Valentine’s Comes to Salem, Jennifer’s Back & After Learning Rex Slept With Sarah, Xander Moves Forward Blackmailing Jack

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, February 10, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Valentine’s Day dawned in Salem as Allie and Alex woke up with hangovers, Sarah put the brakes on Rex’s romantic overtures, Leo and Gwen fretted about their plot to take over The Spectator.

In the last Days recap, Chanel and Johnny caught drunken Allie and Alex in a compromising position and hell broke loose as Allie took Alex to bed and Chanel almost kissed Johnny again. Meanwhile, Gwen and Xander took Jack down a few pegs, while Sarah worked out her anger by kissing Rex.

Leo and Gwen are in their twin beds at a room in the Salem Inn. Leo is perusing The Spectator online and complaining about how boring it is, while Gwen is looking off into the distance and fretting.

Leo can’t wait for Xander and Gwen to take over The Spectator and shock it back to life. Gwen is worried Xander hasn’t shown up yet for their strategy meeting, but Leo thinks Xander’s just at the gym working out his bodacious body.

leo and gwen at salem inn Days of our Lives recaps

The besties share a box of Valentine chocolates that Leo “accidentally” took from the front desk.

Gwen dives into the sweets, worried that Xander has changed his mind and gone back to Sarah.

Leo says there’s no way Xander is with Sarah. He reminds Gwen of the facts – Sarah wants nothing to do with Xander, who is totally into Gwen now.

Leo thinks Xander and Gwen will be giving his Lady Whistleblower column all the exclusive details on their engagement.

Gwen says although she and Xander have had sex, but Leo shouldn’t buy his bridesmaid dress just yet.

Xander made it clear to her that she wasn’t ready to jump into a new relationship.

leo and gwen on valentines day Days of our Lives recaps


Sarah wakes up in bed with Rex. He asks her if there’s a more beautiful sight than sleeping Sarah Horton.

Sarah is surprised when Rex hands her a red rose and wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day.

Sarah tries to have the “about last night” conversation with Rex and his face falls.

He senses she regrets what happened.

Sarah says she doesn’t regret having sex with Rex. It reminded her of when they first fell in love.

rex slept with sarah Days of our Lives recaps

“But…” Rex says.

Sarah tells Rex she’s not ready to jump into something new when she’s just coming out of her marriage.

Sarah is relieved when Rex says he understands until he adds “You used me to get over Xander.”

Sarah is horrified and apologizes until Rex breaks into a smile.

He knew all along this was rebound sex.

Rex says he’s happy to be of service if he helped Sarah get over Xander.

sarah gets rose valentines day Days of our Lives recaps


Xander is walking through Horton Square when Johnny DiMera calls out.

He wants a word with Xander.

Xander wonders what they have to discuss. Johnny says Xander murdered his grandmother, Susan Banks.

Xander calls Johnny “kid,” but Johnny says he’s a man and a DiMera.

He thinks Xander would be wise to remember that.

Xander says Johnny would be wise to get his facts straight. It was Ava who killed Susan, not Xander.

johnny learns xander got dumped Days of our Lives recaps

Johnny goes into all the details of Ava’s kidnapping plot, including that Xander never saw a penny of the ransom money. Johnny wonders how a woman like Sarah stays married to a man like Xander.

Xander informs Johnny of Sarah’s divorce petition. Johnny thinks it’s fantastic Sarah finally got the sense to dump Xander.

Xander tries to leave, but Johnny holds him back. He tells Xander the conversation won’t be over until Xander has paid for his role in Susan’s death.

Xander tries to make Johnny see the facts of what happened, but Johnny doesn’t care. His grandmother was kind and loving, deserving of a long, peaceful life. Ava and Xander took that from Susan.

Johnny knows Susan spent the last moments of her life in terror. Xander can blame Ava all he wants, but Johnny thinks Xander is to blame for it, too.

Xander tries to apologize. Johnny says people like Xander don’t feel remorse, but he will.

johnny throws weight around xander Days of our Lives recaps


Chanel comes into the living room of her mother’s apartment as Paulina is pouring the breakfast orange juice.

