John and Marlena Get Romantic, While Eric Suggests Brady Kidnap Rachel as Part of a Plan To Stop Kristen

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, December 21, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Paulina receives a Christmas miracle, and EJ and Nicole share a fraught moment.

In the last Days recap, Tripp was devastated when Ava took a turn for the worse and ended up in Bayview, while Sonny invited Leo to live with him and Eric and Rafe got an eyeful watching Nicole and EJ’s closeness after the explosion.

marlena and john strawberries and whipped cream bed Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

John brings Doc strawberries and whipped cream in bed, wishing her a Merry Christmas Eve.

She’s grateful.

They kiss and she tells him she was thinking about Kristen before the explosion and this morning, she realized she’s living there with them and they’re just pretending that everything is fine and normal.

It’s worse since it’s Christmas. Marlena doesn’t understand what’s going on with her.

John adds, “Or why Brady’s going along with it.” He admits he’s close to throttling Kristen and can’t imagine what Brady’s thinking.

Marlena reveals that Sister Mary Moira told her Brady kissed her.

She explains it all and worries that Brady’s getting closer to Kristen.

She wants John to try to dupe Kristen again but he doesn’t think he can. It’s the holidays.

He only wants to be with her. She makes him happy, proud and like the luckiest man on earth.

He takes her food tray away and returns to the bed and they start making out and have sex.

jarlena kissing bed townhouse Days recap SoapsSpoilers

In the living room, Kristen holds mistletoe over Brady’s head. He sneers. “Again. No.” She wants a Christmas ceasefire.

He reminds her she’s blackmailing him still.

She plays the martyr and whines that she’s being treated like an interloper. She snipes at Brady that he’d better treat her better since he needs her for another dosage from the life-saving orchid.

kristen brady christmas Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

Rachel interrupts asking what a life-saving orchid is. Brady lies. She wants him and Mommy to reunite forever.

Kristen puts Brady on the spot, asking how he feels. He tells his kid to trust them to make the right decisions for her.

Kristen decides to take Rachel to Horton Town Square to look at the lights and Brady refuses. He has to work.

He agrees to meet them for lunch later. Rachel goes to get a coat and Kristen snaps at Brady for not loving his daughter enough.

He yells at her and Rachel reappears. 

kristen with rachel Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

Nicole screams in her bed at the DiMera mansion until EJ wakes her up with breakfast.

He tells her Holly’s making Christmas cookies and having a great time when she realizes how late it is.

She thanks him again and when he asks if she had a nightmare, she’s not sure.

She’s been thinking of Eric. EJ says the man isn’t pining for her. He’s moved on with that lawyer.

nicole ej in her bed Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

He takes out his phone and lets her listen to a voicemail from Moira who warns about “that bombastic blonde bombshell.”

She’s on a plane to leave Salem and complains to him about inviting that “fornicating harlot” to Susan’s memorial.

He grins and points at himself. Nicole begins to laugh.

Moira says he should heed that warning of the explosion, which was a sign.

They bust a gut laughing and call each other harlots.

EJ feels guilty about how he handled his mom’s kidnapping and that he almost lost Nicole.

EJ says it was all Ava’s fault. EJ helps feed Nicole since her arm is in a sling and they gaze at each other and share a moment.

She has to wrap presents and shower.

He tells her it’ll be a challenge showering. He offers to help and they laugh.

She turns him down and they share more laughter. He tells her he’s happy she and Holly are there. They’ve brightened the house. He goes.

nicole and ej in her bed laughing Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Eric wakes up to Sloan working in bed beside him.

She tells him that his mom and Nicole were in an explosion.

He knows and says they’re fine. She hits him.

“You just show up on my doorstep and didn’t say anything?” He laughs.

eric and sloan bed Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

They had other things on their mind. He kisses her. They talk about Ava blowing up the church to get back at EJ DiMera.

“Sounds like my kind of gal.” Eric huffs out a sigh and she apologizes.

He whines about running to see if Nicole was alright and finding her with EJ.

Eric needs to get Nicole out of his head. They have sex. He asks if she has Christmas plans.

Her brother lives a million miles away and she has no plans.

He’s sorry. He tells her about his family plans. She tells him they’re keeping this low key and he suggested he take her home to meet the family. He’s sorry.

eric and sloan cuddle after sex Days recap SoapsSpoilers

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Abe finds Paulina at SPD looking at a photo of Chanel’s first Christmas.

She cries that she wasn’t there for Lani’s.

Abe hands her a tissue. She stops crying, knowing it won’t help.

He gives her Christmas cookies from Chanel and Allie.

paulina at salem police department DAYS


He tells her there will be no hearing until after the holidays.

She bites into a cookie, upset and asks him for the statement to be put out now that she’s stepping down as governor.

Sloan Peterson will have her revenge after all. Abe jokes that he’ll commit a minor crime so they can lock him in the next cell overnight. Belle calls.

abe has bad news for paulina Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

At home, Chanel and Allie hate Sloan and Chanel complains that she should be behind bars, not Paulina.

Allie says they should cook for her.

They hug and kiss. Abe turns up.

chanel and allie kiss in their apartment Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

The women tell him that they’re making dinner to take to Mama.

He steps aside.

Paulina appears with a hug and they squeal at their good fortune that she’s out.

Paulina calls her mama to tell her and agrees it’s her prayers that got her out.

She promises to pray. She disconnects and says Belle went to London and got the charges dismissed.

She’s not facing extradition. This nightmare is over. Everyone hugs.

Paulina says she’s not leaving Salem. They’ll focus on blessings and have a merry Christmas. 

paulina out on bail hugging chanel Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Back at Sloan’s apartment, she gets a call and freaks out.

She has to handle something now.

sloan in her apartment Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Eric arrives at the townhouse and they discuss how Marlena’s doing.

Eric tells Brady they need to formulate a plan to stop Kristen.

They need to kidnap Rachel. Brady narrows his gaze.

eric suggests to brady kidnapping rachel Days recap SoapsSpoilers

At the square, Kristen and Rachel look at the trees.

Kristen says never to give up on her wishes and dreams, like the one with her and Daddy getting back together.   

kristen with rachel Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Sloan arrives at Chanel and Allie’s to rant about how they must feel good about themselves.

She tells them it’s not over.

sloan at chanel and allie's Days recap SoapsSpoilers

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