Willow Collapses, Drew Breaks Up With Carly & With Cody’s Help, Brook Lynn Plays Games With Chase

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, January 11, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Willow’s dream horrifies her, Nina confronts Michael, and Brook Lynn is shocked to see Chase with Sasha.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Joss and Dex had sex again, Nina and Sonny discovered Willow is sick, and Spencer told Esme they used to date.

Chase does yoga while Sasha and Gladys walk in on him. “Now that is some hot yoga,” Gladys says.

chase hot yoga GH Recaps

He asks if they’re coming or if they’re going.

Gladys practically falls over. “Excuse me?!”

Sasha notices Gladys is missing her earrings and she says she wouldn’t wear them to yoga.

chase does yoga GH recaps

She runs to get her water and Chad asks if she’s pushing her to sell the garage. Sasha says yes but that’s just her.

She trusts her. She talks about the holiday distractions and now that they’re over, it’s just her. No Brando or Liam.

She knew that was coming. Chase can see she just felt unprepared.

She starts stretching and says having a goal was helpful.

gladys hot for chase GH recaps

She’s felt stable and stronger the last few weeks. Chase thinks that means she’ll get her case reevaluated.

She admits she hopes so but once Gladys is in bed, the apartment is quiet. She cries that she’s listening for Brando’s humming while he brushes his teeth.

She wants to dream of him and is afraid if she does, she’ll get lost in the fantasy.

Chase thinks she’s grieving like any other widow. He thinks she’s doing the best she can and offers to listen if she needs to talk. Day or night.

chase and sasha yoga GH recaps soapsspoilers

From home, Brook Lynn plays the keyboard, a little frustrated. Cody comes in eating biscotti.

He finds them dry. She tells him they’re supposed to be dry. You dip them in coffee. She says she’s working on a new song for Chase and Blaze and it’s not working.

Cody eats the biscotti even though he doesn’t like it. He tells her Leo’s happy that she and Chase won’t be kissing anymore.

She’s hopeful that it’ll change. Cody mentions them working together. She shrugs. Chase is being honorable. Cody suggests she use this.

She’s thought of it, but she can’t use lies on him. She calls Chase who is still at yoga. She fixed his song.

He tells her they can discuss it tomorrow but she wants to change the song he’s singing tomorrow.

She wants him over to learn it now. She railroads him and disconnects before he can say now, and then Cody high-fives her after.

brook lynn with cody GH recaps soapsspoilers

At Carly’s, Carly tells Drew that Nina’s Willows’ biological mother and she moves to call her because she could be a match but Drew tells her she already has a match.

Drew realizes Carly lied to him again.

Carly tears up. He’s pissed. She asks why she didn’t tell him.

drew learns carly lied GH recaps soapsspoilers

He says Willow swore her to secrecy. He asks for her honesty.

She snarls. Was she going to tell Wilow that Nina was her mother? She says she never would have.

He thinks she was getting back at Nina but Willow wanted to spare her the pain.

drew yells at carly GH recaps soapsspoilers

Drew asks why she lied to him. She claims she didn’t want him involved but he thinks it’s because she knew what she did was wrong.

She says he’s acting like she’s a puppetmaster. He gasps. She’s known since May.

He knows a lot was going on but she’s had months to come clean.

She knows but didn’t intend on hurting Willow, who didn’t want to know.

Drew yells that Carly keeping this secret has almost cost Willow’s life. 

She barks that her son didn’t tell her the truth. Drew says like mother like son.

He tells Carly that he thought they had something special and it’s a wake-up call to know that they don’t. Carly cries.

He doesn’t want her secrets and lies. 

drew and carly argue GH recaps soapsspoilers


In Sonny’s office, Joss starts yelling at Sonny, prepared for a lecture.

He stops her. He didn’t call her there for a lecture.

He just wanted to see if she could make Michael understand that if he and Willow need anything, he’s there.

joss learns willow sick GH recaps soapsspoilers

He brings up the leukemia and Joss is confused. Sonny is sorry. He thought she knew. She starts to cry, worried about them both and the baby.

