Brooke Startles Taylor Awake and Asks Her To Move In With Her as Deacon Sneaks Into Bill’s Mansion

In the Wednesday, February 8, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor wakes up and says she wasn’t trying to kill herself, while Deacon sneaks into Bill’s house and has a drink with Sheila.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Thomas begged Hope for another shot, Steffy convinced Brooke to check on Taylor who took a pill and passed out.

At the cliff house, Steffy can’t believe her mom shooting Bill is still being talked about or that Taylor still wants to turn herself in.

Steffy imagines them living carefree lives. Finn blames himself for getting involved with Sheila, much to Steffy’s chagrin.

She considers calling Brooke but Finn talks her down. Give Brooke time. They flirt and kiss.

steffy and finn standing around B&B recaps

Brooke yells Taylor’s name at her house, but Taylor’s unresponsive.

She remembers reading Taylor’s note stating that this all has to end now, and shakes the brunette, worried.

brooke worries about taylor B&B recaps

Taylor still doesn’t wake up so she grabs a glass of water from her bedside table and tosses it in Taylor’s face.

Taylor wakes up with a start. “Brooke! What are you doing!”

brooke rouses taylor B&B recaps

Brooke tries to get Tay to walk it off and starts babbling about how many people love Taylor.

Taylor’s exasperated. She’s not trying to suicide.

taylor wakes up water face B&B recaps



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She took a pill to sleep. Brooke’s sorry for going there. It means a lot that Brooke cares enough to be afraid for her.

Later, Brooke calls Steffy to let her know her mama’s just fine.

Brooke disconnects and they have tea and Brooke’s sorry for assuming the worst.

She worries about Taylor being there alone and suggests she come move in with her.

brooke hugs taylor B&B recaps

Taylor almost spits her tea out in surprise. Brooke doesn’t do much beyond work and thinks it’d be nice to have a roomie.

She can have her own separate entrance and come and go as she pleases.

Taylor’s stumped. She’d open her house to her? Brooke says they’re friends. Tay’s going through a lot and feeling guilty.

They could have dinner together and have fun. Taylor knows they would.

She’s overwhelmed and thanks Brooke, though she doesn’t give her an answer.

taylore moves in with brooke B&B recaps today

At Bill’s house, Sheila sets up some wine in front of the fireplace.

Deacon shows up in disguise, delivering her dinner.

She didn’t expect him to deliver it personally.

He says to relax. It’s why he wore a cap and sunglasses.

He removes both and she fixes his hair.

deacon and sheila at Bill's B&B recaps

She’s happy to see him. She misses him. He says he feels the same.

Bill’s at the office on a conference call. Deacon thinks Bill’s manse suits her better than his crappy apartment.

She agrees and calls the man loving, and caring and Deacon shoots her a look. She’s sorry.

sheila lets deacon into bill's house B&B recaps

She got carried away. She invites him to eat but he lost his appetite listening to her talk about Bill.

When Sheila’s back is turned, Deacon steals one of Bill’s chess pieces.

She gives him a beer and he admits he throws up in his mouth a little thinking of Bill.

Sheila again talks about how kind and loving and gentle and open Bill is.

Deacon asks if they’re talking about the same guy. One thing they can agree on is there’s nobody like Sheila.

sheila talks to deacon at bills B&B recaps

She’s got nine lives. One for each toe.

She drinks wine and they reminisce about sexier times and now, Deacon says she’s with the most pompous idiot on the planet.

She calls Bill rich and powerful, and gorgeous. She wants Deacon to be happy for her.

She calls them buddies and says their time together meant a lot. They chit-chat and laugh together. Sheila has missed him.

sheila and deacon sit and talk about bill B&B recaps


Back at the cliff house, Finn continues to placate Steffy. She’s more relaxed and happy to be with him. They snuggle on the sofa and kiss.

steffy and finn snuggle B&B recaps soapsspoilers

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