Douglas Shocks Everyone When He Asks to Live with Steffy, and Deacon tells Sheila He Wants a Relationship

In the Friday, February 10, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy supports Thomas at the hearing for custody of Douglas, and Deacon prods Sheila about their lingering attraction.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Hope was appalled at Thomas suggesting they let Douglas choose who to live with, and Thomas asked Steffy to be his witness.

In the judge’s chambers, Hope reminds Douglas that he is making the choice today, no one else. If he feels uncomfortable at any moment, they will end this.


Steffy and Thomas arrive. Liam and Hope have explained everything to Douglas. His dad asks if he’s okay with this.

Douglas worries about hurting someone’s feelings. They assure him they just want what’s best for him. He says he’s ready.


They try to explain parental rights and then Judge Gomez (Jill Remez) arrives.

She asks Douglas if he’s ready to make his big decision. He is.

Hope thanks Steffy for being here and tells her that Thomas might need some sisterly support after today.

Gomez begins the hearing. She tells Douglas how much his parents love him and think of him, putting him in charge of his own destiny.

She thinks each parent should speak to him first before he announces his decision.

Thomas is first. He’s sorry they are there and it’s because of his mistakes. He’s so proud of his son and how good and honest he is.


Thomas is so excited to see him grow up and he hopes he can be a guide for him. No matter what he chooses will be okay.

“I really, really hope that you choose me,” he says. Steffy blinks slowly and Hope raises an eyebrow.

Thomas continues that he and Caroline were building an amazing family and it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Hope did a wonderful job filling Caroline’s role. But giving him a mother was not meant to mean him giving up being his father. Every fiber of his body is dedicated to protecting and guiding him.

He’s been looking for homes for them and wants to build a future for them together.

Although he’s made mistakes in the past, his son is angelic enough to see past that. He hopes he can keep doing that.

Hope is next. She says she will respect whatever decision he makes. She’s glad his father is looking for somewhere he can visit.

Hope hopes he still considers his home to be with her, Liam, and Beth. He’s loved and supported unconditionally.

She loves him and hopes that she will continue to see his smiling face each day. The family would be incomplete without him.

Hope knows how important his father is to him and promises to always make sure he’s part of his life. He can still do that while living with her.

She tells him how much she loves him and how the house wouldn’t be the same without him.

The judge thanks them and says that the child is lucky to have such devoted parents.

She asks Douglas if he’s made his decision.

Douglas looks around. The judge calls him over and she explains the paperwork that needs to be signed.

Having him a pad of paper, she asks him to write his decision down. He looks at his parents and then writes.

The judge reminds everyone that his choice is final and needs to be honored.

Reading the pad, she’s startled to see what it says. Thomas picks up the pad, confused. Hope leaps up and reads it too.

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Douglas walks over to Steffy and tells her he wants to live with her. She’s shocked.


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Deacon is surprised when Sheila shows up on his doorstep. She waltzes in and he cocks a grin.


He admits it’s strange to watch her walk around free. She finds it strange to be in the shoebox apartment. It’s good she loves shoes.

When she claims she forgot some things, he asks if that’s an excuse to come see him.

He’s still impressed by how she got Bill to dump his whole life for her. She insists that her bond with Bill is real.


Deacon reminds her they had a connection too. He’s sure she misses being in his arms too.

She tells him he’s sweet but Bill is the man in her life now and he put everything on the line to save her. She cares about him.

Deacon thinks he’s a jackass and a meathead. He admires her for being able to take advantage of him.

Now that she has what she wants, he wonders why she’s keeping up the charade with Spencer.

Sheila says it’s almost cute that he doesn’t seem to get this. Deacon wants them to have a relationship.


He’s ready to go public with her and asks her to tell him she wants him as much as he wants her.

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