Finn Tells Sheila Never to Contact Him Again, Taylor Pushes Deacon to Rekindle His Romance with Brooke, and Brooke Assures RJ She’s Happy

In the Thursday, May 18, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, RJ assures Steffy he’s not playing matchmaker, Taylor urges Deacon to take a shot at Brooke, and Finn tells Sheila to stay away.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Taylor played matchmaker with Deacon and Brooke, as Finn visited Sheila in prison, and RJ wondered if Brooke’s truly happy without Ridge.

At Il Giardino, Taylor reminds Deacon of how amazingly successful he is and suggests he take advantage of more opportunities.

taylor tells deacon brooke looking for a taste

He suspects she’s not talking about his menu. She tells him Brooke is looking to “try and old favorite” again and suggests that could be him.

This seems unlikely to him. Even if Ridge isn’t around, she’s hanging out with Hollis.

deacon doubts taylor claims about brooke

Taylor says Brooke is not interested in him. She wants someone she has history with.

He wonders why she’s encouraging her and if she’s using him as a distraction while she goes after Ridge.

deacon talks about brooke and ridge and how he fits in

She pinky swears that this isn’t the case and tells him this is just about him living his best life. “With Brooke?” he asks.

She nods and her eyes dart around.

taylor pinky swears she's not after ridge

The shrink tells him he has low self-esteem and beats himself up over his questionable taste in women.

But he’s turned his life around and deserves happiness.

He’s someone Brooke has loved and he should stop doubting himself.

“Stop worrying about what you can bring to the table. You are the damn table,” she says.

Deacon admits she’s pretty good at this. They talk about how proud he is of Hope.

She suggests it would be cool if he could put his daughter’s family back together.

He admits he had some of the best times of his life with Brooke and flashes back.

deacon and brooke flashback

The doctor tells him again to take a shot. Maybe he could just trying spending time with Brooke and Hope as a family?

He asks again if she’s opening a path to Ridge.

She admits she loves him and wishes things could be different but she’s not manipulating things for her benefit.

deacon mulls reunion

Taylor suggests he turn his old flame into a wild fire.

taylor pushing deacon reunion

At Forrester Creations, RJ and Steffy talk about her rise to the top.

The topic of Brooke comes up and she asks if he wants his parents back together.

steffy and rj talk brooke

He assures her he’s not matchmaking and doesn’t want any family drama.

He just wants his mom to be happy.

Brooke arrives. She’s touched to hear they have been talking about her happiness.

brooke interrupts rj and steffy

Her son assures her he’s not playing matchmaker but wonders if the door is permanently shut to Ridge.

Steffy decides it’s time to leave and escapes.

RJ prompts his mom to be honest and asks if she sometimes wishes she hadn’t made a pact with Taylor.

She doesn’t regret it, especially since Ridge left her and then left Taylor at the altar.

Her son will support his parents living separate lives but only if it’s what they want and what will make them happy.

Brooke repeats she’s happy.

RJ asks if she still sees Ridge as her soulmate and destiny. “You know the answer to that,” she says.

But she intends to keep her pact with Taylor.

She may think about Ridge but she won’t fight about him again.

Brooke repeats that she’s happy with the pact. It wasn’t coerced and she has no reservations.

“I trust Taylor completely,” she says.

rj asks brooke if she's sure

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B&B comings and goings

At prison, Finn paces as Sheila keeps thanking him for saving her life.

She’s sure that proves that somewhere deep inside, he still loves her.

sheila is sure finn loves her

He claims he just treated her like any other patient.

She’s sure in his big beautiful heart he hasn’t forgotten she’s the woman who brought him into this world.

Finn doesn’t need the reminder. He spoke to his dad, who told him she was looking to get out.

finn tells sheila he treated her like any patient

She reminds him she’s family. He reminds her she shot him and confessed to murder.

There is no future for them or role for her in his life.

The rest of her life will be in a prison cell.

finn says no sheila in his life

He doesn’t want her to contact her again.

This is the last time they will ever see each other.

She reaches out to him and he backs away.

He tells her to work on herself and prove she can be a better person.

finn yelling at sheila in prison

As he walks out, she yells that she loves him and this isn’t over.

“You will see me again,” she mutters to herself.

Sheila hollering that she loves finn

Sheila is returned to her cell.

She tells herself she will be free again, with her son and his family.

sheila thinks she'll be with finn soon

Finn meets with Steffy at the office and recaps his conversation with Sheila.

He made it clear to her that she’s not part of their lives.

“I just want to forget her,” she says, hugging his wife.

steffy talks to finn about his visit with sheila

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