Sonny reassures that they’re getting the best treatment.

Dex appears. “Everything okay?” Sonny says she had some bad news.

Dex will see that she gets home okay.

Joss dissolves into tears in Dex’s arms.

JOSS CRIES ON DEX SHOULDER GH recaps soapsspoilers


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Nina arrives at Michael’s.

She knows how sick Willow is and wonders where that leaves Wiley if she dies.

“How dare you?” He asks.

She reminds him she’s his grandma. She knows about Willow’s leukemia. 

She saw a memo that wound up in her living room and knows she’s been sick for months. Months where she had no chemo which means her chances of survival got worse.

She judges Willow for waiting and worries how Wiley will take this if she dies.

Wiley rushes in. “Grandma!” He rushes her and hugs her. He wants to play.

wiley and nina GH Recaps

Mommy’s too tired and Daddy’s too busy caring for Mommy. Nina glares at Michael. 

In bed, Willow dreams she had a baby girl and beat cancer and is happily in love.

willow dreams of her baby GH recaps

Her dream takes a turn when she sees Nina caring for Wiley and herself in a wheelchair.

Nina tells her Michael’s busy with work so she’s going to take the new baby, and Wiley.

Willow yells and cries and begs Wiley to stay with Mommy.

Nina calls the kids her second chance. Willow screams herself awake as Nina says, “How do you like the name Nelle?”

willow bad dream nina took her kids GH recaps

As Nina puts off playing with Wiley and apologizes for not visiting, Willow appears and yells at Nina.

She’s not dead and doesn’t want Nina to take her kids. Nina’s eyes bug out and Michael holds his wife back. Nina vows she’d never take her kids from her.

Willow calls her a bad person and says she doesn’t want Wiley around her.

He asks why and she takes him upstairs.

Before she can make the stairs, she collapses and the kid starts crying.

They call an ambulance and Nina calls Carly and tells her that Willow is in the hospital. 

willow screams at nina GH Recaps

Gladys goes to see Sonny. Her daughter-in-law needs his help. She needs to sell the garage. Sonny shrugs her off.

It’s not a big deal. It’s not as if she needs the money. Gladys squirms. Sonny asks what the issue is.

Is there a problem with Sasha? Gladys says it’s nothing specific.

He tells her they’ll look after each other and shakes her hand.

Later, he calls Brick to see if he’ll find the best oncologist for Willow. 

sonny with gladys GH Recaps

At the Quartermaine mansion, BLQ changes into a party dress.

Cody thinks it’s perfect. She kicks him out and Chase appears.

She didn’t give him much choice in coming.

blq with chase GH recaps soapsspoilers

Sasha and Cody appear behind him, dashing Brook Lynn’s hopes for private time.

Cody tries to help her out by asking Sasha to help him raid the fridge.

They run off and Chase asks for the sheet music. They sit together and go over the changes.

He calls her handwriting illegible. She tries to read it herself and it takes time.

She’s about to tell him something when her phone rings.

Michael calls. “Oh my God,” she says.

chase reads music GH Recaps

In the car on the way home, Dex listens while Joss cries for her brother.

She brings up Oscar’s death and how that affected her and Dex consoles her.

She worries for her brother, knowing she can’t fight this battle for him.

It’s the most helpless feeling and her best friend — her brother doesn’t deserve this.

She can’t stop thinking of reading to Oscar when he was ill. Dex kisses her hand.

He’s sure she did a lot for Oscar just by reading to him for the pain.

joss sobs GH Recaps

This episode is in memory of Sonya Eddy, a talented and beautiful actress who portrayed Epiphany Johnson on General Hospital since March 3, 2006. Sonya passed away December 19, 2022, at the age of 55, due to an infection following a nonemergency surgery, according to NYTimes. May she rest in peace and be remembered by those lives she touched.

sonya eddy dead GH recaps

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