B&B Recap: Deacon Realizes Sheila’s Alive After Lauren Tells Him the Story of Sugar

Friday, April 19, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy complains to Liam about Deacon, Finn tells Hope what Deacon has been saying, and Deacon asks Lauren about Sugar.

In Thursday April 18th’s episode recap, RJ told Luna he doesn’t know if they have a future, and Lauren was shocked when Deacon asked about Sugar.

At Il Giardino, Lauren steadies herself with a deep breath as Deacon asks her about Sugar. He keeps demanding answers.

deacon asks lauren about sugar B&B

Lauren stares. He keeps demanding.

Eventually, Lauren says Sugar is in jail. She doesn’t want to discuss this and tells him to forget it.

Deacon tells her he has serious reasons to believe that Sheila is alive and she may be the only person who can help him.

deacon brings up nine toes

Lauren doesn’t like to be the Sheila expert.

He says that he thinks she could cheat death yet again. He said goodbye to her but he saw ten toes.

deacon and lauren argue about toes

The body that he mourned was not Sheila.

She insists that he’s seeing things. “That was not Sheila!” he says.

Shuddering, Lauren gasps, “Sugar!”

lauren gasps sugar

She’s tried so hard to get her out of her mind. Sheila met her in prison. She was the warden and Sheila convinced her to help her escape.

They were so tight they were one and the same.

When Sheila was in the mental ward, she went to see her to confirm it.

lauren says listen up

He gets them some whiskey and she explains that she thought Sheila was locked up but then learned from her that Sugar had helped her escape.

They ran off to South America and she got a plastic surgeon to give Sugar her face. Sugar then took her place in the mental institution.

sheila flashback B&B

When she protested she wasn’t Sheila, they just dismissed her as delusional.

This means that there is someone out there with ten toes who looks exactly like Sheila.

“Sugar,” says Deacon. “I was right. My God! Sheila is alive!”

deacon realizes sheila is alive

Fresh from a swim, Finn answers the door to Hope, who is dropping off Kelly’s goggles. She also wanted to check on him.

hope brings finn goggles

He puts his shirt on and she tells him she knows he’s going through a lot.

Finn admits it hasn’t been easy but Sheila only had herself to blame and finally snapped.

She says he and Steffy never have to worry about her ever again.

hope says finn can move on

They sit down and he tells her that Deacon is sure that Sheila is alive. He claims he saw ten toes.

Hope says there’s no way and he must be mistaken.

hope is sure her dad is wrong

They all know Sheila is gone.

Hope worries about her dad being delusional but the doctor thinks he’s just grieving. It’s all cope.

finn tells hope what deacon has been saying B&B

She wishes she could help her dad. Finn says that Deacon asked him if part of him wishes his birth mother was still alive.

Finn insists it doesn’t matter how he feels because she’s gone.

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Ashleigh Brewer back as Ivy


In the Forrester office, Steffy thinks about Finn telling her that Deacon is convinced Sheila is still alive.

Liam interrupts, yelping, “She is still alive!” Steffy is startled.

laim asks what's up with steffy

He was just referring to her not answering her texts. He notices something is off and asks what’s going on.

She says she thought she could move on but some idiot yanked her back. Deacon.

She’s still trying to come to terms with what she did but Deacon is convinced that Sheila may still be alive.

steffy startled by liam

Liam wonders if he’s losing his mind. She thinks that happened when he fell for Sheila.

They rehash what happened and why Deacon questions it.

Steffy thinks he was just stressed out and saw wrong. Dead wrong.

steffy thinks deacon delusional

If he wants to believe she’s alive, he needs to keep it to himself. It’s annoying her.

Liam thinks Deacon is just stuck and is sure this is the last thing she needs right now.

She doesn’t think Deacon is living in this reality and flashes back to the night of the attack.

She’ll never forget it. It still haunts her and Deacon is wrong.

steffy complains about deacon

Next week on B&B!

Luna tells Poppy that she broke RJ’s heart.

luna weeps to poppy

“She is not to blame! It was her mother’s drugs!” Brooke yells at RJ.

brooke blames poppy

Brooke comforts weeping Luna.


Finn tells Deacon that he has him thinking. “Good. Because I’m right and we need to find her right now,” Deacon says.

finn thinks deacon onto something

Steffy tells smug Liam that Deacon is an idiot if he actually thinks Sheila is alive.

steffy says deacon idiot

“You recognize her, don’t you?” Deacon asks a homeless man as he shows him a picture of Sheila.

deacon finn show homeless man picture

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