As Bill Takes Sheila Home, Demanding Assurances That She Won’t Let Him Down, Taylor is Shocked When Steffy and Finn Explain Why Sheila is Free

In the Wednesday, January 11, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Mike tells Sheila he will always love her, Taylor looks forward to life with Sheila, and the judge thanks Bill for his gifts.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where after new evidence was revealed, Steffy and Finn were shocked when Sheila was set free after they refused to press charges.

In his office at the court house, Steffy and Finn freak out when the judge dismisses all charges against Sheila and sets her free. Sheila leaves with a smile.

steffy reacts to sheila going free bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

The judge tells Finn and Steffy that there is no physical evidence and they refuse to testify, so he has no choice. Besides that, Mike has claimed that he kidnapped her from prison.

Steffy and Finn keep repeating this can’t happen and staring in disbelief. The judge dismisses them.

Once they are gone, Bill enters after watching all of this by video feed.

judge macmullen crooked bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

The judge thanks him for the vacation he gave his family and for all his generosity. Bill thanks him for today. The judge says he didn’t have much choice after the evidence he provided.

When Bill is left alone, he makes a business call.

Steffy and Finn return. They assume he was behind this and has the judge in his pocket.

steffy and finn bark at bill Bold and beautiful recaps

She asks if Sheila is blackmailing him. Bill tells them there is no point in fighting this. As long as Sheila is free, Taylor will remain free too.

Steffy accuses him of not caring about her or his granddaughters. Sheila is not above going after the little girls.

Bill gives his word that they have nothing to fear from Sheila.

bill stares at the judge bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Steffy screams that she will never forgive him and hates him for this. Finn holds her as she shudders.

steffy whines that she let sheila go and blames bill Bold and beautiful recaps

Sheila is let out of her cell and left to wait while they get her stuff together.

sheila being freed and the directing is terrible bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Mike visits her, annoyed that he’s stuck there while she’s getting out. He says his memories of their time together will get him through the long nights.

He’s going to miss her but happy for her. It was a helluva move for her to get Bill in her corner. That was genius.

mike sad sheila being freed bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

It would mean a lot to him if she comes back to visit him some time. Wherever she goes in life, he hopes she will think of him. His love for her has never stopped.

When he leans in for a kiss, she slaps him and they laugh.

The guard announces she can go and Sheila thanks Mike for everything.

As she exits, Mike repeats that he loves her and will wait a lifetime for her.

mike will miss sheila bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Mike is taken back to his cell. He may not have his freedom but at least he will always have his memories of Sheila. He flashes back through his memories of her and sighs.

mike kisses sheila B&B recaps

Bill takes Sheila back to his place. She’s still in disbelief about how he has come through for her.

sheila glad she's out B&B recaps

He thinks she’s worth it.

“You are one hell of a man Bill Spencer,” she says. Bill smiles.

Leaping around the room, Sheila declares that she is free thanks to Bill’s kindness and support. She is so grateful and inspired by him.

Watching how he manipulated people was amazing.

Bill reminds her he put a lot on the line for her. He wants assurances that he won’t let her down for that.

bill does the ridge forrester stare B&B recaps

Inching close, Sheila tells him she will be his partner for life. They kiss.

bill sheila making out like bandits B&B recaps

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B&B opinion: Bill’s delusions

New B&B comings and goings

At Forrester Creations, Taylor chats to a patient on the phone until Eric shows up.

eric sees taylor bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

He’s surprised to hear she had lunch with Brooke. She said it was really fun. It’s a good day all around and Sheila will be heading back to prison where she belongs.

The shrink is eager to get the official word she is finally out of their lives.

Finn and Steffy go home, still venting. They assume that killers are Bill’s type. This is all so unthinkable.

finn not expressing emotion B&B recaps

Steffy blames herself. Her husband says they are a team.

If only she’d been honest, this could have been over.

Finn says they made the only right choice. But how will they explain this? Especially to Taylor.

Taylor jogs in, declaring they are heroes and asking how they feel knowing they are putting Sheila behind bars.

taylor thrilled B&B recaps

Ecstatic Taylor wants all the details about justice being served.

They explain things didn’t end the way she was expecting. Sheila is free.

That makes no sense to her. They add they didn’t press charges.

taylor flumoxxed B&B recaps

She demands to know what’s going on so they tell him that Bill blackmailed them over her shooting him.

Taylor and Steffy shake their heads and pout.

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