As the Wedding is About to Start, Jordan Bursts in to Tell Portia She’s Making a Mistake, Austin and Ava Arrange to Move Nikolas’ Body

General Hospital recap for Friday, February 10, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Marshall asks Drew for a favor, Ava tells Spencer Nikolas is gone, and Nina gives Willow the half-heart necklace.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Terry and Austin explained there weren’t enough stem cells and Willow has weeks to live, and Ava told Liz that Nikolas disappeared.

TJ bumps into his mom at General Hospital. He’s about to go and see Stella to try and convince her to attend the wedding. He’s sure they both know that more is going on than a bug.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She downplays it and says that Stella just wants Curtis to be happy. TJ wonders how she feels about today.

Jordan doesn’t think things could have played out differently. There were too many secrets between them.

He senses something else is wrong but she’s not explaining.

Sonny reminds Nina that the wedding is today. She doesn’t know how she can leave Willow, even if she doesn’t want her near her.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She knows that her daughter is not sick because of her karma, but all of this seems so unfair. She feels helpless to change anything.

In Willow’s room, she takes Michael’s hand and tells him they need to face the fact that she’s going to die.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She doesn’t want to die but arrangements need to be made in case. This is not a conversation he wants to have.

Willow reminds him she knew the risk of delaying treatment and will live the consequences. They need to discuss what kind of life the children will have when she is gone so she can go in peace.

When he sits down, she tells him how scared she is about what will happen to him. She doesn’t want the children raised by nannies and wants to know the three of them will be able to move on without her.

Sobbing, he says he doesn’t want to move on.

She loves him for being hopeful, but she needs peace of mind and he’s the only person who can give it to her.

A nurse interrupts to check her vitals. Michael limps out.

Once the nurse leaves, Nina shows up. She’s not welcomed. Nina tells her how sorry she is about everything.

Taking off the half-heart necklace she got from Madeline, she explains that she’s finally realized it was about her twin daughters.

She knows Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her, but the necklace is rightfully hers.

When she offers it, Willow turns away. Nina leaves it on the table and exits.

Michael returns and notices the necklace. She tells him it doesn’t matter. He apologizes if he made her feel unheard.

She says it’s okay. Sitting, he says he will never give up hope. But if it gives her peace of mind to make preparations, then he can do that.

She says they can start by getting married.

Nina returns to Sonny and tells him it wasn’t easy with Willow. She’s not sure going to see her was a good thing.

He had Frank bring her dress if she still wants to attend the wedding.




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At home, Marshall and Drew admire how good Curtis is looking in his tuxedo. He’s not nervous. He’s never been more sure of anything in his life.

marshall and curtis on curtis' wedding day General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

As Drew gets drinks for a toast, Marshall admits to his son he feels a little overwhelmed. He never thought they’d have this relationship. It means everything to him.

It means everything to Curtis too. When Drew returns with scotch, Curtis says he has the good stuff in the basement and runs down to get it.

Marshall admits to Drew that he’s afraid he might have an episode today. If he gets any sense that he’s about to cause a scene, he wants Drew to get him out of there before he can disrupt anything.

Drew agrees.

TJ shows up at the house and chats with Curtis. TJ explains his mom sent her best and is happy for him.

They join the others and toast to Curtis.

Joss checks in on Portia, who has been flashing back to her last argument with Jordan.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Trina chats with Spencer on the phone in the hallway. She joins them and they divvy up tasks.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

After Joss takes off, Portia tells her there will be a spare chair at the table if she wants to invite a friend.

Trina is surprised when her mom says Spencer is allowed. Portia wants today to be special for her too.

Portia puts her dress on as Terry arrives. They are all amazed by how beautiful she looks in it.

Her daughter reminds her they need something old, new, borrowed and blue.

The dress is new, and Zeke lent Portia something. Trina got her a blue charm to say how much she inspired her.


Portia tears up and holds it to her heart. She’ll carry it with her always.

Trina tells her how grateful she is for her every single day. She makes her so proud.

Portia is proud of her too. Every choice she has made has been with her in mind. She’s the love of her life.

Terry pokes her head in to say the church is filling up.

Taggert bumps into Laura in the church. He checked the place over for security. She explains she’s officiating since Stella is under the weather.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Austin shows up at Wyndemere. Ava tells him they need to move Nikolas’ body.

He thought they weren’t going to do anything until the heat dies down.

After talking to Liz, she’s worried that the cops will show up to search the place.

She tells him that she had a dark and twisted love with Nikolas. They are bound together now and need to get going.

Spencer bursts in and demands to know what went down between her and his father last night. Austin leaves them alone.

spencer wants to know what happened with his father GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She explains that she and the doctor have become friendly. Spencer tells her that he played the blackmail video to his father and then he took off.

Ava tells him Nikolas won’t be a problem for him anymore. She says his father has gone on the run and isn’t likely to return.

He gets a text. Announcing he has to go, he adds, “Good riddance.”

Once he’s gone, Austin pops back in. She tells him it’s time to move the body.

The doctor tells her that’s not going to happen right now. People get caught when they are being impulsive and it’s the middle of the day.

They should wait until the cover of darkness and he reminds her she has a wedding to attend.

They agree to meet later. She knows why she has experience in these extreme situations, but wonders why he does.

Once she’s changed, she insists he goes with her.

Spencer arrives at the church just as Joss tells her that she has a date to the wedding after all.

Curtis and some of the others arrive. Taggert corners him and suggests it’s time they had a talk.

He tells Curtis that he feels good about him being part of his daughter’s family. They shake on it.

Back in the bridal suite, Portia finishes preparing. Jordan shows up and declares that she’s there to stop her from making the biggest mistake in her life.

At Liz’s, she informs Finn that Ava claims Nikolas has disappeared. He says that changes everything.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

They share the legal advice both of them have received. He thinks having Nikolas gone should change the calculus.

“Not for me,” she says. She can’t live with this over her head. She blames herself for Britt getting killed by the hook.

Finn thinks she’s transferring her guilty for Reiko onto Britt. He insists she doesn’t need to be absolved by him or anyone else. Turning herself in will only take her away from her sons.

The nurse doesn’t think she would be someone the children could respect if she doesn’t turn herself in. If she walks away from what she did to Esme, she won’t be any better than her parents.


She’ll always care about him and Violet, but she thinks he’s exasperated a lot of issues by trying to hard to help her handle her trauma. She needs him to trust her to handle this as she sees fit.

He doesn’t agree with this but will respect her choice and be there with her if she needs it. The doctor urges her to call Scott and arrange to go to the police in the morning.

Finn reminds her they were invited to the wedding.

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