Chanel Catches Allie and Alex in a Compromising Position, Joey Plays Cupid and Chad Has a Talk With the Kids About Dating Steph

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Joey plays cupid for Tripp and Wendy, Allie and Alex console each other over their romantic woes as Chad talks to his kids about dating Steph.

In the last Days recap, Stefan realized his plot against EJ went awry and decided to try again and spiked EJ’s tea with drugs, Nicole was still feeling the effects of being drugged, and Eric came to her rescue, only for her to tell him off. 

Joey finds Tripp on a call with Seattle on a consult. He disconnects and they catch up.

Joey’s surprised his brother’s been catching up with Wendy Shin. His brother doesn’t waste time.

Tripp stammers and says no. He says Wendy’s been a good listener as he talks about his mama. She’s been sort of seeing Johnny DiMera.

Johnny’s cool but not a hotshot doctor like Joe’s brother. He urges Tripp to go for her. Instead, Tripp goes to get beer while Joe thinks of calling Wendy.

joey and tripp at the pub Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Johnny arrives at Wendy’s to ask her to see a movie with him. She’s confused, thinking they were going to wait. 

He knows but this classic thriller is playing for one night only. Is this about Chanel?

She says it’s been one day. He now thinks Chanel is filling her head with doubts.

He calls her name but Wendy says she moved out. Johnny says he’s trying to be with her in the present. This is just a movie. “Zero pressure,” he insists.

She relents and they are ready to head out when Joey calls and asks her to come hang with his brother at the pub since he’s having a hard time with his mother’s illness. Wendy apologizes to Johnny.

Tripp needs comfort. Johnny reminds her that he needs comfort. Ava killed his grandmother.

They agree to go to a movie another time. He leaves.

wendy in red Days recaps today

Back at the pub, Tripp tells Joey that Dad called before he ordered and needs them.

Joe cringes and fakes going to the restroom so he can contact Wendy to tell her to rush over.

She appears and he hugs her and asks her not to reveal he invited her. She embraces Tripp.

They sit and talk and Joe talks up Tripp and then moves to leave.

Tripp stops him and asks what’s going on. Joey wanted to do his bro a favor. “Welcome,” he whispers as he goes.

joe hugs wendy Days recaps today

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Stephanie arrives at the Horton house.

Chad tells him that he ran into Alex who knows they spent the night together.

stephanie and chad recap about alex Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Steph admits she saw Alex too and they discussed that and that she’s done with him.

She was going to tell him but didn’t get around to it. 

She only wants Chad. They kiss. They want to have sex but Chad hears the kids talking.

chad and stephanie making out horton house Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

They appear in the room and run to Steph to hug her.

They want to stay up but agree to let Steph read them a book before they go back to sleep. She reads them Velveteen Rabbit. 

Later, Thomas asks if Steph is dating his dad. They smile and Chad asks if it’d be okay with them if they were.

They’re fine with it. He tells them he doesn’t want them confused or to feel bad though.

They want to know if he’s marrying her. He calls that a huge step. They’re just dating.

The kids hug her when he asks if they want to spend more time with her.

Later, when Steph is gone, Chad tells his kids how grateful he is to them for being sweet to Stephanie. He loves them both more than anything. 

Though he likes Steph a lot, she’ll never replace their mother. Not for him or for them. He hugs them.

thomas charlotte read velveteen rabbit Days recaps today

Allie arrives at Titan and throws Alex’s underwear at him.

They talk about Chanel learning that he spent the night. 

allie tosses alex his undies Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chanel found the underwear and had a fit, assuming they had sex.

Alex offers to tell Chanel they never had sex but Allie tried that. He blames himself for the women not having magical makeup sex.

Alex thinks they deserve awards for not having sex last night. He tells her about Stephanie’s newest rejection but doesn’t want to detail it unless they drink.

They agree to go off for alcohol when he learns Chanel moved out.

alex and allie at Titan Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Paulina arrives home to Abe setting a romantic scene for two. She thinks he’s looking to get lucky.

He counters that he’s used all his luck up when they married.

Chanel went home to make up with Allie and he decided Paulina should be wined and dined like the queen she is. Paulina giggles.

abe and paulina canoodle home Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chanel walks in from her room yawning. She’s famished.

Paulina didn’t know she was there. She was napping so Abe says she can join them.

They ask what happened with Allie and she lets them know she’s even angrier with her now.

Paulina encourages her kid to go home and make things work. Abe agrees Allie makes her happy.

chanel interrupts abe and paulina's romance Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sometimes you have to be humble.

Chanel barks that she can’t forget about Allie sleeping with Alex Kiriakis.

Paulina’s eyes bug out and Abe’s in shock but Paulina suggests he sleeps in the buff. Chanel says that’s what Allie said.

Even Abe thinks it’s on brand for Alex.

paulina shocked Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chanel decides to let them finish their romantic evening. She dashes out. Paulina thinks Mars is in retrograde.

Later, they dine and Abe tries to take her mind off of Chanel. She’s appreciative for him giving her perspective.

He says it’s time for dessert so they start making out.

paulina and abe kissing Days recaps today


At Small Bar, Alex and Allie do shots while he bemoans what happened with Stephanie. They drink more.

alex drinks Days recaps today

Johnny sees Chanel in the square. They talk about her taking a break.

He thinks it’s about them but she says it’s not just that.

She fills him in on Alex’s visit. He winces and invites her to a movie to take her mind off things.

She’s unsure if it’s a good idea. He wears her down and they joke about wearing disguises. When she learns he wants to see Evil Dead II.

She’ll have nightmares. Instead, they agree to go somewhere to drink.

chanel sad horton square Days recaps today

Steph sees Joe in the Horton Square. They want to head home to see Steve and he says Tripp’s not coming just yet.

Johnny and Chanel arrive at Small Bar just in time to see the back of Alex’s head as he holds lime between his teeth for Allie to take from him. She moves in and it looks as though they’re kissing.

alex and allie caught at small bar Days recaps today

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