GH Recap: Laura Urges Cyrus to Seek Justice Against Sonny, and BLQ and Chase Grow Closer After an Honest Talk

DAY AHEAD RECAP! It turns out that this episode of GH is on in USA on Wednesday, April 17. Canada received an early episode by accident. We’ll have today’s episode up soon!

Tues April 16, 2024: Laura and Anna discuss how dangerous Sonny is, Finn and Alexis talk after an AA meeting, and Chase and BLQ talk about money.

Monday’s GH recap: Carly and Jason confirmed they prefer their friendship status and Nina initiated tests on Sonny’s medication.

Laura stops by Anna’s office and they have a laugh about paperwork.

The mayor eventually says they have been standing in the way of justice for too long.

laura drops by anna's office

She doesn’t think either of them were trying to impede the pursuit of justice when it comes to Sonny.

Laura recalls her history with Sonny and how close he was to Luke.

He’s done a lot to help people she loves and the hospital.

She believed they had a bond. Anna believed that too and considered him a friend.

anna laura talk about sonny crimes

She tells her that someone told her Sonny ordered a hit.

Laura admits she never thinks about what he really does.

She feels ashamed that it took so long for her to wake up and see him for who he is.

If Anna has ever felt inclined to go easy on Sonny because of her, she doesn’t want her to.

She’s realized he has a very dark side and is a violent and dangerous time bomb.

That sounds about right to Anna. And unlike Cyrus, Sonny skates the law and ingratiates himself with society.

They talk about Sonny’s attack on Cyrus and how good Sonny is at lying.

laura says it's not her call to make

Anna will pursue the case if the opportunity presents itself.

Once Laura leaves, Anna calls in the head of the police academy.

He tells her how great Dex did on his tests.

anna asks how dex's tests went

They don’t usually get someone who seems to well-suited, but this time he suggests they pass on him.

He thinks he’s doing it for penance and that’s a bad reason.

dude says they should pass on dex

Laura meets with Cyrus at the coffee shop.

He’s grateful for the chance to spend some time with her.

cyrus meets with laura

She says he’s looking well. He’s trying to look at his time at GH as a spa stay.

She’s been thinking a lot of his time in the hospital.

She thinks he deserves justice and doesn’t want to be the reason he doesn’t get it.

He assures her that it’s because of Nina, not her, that he turned away from pressing charges against Sonny.

cyrus explains that nina bought him off

She paid for him to get his radio slot. He got sick of hearing the sound of his own voice and decided that he has no standing telling anyone how to live.

He needs to take care of himself before he can presume to shepherd a flock.

His sister thinks he sounds wiser.

Now that he’s done with the payoff, would he consider pressing charges against Sonny?

laura urges cyrus to press charges

He’s not sure that would serve justice or not. Cyrus takes the blame for the beating.

He taunted Sonny deliberately and the beating only gave him leverage over him.

He’s disgusted by all he’s ever done involving Sonny.

That night, he was after revenge.

His sister says he still didn’t deserve to be beaten.

Laura thinks it would be good for Sonny to go away for a while.

He offers to let her decide for him, but she insists this needs to be his choice.

laura urges cyrus seek justice

Finn bumps into Alexis at an AA meeting. She admits that she’s worried she’s risking things.

finn and alexis with chairs

She tells him she won’t be able to make his brother’s wedding because she has a chance at her disbarment being overturned.

He’s sure the bride and groom will understand and tells her she deserves a second chance.

She’s not so sure about that.

She did lie to the medical board.

alexis and finn catch up

He can understand her punishing herself. Alexis worries about how much she self-sabotages.

The doctor knows they are both wired that way and points out some wonderful things that have happened to her.

Other than her girls, she feels like the only good she has done has been with her legal career and wants to feel that again.

If she wins or loses her appeal, she’ll want to drink. Molly is already worried about her and if she slips up again, her girls may be done with her.

alexis and finn talk messsing up GH

Finn agrees to keep his eye on her. He explains he only has a few months to make up for treating his father badly most of his life so he will need her to be there for him too.

She tells him his father didn’t look good the last time she saw him.

He knows and he’s been struggling to hold onto his sobriety.

alexis and finn talk self-sabotage

Alexis assures him he’s not the person who used to hurt his father anymore.

Finn knows his father is lying to him about how well he is doing.

He spends so much time thinking of all the time he lost with his family.

What kind of son sleeps with his father’s fiancée just to hurt him?

finn and alexis talk about his family

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Liz and her sons arrive at Finn’s place with dinner for Gregory and Charlotte.

The kids go into the kitchen.

liz and kids arrive at gregory's

The nurse and Gregory sit down and discuss the tension in her house since Jason returned.

She knows there was a time when Finn rejected him and something like that is happening with Jake.

liz gregroy talk kids

Gregory suggests that anger is just a way of punishing yourself instead of someone you love.

He recalls how much he loves Jackie after losing his wife and how much Finn resented it.

Finn’s anger eventually exhausted itself and they still love each other as father and son.

gregory and liz talk about finn

The kids announce that dinner is ready as Finn arrives.

As they file off to the table, Finn tells Liz that he checked in with Liz and asks how his dad is doing.

She jokes she’d be falling for his father if it wasn’t for him.

liz finn talk about his dad

At Chase and BLQ’s place, he makes her spinach chicken.

She loves all that he’s done for her but hates him losing his truck because of her.

chase hands blq chicken

Uncorking some wine, he dismisses the truck as silly and says he loves her.

She soon starts venting about how much she wants to see Lucy hanging from a truck bumper.

The product launch was a disaster because of her.

He suggests they invest in some property for a forest getaway.

She reminds him they don’t have to wait.

She has loads of money and thinks they need to talk about it.

blq and chase talk about money

After she has some wine, she brings up money.

He assumes she wants him to sign a prenup.

He’s sure nothing will happen to their marriage.

When he offers to walk away with only what he brought to the marriage, she assures him that’s not necessary.

chase and blq talk prenup GH

They need to talk about what happens when they don’t split up.

She tells them about her relatives and how comfortable they were.

She wants their kids to have a safe and love-filled life.

She’s sure the Quartermaine side of her family will want to give their kids money, but they can give them a normal life.

She’s also sure that Tracy wanted them to have a prenup to protect their relationship from the insanity money can bring.

chase blq talk family money

He suggests they put together a savings account for their kids as a safety net.

He wants their kids to inherit their compassion and strong work ethic.

Chase admits he always wants to feel like he can serve and protect their family. They kiss.

They relax on the couch and he’s sure they will have the money talk every few years.

He’s sure she wouldn’t want living off his money if he has it either.

blq chase talk kids

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