Michael and Willow Name Their Baby, Liz Calls Scott for Legal Advice, and Laura Confronts Ava About Her Fight with Nikolas

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, February 8, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Liz tells Laura that she and Nikolas are finished, Nina tells Obrecht that something is going on between Drew and Carly, and Finn goes to Alexis for advice.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Austin agreed to help keep Ava’s secret after he caught her locking Nikolas’ body in a closet, and Felicia and Anna decided to haunt Ashby.

At home, Liz thinks of Finn telling her not to punish herself. Laura shows up to ask if she’s heard from Nikolas.

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The nurse tells her that her friendship with the prince is over. Laura asks if she knows what Spencer found out about his father. He’s refused to tell her.

She’s never seen Nikolas so devastated.

They have tea and Liz explains that Nikolas made everything about himself and let her down. Laura feels bad for her son since Liz has always been such a positive influence on his life.

liz thinks of family GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

Liz says she’s not so perfect. Her friendship for Nikolas has been bad for both of them. Laura is sorry to hear that. But she can never give up on her son.

Ava wakes up in bed, horrified that Nikolas is there after she bludgeoned him to death. He says their love is forever and she’ll never be free of him.

ava wakes up with a start GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

Ava wakes up from this nightmare. Looking down at her hand, she sees it’s covered in blood. Looking down at the sheet, it’s covered in blood.

ava in bed with blood GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

She wakes up from this second nightmare. Austin wanders into her room and confirms that Nikolas is dead.

She recalls hitting the prince with a statue. The doctor reminds her she asked him to stay the night. He says they need to talk about what happens next.

She wants him to leave and never speak of this again. He asks what will happen when people notice her ex is missing. Ava thanks him for not turning her in but thinks he should turn his back on her.

austin wakes ava up GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

Austin can’t do that. His cousin Mason is after her. After she gets her kimono on, she realizes that if Mason had caught her with Nikolas’ body, she’d be in trouble.

Austin wonders if Spencer will be a problem. She doubts it but Liz might be.

After Ava fills him in on all the details, she worries Liz’s guilt could send her to the cops and they could find the body. She wants to take care of this herself but he says they are sharing this problem.

Ava assures him no one will ever know he was there.

The doorbell rings.

It’s Laura. She asks Ava what happened with Nikolas last night.

laura visits ava GH recaps today SoapsSpoilers

Austin sneaks out as Ave leads Laura into the drawing room.

The Jerome tells her that the prince barged in last night and they argued and he’s out of her life. Laura doesn’t see how that’s possible if she’s helping Spencer blackmail him.

As the mayor goes on about how this might end, Ava flashes back to bludgeoning him where she stands. Laura tells her how angry her son was last night.

“I feel like I’m going to lose my son for good,” she worries, wondering if her son will throw in with Victor.

Ava assures her that won’t happen. She doubts she’ll ever see him again and wishes things could have gone differently.

Once Laura exits, Ava shuts the door and sighs.




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At General Hospital, Michael tells his mom he can’t leave Willow’s side until she opens her eyes.

Willow wakes up and he rushes over to welcome her back and tell her how much he loves her.

Carly exits. Michael tells Willow the baby is perfect and she begs him to bring her there immediately. She recaps what happened before she went unconscious.

GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

He explains that her heart stopped on the operating table. She could hear his voice clearly. He told her to come home.

Michael realizes she heard him praying in the waiting room.

willow asks michael see baby GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Carly bumps into Sonny in the corridor. She fills him in on Willow. They discuss how amazing it is that the baby’s stem cells will save Willow.

sonny listens carly hospital GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

The baby is wheeled past then. They both fawn. This reminds Sonny of the first time they saw Donna. They thought she would have struggles but she wound up perfect.

carly and sonny swoon granddaughter GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

The topic turns to how much Michael lost with Wiley because of Nelle.

Willow and Michael hold their baby and smile. As she holds her, he takes pictures.

willow and baby GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

They realize they never settled on a name.

Willow knew her name the moment she saw her.

Carly interrupts. They were surprised she waited so long. They’ve named the baby Amelia Grace.

Carly thinks that’s perfect. Michael thinks Willow should rest. She’s reluctant to take her eyes off her daughter but is exhausted.

Liesl surprises Nina when she stops by the hospital to see Willow’s baby. Nina has promised not to upset her daughter when she wakes up.

nina and liesl look in on the baby GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

Scott shows up and they talk about Britt’s memorial. Obrecht’s heart may be broken but she is thrilled to meet her grand-niece.

scott jokes with liesl about the baby needing a lawyer GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

Sonny texts Nina to say Willow is awake. They are all thrilled.

Sitting down with Nina, Obrecht tells her that Carly is no better than them. She is always being forgiven and that is unforgivable.

Nina explains there is something Carly is hiding involving Drew. Her aunt thinks she should dig into why.

liesl nina talk nina GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nina tracks down Sonny. He explains he said hi to the baby. Willow sends a text with the baby’s name.

They laugh and hug. It’s nice he got a photo but it’s not the real thing.

When Michael walks by, Sonny tries to talk to him but his son spots Austin and races over to him.

Sonny and Nina assume they are discussing the stem cells. Nina hopes she can be part of her daughter’s life.

Austin and Michael enter Willow’s room. She wants to know if the cells have been harvested so she can start getting better.

When the doctor doesn’t say anything immediately, Michael starts to worry something might be wrong.

Finn stops by Alexis’ office to get some hypothetical legal advice. She warns him there’s no confidentiality because she’s not a lawyer.

finn looking for alexis GH recaps todaySoapsSpoilers

He asks what kind of charges you could face if you were party to a felony. He’s worried a friend of his could ruin their life for no good reason.

After he provides some details, Alexis says it could be a misdemeanor or a felony. She asks if his friend would consider testifying against the person who committed the crime. That could mean a reduced sentence.

Finn thanks her for the advice and she suggests his friend call a lawyer.

Gregory shows up as his son takes off. They chat about the lack of developments in the hook case.

gregory over it GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He suggests they have lunch to brainstorm ways to keep the pressure on the cops.

She’s noticed he doesn’t talk about his classes much. That seems odd and makes her wonder if he’s over with teaching and ready for a change.

Alexis offers him a job.

gregory visits with alexis GH recaps today SoapsSpoilers

When Finn gets to GH, he pays his condolences to Obrecht for Britt. She thanks him for not being a hypocrite and attending the memorial.

She asks him to do something about Liz. The nurse called her Scott away. What could she want with him?

Scott arrives at Liz’s after she calls him. He guesses something is up.

liz gets a visit from scotty GH recaps today SoapsSpoilers

“I’m in trouble,” she explains. She’s not sure how legally bad what she did is.

They sit down and she admits she committed several crimes.

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