Maxie and Austin Break Up, Joss Swerves Off the Road, and Chase Gets a Second Chance to Return to the Force

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, December 21, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Joss reassures Trina, Chase gets good news from Dante, and Carly urges Drew to stay quiet about Willow’s mom.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Liz told Ava she miscarried as Spencer tore into Nikolas, and Drew remained determined to find Willow’s biological mother.

The kids are opening gifts at the Quartermaine estate.

Monica is sick and can’t be there.

carly and drew laugh at christmas GH recaps

Brook Lynn joins them, and they wonder where Chase is. She says he’s not coming and he’s not performing tonight either.

Ned is sorry and gives her a hug. She’s surprised they’re not lecturing her.

ned and olivia feel bad that chase dumped BLQ GH recaps

His daughter beats herself up about Chase and then asks her father to take Chase’s place at the performance tonight. Olivia bursts into laughter.

Ned protests the people who booked Chase would not be cool with that. She needs to be honest and face the music with the concert organizers.

Michael and Willow inform Wiley that he will be having a little sister.

willow michael wiley GH recaps soapsspoilers

Drew tells Carly he’s happy she’s there. She’s happy to be there too, spending time with him and Wiley. She’s worried about how pale Willow is looking though.

He tells her how determined he is to find her birth mother. She needs to know there is hope she’s out there.

“I think that would be a big mistake,” Carly says, telling him to get the facts first.

carly drew problem GH recaps soapsspoilers

He doesn’t feel good keeping what they suspect from Willow.

As Wiley asks about what Christmas will be like next year, Willow needs to get up and walk off.

When she returns, Michael assures her they will be spending many more Christmases together. They have a family hug with Wiley.

carly hugs wiley christmas GH recaps

Carly says her goodbyes and Drew walks her out. At the door, he kisses her.

He gives her a keychain to remind her of their time in Florida, promising she will find out what the key is for.

Maxie heads to the square to meet her mom and bumps into Austin. He reminds her they were supposed to meet today.

austin maxie talk GH recaps soapsspoilers

She didn’t think he was going to show since he blackmailed Spinelli.

He wants to know where they stand. He knows he messed up and he’s sorry if he drove a wedge between them.

She claims that wedge was there before he did anything. His owning what he did lets her know he’s capable of good.

They became important to each other really fast and lines were blurred. Fate may have brought them together but…

maxie in an ugly outfit again, sadly General Hospital recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s grateful for the time they spent together, even though it didn’t work out.

He gives her a hug and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

When Brook Lynn arrives, the organizer asks where Chase is. She says he’s not coming. He demands she fix this now.

Spencer is at Alexis’ with the rest of her family. She’s surprised that he’s out and his father isn’t monopolizing his time.

The Davis siblings exchange gifts. Spencer gets uncomfortable watching all the couples smooching and stares at the fire.

GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Alexis realizes something is wrong. He’s worried he’s destined to become like his father.

He admits he’s learned things about him that make him embarrassed. When he asks how he can escape his family, she tells him he can’t.

General Hospital recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells him he may not be able to escape being a Cassadine, but he can find a way to live with it. Their family may be filled with psychotic megalomaniacs, but they have to accept it.

He just wants to rise above the insanity of their family like she does. She urges him to ground himself in other things and hang on to whatever makes him happy.

spencer at christmas GH recaps

At some point, he will be able to ignore his family and follow his own heart.

Dante tells Sam he’s worried about Cody being alone tonight. She suggests he invite his friend to the Gingerbread Jam. The cops gets a text and has to step out.

The family sits around, eats pie, and talks about the charity work they’ve been doing.

Spencer wishes them well and announces he has to go. There’s somewhere he has to be.



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Trina is shocked when she wakes up at home and the living room is filled with Christmas trees.

General Hospital recaps SoapsSpoilers

Her mom wishes her Merry Christmas and gives her a hug.

General Hospital recaps SoapsSpoilers

Trina weeps. Marshall and Curtis tell her the holidays are about family and they want to be there for her.

Admitting that she is sad and scared, Trina tells them how important being together is and how much she loves them.

She and Joss sit by the fire. Trina was supposed to be with Rory’s family tonight. She was on her way to tell him she didn’t love him.

Weeping, she says that Rory would still be alive if he never met her.

trina weepy GH recaps soapsspoilers

Joss tells her none of this is her fault, but Trina still blames herself. Her friend repeats she’s not responsible and blaming herself will only hold her back. She’s sure Rory would want her to keep moving forward.

Trina says bye to joss GH recaps

After giving her another hug, Joss takes off.

Meanwhile, Curtis reminds Portia this is their first Christmas as an engaged couple and tells Marshall it is their first Christmas in decades. He wants to celebrate that and hands them gifts.

Trina joins her mom and tells her she needs her help with something.

She makes an ornament as a tribute to Rory with the tab from the soda can he brought her.

Marshall hands his son a gift. It’s a photo of their first Christmas today.

He can’t express how grateful he is for the chance to make up for all the holidays he missed.

They wish each other Merry Christmas, marveling at the beauty of their family.

Spencer shows up to wish Trina a Merry Christmas.

As Joss drives, she swerves and crashes.

At Finn’s, Gregory sends Violet off to change and then reminds his sons that the little girl needs to have a happy holiday, not a grumpy one.

GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chase starts venting about Brook Lynn screwing him over. He’s happy he backed out of the Gingerbread Jam.

Violet returns and does her advent calendar with her father.

violet and austin too much cuteness GH recaps

In the corner, Gregory tells Chase he has every right to be angry. But just because Brook Lynn did the wrong thing, doesn’t mean he has no obligations.

Dante shows up with news. He tells Chase the CCRB will take another look at his case in the spring. Brook Lynn got them her letter.

Chase thanks him and Dante shakes his hand before taking off.

Gregory joins Finn and tells him he’s getting better at hiding his heartache from Violet.

Finn tells him he’s learned he’s not cut out for love and relationships. Tragedy always follows him.

His father says it would be a shame to ignore all the joy they have had. Maybe he shouldn’t throw in the towel yet.

Chase returns to them and tells them he just received a Christmas miracle.

chase learns he'll be a cop again GH recaps

Chase heads to the plaza and comes face to face with Brook Lynn.

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