Chanel asks what smells so good. Paulina wishes her daughter a happy Valentine’s Day with her famous heart-shaped waffles.

chanel eats pancakes valentine's day Days of our Lives recaps

Chanel announces that, after what happened last night, she might be staying with Paulina longer than expected.

Paulina asks what happened and Chanel tells her she almost cheated on Allie.

Paulina lays into her daughter. How many times has she told Chanel those cute boys and cute girls don’t mix right with Chanel and alcohol?

Chanel says she and Johnny poured the wine but didn’t drink it. She tells Paulina the whole tale of how they caught Alex and Allie about to kiss at the bar.

Paulina doesn’t understand why Chanel got so upset about Allie doing shots with Alex. What if the situation was more innocent than Chanel thinks?

paulina upset at chanel Days of our Lives recaps

Paulina thinks Allie was just indulging in a little “alcohol-induced flirtation.”

Chanel is upset her mother is taking Allie’s side, but Paulina says she likes Allie and she likes Chanel and Allie together.

Chanel tries to change the subject, but Paulina wants all the details of what happened with Johnny the night before.

Chanel tells her how she and Johnny almost kissed after reminiscing about their time in Italy, but they didn’t do it.

“For once in his life, Casanova showed some common sense,” Paulina says.

Paulina reflects on all the difficulties Chanel has had recently. She thinks her daughter needs Allie in her life.

Paulina tells Chanel to go and fix things with Allie.

paulina upset daughter cheated Days of our Lives recaps


Allie wakes up in her and Chanel’s bed with a nasty hangover headache. She’s confused but starts having flashbacks of seducing Alex and their slurpy kisses the night before.

Allie wonders if it was just a dream, but just then, naked Alex walks in from the bathroom asking for an aspirin.

“Oh, God,” Allie asks herself. “What have I done?”

alex nice body Days of our Lives recaps

Allie can’t believe she had sex with Alex. He reminds her it was more than once.

Alex wonders if Allie regrets it or if he misread her signals, but she confirms she did want to go to bed with him. Now she regrets betraying Chanel.

Allie figures that after cheating on both Tripp and Chanel, she must be a serial cheater. Alex tries to get her to see straight, but Allie says she’s not capable of meaningless sex like him.

Alex admits he likes hooking up, but that doesn’t make it meaningless. He thinks Allie is being unfair.

“Yes, I still have casual sex,” Alex tells Allie. “But I’m not casual about sex anymore.”

Allie apologizes for taking her anger at herself out on Alex. She regrets getting so upset about seeing Johnny and Chanel.

allie upset sex with alex cheated Days of our Lives recaps

Allie blames herself for Johnny and Chanel leaving the bar together, but Alex tells her to look on the bright side – maybe they cheated, too.

Alex gets dressed as Allie calls Will to tell him she’ll pick up Henry later.

Alex apologizes to Allie for suggesting Johnny and Chanel might have slept together. He just wanted to make Allie feel better.

Alex says he cares about Allie and Chanel, and he hates to think he played a part in messing things up for them.

Allie says this is all on her. She wants to tell Chanel she and Alex had sex, but he thinks it’s a terrible idea. He thinks they should keep the secret between themselves.

Allie reminds him of how keeping a cheating secret worked out for her when Johnny blabbed to Tripp about Allie and Chanel.

alex and allie her bedroom Days of our Lives recaps

Alex says Johnny was possessed then, but Allie says this is Salem and secrets have a way of getting out.

Alex tells Allie it’s not the first time he’s been in this situation. He knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Allie doesn’t think she can keep this secret from Chanel, but Alex says it will ruin her relationship if she tells Chanel what happened.

alex puts clothes on Days of our Lives recaps

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Jack is alone in Tom and Alice’s living room, bemoaning that he’s being blackmailed by his own daughter.

What is this world coming to, he wonders aloud.

Jennifer walks in with her luggage. Jack is overjoyed to see his wife, who asks what he’s upset about.

Jennifer is shocked when Jack tells her about Xander and Gwen blackmailing him.

Jennifer thinks she should cut them off by going to the police and making a full confession about her hit-and-run with Gwen.

Jack says The Spectator is just a business, but Jennifer says it’s a part of who they are. The newspaper is nothing to Xander and Gwen.

