up her mother and says she’s proud of her and Brooke.

Taylor is too and she admires Steffy.

taylor with steffy  B&B recaps

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In the design room, Brooke and Katie worry about Sheila being out there somewhere.

They abruptly talk about Bill instead. Katie worries he’s slipped back into his old ways.

Brooke’s sorry. She found it unlike him to come and try to reunite with her and then Katie.

Who would entertain being with him after that?

katie and brooke hold  storm's heart in their hands bold and beautiful recaps soaps spoilers

Katie thinks he must be lonely. The kids have their own lives and Will’s at school.

Katie mentions that it’s time for her yearly cardiologist appointment.

Each year, she is reminded that she was hospitalized and hoping she’d survive.

They reminisce about what Storm gave her.

“My brother’s heart is beating inside of me and it’s a miracle,” she says, but she knows she’s living on borrowed time.

She cries and Brooke starts up. She puts her hand over Katie’s heart and they talk about how proud he would be of her.

She brings joy and light into the world, Brooke tells her sister.

brooke touches katie heart bold and beautiful recaps soaps spoilers

Katie leaves and Carter turns up asking where Katie went. Brooke says she’s at her doctor’s appointment.

He’s surprised. Brooke says it’s a massive deal that Katie didn’t tell him since they’re getting close.

She reveals it’s her annual regarding her heart transplant.

Carter asks if she’s okay and Brooke says no since she’s never sure how the tests will come back.

Katie sits at the doctor’s office looking nervous.

katie worries at doctors office B&B recaps

The nurse apologizes that Dr. Buckingham is running behind.

katie's lips B&B recaps


Katie flashes back to Brooke visiting her in the hospital and crying to her about this being her second choice.

katie flashback to getting storm's heart B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Katie’s worry is interrupted by Carter who lets himself into the doctor’s office.

She’s shocked to see him.

Brooke told him what was going on and he wants to be there for her.

She’s been doing this a long time and says she doesn’t want his pity but he doesn’t feel sorry for her. He just wants to be there for her, he repeats. 

Paris’ mother appears with test results.

carter with katie at doctor B&B recaps soapsspoilers

It’s awkward for a moment since Carter dumped her daughter at the altar but they quickly put that behind them.

Katie asks what the test results are.

doctor buckingham B&B recaps soapsspoilers

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