Young and Restless Spoilers May 15 – 19: Victor Keeps Nick in Line as Couples Have Sex and Sharon’s Stalked

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Sneak peeks for the week of May 15!

Nick catches Nate and Victoria kissing in her office. He notes the rumpled clothing and that they’re out of breath and issues his sister a warning, much like last week.

Nick worries that Nate could be using his sister to get ahead in the company and advises that she end their fling.

Victoria, of course, doesn’t like being told what to do – few do and tells him to keep his opinions to himself.

Nick won’t do that, of course. He doesn’t give up so easily.

nick tells sis stubborn gal

This week on Y&R!

Nate tells Audra they’re helping each other get what they want.

He tells Audra he knows what she wants. She looks him up and down.

audra and nate park

Daniel paces Crimson Lights and when Chelsea asks what he’s doing, he says that he’s waiting for a bomb to go off.

daniel tense

Kyle and Jack break into the no-tell-motel Phyllis was staying in.

He closes the door with a hanky and Kyle asks what they’re looking for. 

Jack says, “I don’t even know what we’re looking for but I guarantee we’ll know it when we see it.”

jack and kyle sleuths


Monday, May 15

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Nick professes his love to Sally

Elena discusses the state of affairs with Nate.

Nick gives Elena advice.

Sally urges Adam to move on from her. She only wants Nick, not him.

Adam is hurt by Sally.

Kyle refuses to keep Daniel’s secret. He prepares to tell Summer and Diane the truth.

Jack goes to talk to Christine about Phyllis.

Nick tells Sally he loves her and she says, “Oh.”

Sally ponders an important decision.

jack memory

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Diane blows up after learning Phyllis is alive and set her up

Victor pushes Jack’s buttons.

Jack goes to Christine who doesn’t believe Phyllis is alive.

Christine goes to Chance with the news that Phyllis is alive but that there’s no proof.

Daniel spies on Chance.

Summer puts on a brave front.

Summer fakes not knowing Phyllis is alive.

Chelsea leans on Billy. They talk about grief again.

kyle and mother embrace

Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Michael learns something about Stark

Lauren takes matters into her own hands. (not sure what this means as it didn’t happen)

Ashley lashes out at Diane.

Diane is smug, knowing that everyone is going to be eating humble pie soon.

Summer is caught arguing with Daniel.

Audra tells Nate she wants his job.

Nick and Nikki suggest that Nate’s playing Victoria.

nate at the park

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Thursday, May 18

Thursday’s day ahead Y&R: Someone’s stalking Sharon

Sharon experiences déjà vu.

Sharon receives a mysterious gift.

Sharon gets a bottle of vino from some mystery person.

Tucker is happy for Devon on his name change.

Diane goes to the door and yells outside, hoping Phyllis will hear that they’re on to her.

Chance and Christine talk about their case. Christine still doesn’t think Phyllis is alive.

Kyle and Jack search the no-tell-motel. They find hair. 

Jack rips on Chance for not finding his discovery.

Someone stalks Sharon.

Tess and Mariah go out for dinner while Sharon babysits.

ashley and tucker find abby with devon at gcac

Friday, May 19

Friday’s Y&R recap: Mariah and Tessa have sex

Victoria and Nate have sex at GCAC.

Victor keeps Nick in line. 

Tucker dances with Abby and hopes he can win her over.

Adam and Sharon discuss what kind of father he’ll be.

Sally and Sharon talk about Adam’s impending fatherhood. 

Sally and Adam talk about parenthood and how he loves her.

vate kissing in gcac

Next week on Y&R:

“Would you look at this! The two of you together and you have your clothes on!” Elena exclaims when she walks in on Victoria and Nate at the office.

elena surprised vate dressed

“Ashley might be planning a coup,” Billy warns Jack.

billy says ashley planning a coup

“Is this a smudge of paint?” Nick asks. “It came like that,” says Sharon.

“I hate to say it, but it kind of looks like blood,” he points out.

nick holds the champagne


Coming up the week of May 22!

Ashley creates boundaries with Tucker.

Chance uncovers new evidence.

Victor worries about Victoria.

Victor talks to Nick about bribing sally Y&R recaps

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