Jack is worried Jennifer will end up in prison if she confesses, but Jennifer thinks she’ll get probation or a suspended license. Jack doesn’t want to risk it.

Jennifer always hoped Abigail would take over The Spectator, but now Jack’s other daughter is about to snatch it away.

Jack says Abigail was his only daughter and he’ll be damned if he loses Jennifer, too.

jennifer returns valentines Days of our Lives recaps


In their room at the Salem Inn, Leo continues to try and talk some twisted sense to Gwen, who is convinced late nights spent working on The Spectator will rekindle the love between her and Xander.

Leo can’t help but make a comparison to Jack and Jennifer’s love story.

gwen feels bad Days of our Lives recaps

Just then, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Xander, who announces the plan is off. They’re not taking The Spectator from Jack.

Xander tells them about his confrontation with Johnny, who said Xander was incapable of remorse. Gwen tells him it’s not true.

Leo reminds Xander of how Leo’s mother Diana owned The Spectator until Jack blackmailed it from her, so their plan to take it back is karma.

Xander tells Leo he’ll have to find another way to live his Gossip Girl dream and storms off.

Leo blames Johnny for ruining their plot, but Gwen thinks this is really about Sarah. 

Gwen thinks Xander sees her as an evil temptress who lures him to the dark side. She thinks she brings out the worst in Xander.

Leo thinks Xander will shake off Johnny’s guilt trip, but Gwen is convinced Xander wants to be with Sarah.

xander goes back on his word about spectator DAYS recaps

In his room, Rex helps Sarah put on one of her many gold necklaces. He asks her if she’s up for having a Valentine’s Day breakfast with him, just as friends.

Sarah agrees but looks a little hesitant. They talk about her divorce again and Rex gives his thoughts about Xander being incapable of change.

Chanel walks through Horton Square and sees Johnny sitting alone at a table. She asks him how he is. Johnny says he’s missing his grandmothers.

Chanel tells him she’s on her way home to hash things out with Allie. She’s taking her mama’s advice to put on her big girl pants and work things out.

Johnny wishes her good luck and Chanel leaves.

sarah looks like a nun DAYS recaps

Just before he leaves the apartment, Alex asks Allie what she’s decided to do about Chanel.

Allie’s decided Alex is right. She can’t risk the consequences of telling Chanel the truth about having sex with Alex.

Alex says he needs to get back to the Titan offices. Apparently, Valentine’s Day is a big day for ad impressions.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chanel, who can’t find her keys.

chanel lost keys days of our lives recaps


Xander walks out of the Salem Inn and right into Rex and Sarah. The men snipe at each other before Xander expresses his condolences on Kate and Kayla’s deaths.

Sarah can’t help but let slip she and Rex spent the night together. She and Rex egg Xander on reminiscing about the hot sex they had.

An angry Xander moves towards Rex, but Sarah stops him.

xander and sarah and rex salem inn DAYS of our lives recaps today

She turns to Rex and says she really worked up an appetite, so they leave a fuming Xander to get a hearty breakfast at the Brady Pub.

Just then, Leo and Gwen emerge from the Salem Inn. Leo is bemoaning that his career as a gossip columnist ended before it even began.

Xander turns and asks Gwen if she’s ready to acquire a newspaper. He’s changed his mind about being a good guy.

Xander and Gwen leave together.

“I guess it is a strapping hunk’s prerogative to change his mind,” Leo says to himself.

leo and gwen days of our lives recaps

At the Horton house, Jennifer comes back into the living room with an old newspaper.

It was saved by Alice because it had Jennifer’s first byline.

They recall Jennifer’s first story and how working together brought them together.

Jennifer asks if Jack is ready to let The Spectator go.

jennifer newspaper from her first byline days of our lives recaps

Xander and Gwen turn up and ask what the verdict is.

Will Jenn turn herself in or will they acquire The Spectator?

jennifer angry days of our lives recaps

Johnny walks by the Brady Pub and runs into Paulina, who calls him “one-half of the Salem wonder twins,” the half that needs to steer clear of Chanel.

johnny and paulina days of our lives recaps

At Brady’s pub, Sarah and Rex have breakfast and laugh about mocking Xander in the square.

sarah rex brady pub days of our lives recaps

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