B&B Opinion: Making Sense of Brooke and Taylor’s Insta-Friendship, Bill Pestering Katie, and Steffy’s Lack of Purpose

 Bold and Beautiful opinion December 12-16!

In my last B&B opinion column, I talked about how Carter and Katie still don’t work, Bill’s bizarre personality shift and that low-effort writing.

Hmmm, this story seems familiar…

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila hit the road for parts unknown, Bill continued to pester Katie, and new besties Brooke and Taylor both came to the stunning decision to reject Ridge.


If that last bit sounds familiar, it might be because I wrote an eerily similar story idea about Brooke and Taylor both giving The Dressmaker the old heave-ho in this column back in August. Check it out!

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for my fruit basket and thank you card from CBS Daytime.

brooke and taylor happy bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sheila rides off into the sunset… maybe?

I hope you wore your seatbelts this week because Sheila’s idling story suddenly shifted to breakneck speed.

Unfortunately, logic and common sense were dropped in a way that made the adventures of Scooby Doo seem like high art in comparison.

But then again, most cartoon shows explain why things are happening and have it all make sense in the end!

Calling this latest arc in Sheila’s misadventures “cartoonish” is an insult to cartoons, so I’m not sorry to see the back of Sheila, even if only temporarily.

Scooby Doo
Warner Bros

What was the point of Sheila’s disguise?

Just a few weeks ago, we were told that Sheila’s completely unconvincing disguise was actually so good, she would be able to live her demented dream of getting close to Finn and Hayes. 

Don’t ask why or how because it was never explained and never happened.

So kind of a surprise when Steffy ran into the psycho granny in disguise outside the ladies’ room and immediately clocked the be-wigged and be-nosed Sheila.

Not such a convincing disguise after all, especially with open-toed sandals!

sheila missing toe bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Was this ever really a story?

What was the point of all this? Were all the scenes of Sheila’s disguise and unspoken plans just filler or did the story plans change?

Were the writers just making it up as they went along?

Is there a bigger picture I’m not seeing?

If you have any ideas, let me know because I’m completely baffled by this waste of talent and character.

sheila's eye in weird zoom in bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

Finn and Steffy need a new challenge

Yes, I’m still beating the drum to get a story for the most popular younger couple on the show to get a story about them and their relationship.

It’s a shame that no one wondered if Steffy might have imagined she saw Sheila, or if Finn got so obsessed with finding Sheila and protecting his family that he started to doubt his own sanity.


It wouldn’t necessarily need to be a hardcore social issue story (because there’s zero chance of that happening on B&B), just a new kind of challenge for Finn and Steffy to overcome together.

A short tale like that would remind fans why the Finnegans are so good together and why we should continue to root for them.

Repeat after me: show me, don’t tell me!

finn and steffy talk to cops bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

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B&B opinion: Bill’s personality shift

Recent comings and goings


Bill is a sucker for rejection

As long as we’re talking about wasted talent, here’s Bill, l tearfully begging for another chance with Katie. AGAIN.

Dude, she’s rejected you more than once in the past few weeks and so has her sister that you prefer. Get on with your life and leave the Logan women alone. 

Not only are these desperate and increasingly unhinged scenes repetitive, but another tragic waste of talent and character. 

Weepy and whiny Bill might be even more pointless than Sheila’s bad disguise.

bill cries B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Liking the new direction for Brooke & Taylor?

The biggest surprise of the week, and probably the entire year, was that love rivals Brooke and Taylor have suddenly cut The Dressmaker out of their lives.

Not gonna lie – even though I am a bit miffed that my idea for Brooke and Taylor’s truce might have been swiped, I am thrilled to see B&B take a small step in a new and more logical direction.

Brooke and Taylor’s double dismissal of The Dressmaker is mostly good so far, but nit-picking is my job with here and that’s what I’m going to do.

brookie and tay tay bold and the beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Instant friendship is not good storytelling

If the detente between mortal enemies Brooke and Taylor is going to last, it shouldn’t be easy for them.

There needs to be some awkwardness, some suspicion, and more rehashing of their shared history before I’m invested in their newfound friendship.

Maybe we’ll get that and more in the days ahead, maybe not. You can’t really tell with B&B.

brooke and taylor hug B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Don’t ignore the organic drama!

It’s too early to judge, but I’m going to anyway.

So far, this soft-pedal pseudo-retconning of Brooke and Taylor’s rivalry we’re getting as part of their sudden mutual respect and admiration isn’t working for me. 

After all, as recently as last week, both these women seemed willing to do anything to lockdown Ridge and be the final Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Not even a month ago, Taylor was all in on the idea that Brooke was a contagion of immorality who ruined everyone she touched.

This week, Taylor said Brooke is a good mom. 


Another headscratcher came when Brooke admired Taylor’s commitment to helping people, even though Brooke has repeatedly questioned Taylor’s qualifications as a mental health expert.

So what gives? Why is all the dirt being swept under the rug in favor of cake and giggles?

Wherever this friendship is leading, instant and unexplained forgiveness and comradery is not good storytelling.

Brooke and Taylor argue thomas bold beautiful

Brooke and Taylor have made their own mistakes

Ridge may be the crowned king of manipulative asshats, but Brooke and Taylor have both made mistakes with other men.

Their fondness for each other’s cast-offs deserves examination and some kind of resolution if these women are going to form a new and lasting bond.

So, how about a scene where Brooke and Taylor talk about the other men they’ve shared besides Ridge? 

Awkward reminiscence about their shared beaus and bedpartners could naturally lead to the subject that fans have wanted to see since Taylor returned: Jack Marone.

nick brooke love bold beautiful

What about Jack?

You’ll recall that when Nick and Taylor were married, they wanted a child, but Taylor was unable to conceive. Then they got an egg donor who, through ridiculously soapy circumstances, turned out to be Brooke.

The revelation she was raising Brooke’s child with Nick made it impossible for Taylor to bond with little Jack.

Eventually, Taylor started drinking, her marriage to Nick went kaput and she asked Brooke to be the boy’s mother.

But since Taylor’s return to L.A. last year, there’s been nary a mention of the kid. 

Has he been SORASed into a strapping heartbreaker who’s being groomed to take over Nick’s business? Or is Jack a mellow creative type who’s been stifled by his father’s expectations?

In this case, please show and tell me! (And could Paul the bartender be him?!)

Paul bartends for bill bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

One more thing…

I’ve said this a hundred times but I’m saying it again: soap operas should be centered on brave, hard-working and ambitious female characters from various walks of life. 

Stories should spin from the struggles and successes of these relatable women. 

Otherwise-intelligent women throwing paint, name-calling and arguing over dusty peen is not soap opera.

paint fight 2 bold beautiful

It’s not even entertaining. 

What do you think? 

Will Brooke or Taylor break their vow first?

Will Steffy have more time for her family now?

When is Bill going to remember who he is?

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!

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