GH Recap: Jason Gives the Metro Court Back to Carly, and Anna Insists That Molly Prosecute Sonny

Fri April 19, 2024: Joss begs Anna not to let Dex become a cop, Jason tells Carly about his tattoo, and Sonny tells Ava about his suspicions.

Thursday’s GH recap: Cyrus made a statement to the police about his attack, and Ava learned Sonny’s pills were tampered with.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Olivia assures BLQ that her bridal shower will be one for the ages. Lois rushes in to declares she has a surprise.

blq olivia talk party

She announces that Sonny is coming to the wedding. She pushed for her daughter and they are glad.

Olivia declares the Bensonhurt brigade will be back together.

Lois starts worrying that Ava is setting down roots with Sonny and BLQ worries she could be his plus one.

lois has a surprise for daughter

Lois is sure that Sonny knows not to bring the Jerome and whips out the seating chart.

Olivia runs off to work and BLQ explains she’s narrowing down her packing. She’s thrilled to be going to Florence with the man she loves.

She tells her how Tracy stopped her from ruining things. She fills her in on her money talk with Chase and how they are in a good place now.

blq admits tracy helped

BLQ never wanted him to think that she thought he was taking advantage of her. This all seems like a good sign to Lois.

Her mom tells her about her marriage to Ned and why she insisted on raising BLQ away from the Quartermaine money.

Lois wonders if they should invite Jason to the wedding.

lois talks about herself

Madison shows Diane into Nina’s office at Crimson. Nina goes through the contract she’s brought but before she can sign, Drew bursts in.

diane looking at clothes on rack

The lawyer offers to leave but Nina insists that Drew wait while they finish their business.

She signs the papers and hands them off. Diane shakes her hand and walks.

Nina announces that her situation wasn’t working so she made some changes.

nian says she's made changes

He asks what she has been hatching with Diane. She thinks he’s paranoid and explains she sold her half of the hotel to Jason.

She doesn’t care about Carly having the hotel. This brings her one step closer to getting Sonny back.

Drew wonders what that means. She didn’t know he cared. He claims he doesn’t and wishes her good luck.

drew listens to nina scheme

After he walks out, Madison returns and Nina asks her to let her know when Olivia gets in.

Jason is going push-ups in his room when Cary shows up. She suddenly notices the massive tattoo covering his arm.

carly notices jason tattoo

He’s had it for a year. She wonders why. That’s not something she ever thought he’d do.

He explains that he was alone and didn’t think he could come home so he wanted something that couldn’t be taken from him.

Jason never let himself think about home aside from when he was having the work done him. He thought about his family and hoped they were okay.

jason talks about missing family

He knew she would be okay without him. She says he’s wrong.

Jason thinks she’s the most resilient person he’s ever met. She tells him how hard it was to lose him.

She pulled through because she knew he would tell her not to quit. Touching him, she likes his tattoo and says it looks good on him.

carly smiles at jason

Carly tells him the gas has been turned off and she could use some backup dealing with this obnoxious guy from the city.

He joins her downstairs and they city bureaucrat Mr Tandy says that she has been negligent. Jason talks to him and calms the whole thing down.

jason carly talk to mr tandy

They will try to fix things by tomorrow.

Once the bureaucrat is gone, Diane shows up and hands Jason the paperwork.

Carly is surprised he bought half the Metro Court. Diane leaves the paperwork to sign it over to Carly and exits.

diane brings paperwork to carly and jason

Carly says he can’t do this. Getting it back is on her. He points out she wouldn’t have lost it if he was there and signs it over to her.

She weeps and hugs him. He tells her to enjoy it.

carly hugs jason

Danny sneaks into Jason’s room, looks at his sunglasses, and tries on his leather jacket.

danny sneaks into jason's room

Jason watches in and catches him.

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At the penthouse, Sonny is not pleased when Ava informs him that Dex is becoming a cop. He’s sure he will tell the cops all he knows unless he stops him cold.

ava filsl sonny bin abotu dex

He rants about how his son has betrayed him and spied on him. Ava knows that Michael and Carly overstepped.

He’s angry that he spared Dex’s life. Ava thinks he’s crazy to think he can get away with becoming a cop.

ava and sonny talk dex job

Sonny declares he’s done with all of them. He can divorce Nina but what can he do about Michael, Carly, and Jason?

She’s sure it’s tempting to turn his back on those people but sometimes family is all you have.

ava reminds sonny of family

He says she’s wrong to defend his family. They broke his trust. Carly re-married, Jason never called and told him to his face that he’s a Fed.

“I have to defend myself,” he says.

sonny needs to defend himself

She doesn’t think isolating himself is good for him. He can’t talk to Dante because he’s a cop.

Ava is sure Michael and Carly were trying to protect him. He can’t forgive them for putting a spy in his organization.

He thinks that Carly and Jason could have been working in cahoots for months or years and that’s unforgivable.

sonny tells ava it's unforgivable

She convinces him to take a walk.

Sonny and Ava go to teh Metro Court. They chat with Olivia about Dante.

olivia chats ava son

Carly rushes in and asks Olivia to welcome her back because she has her half of the hotel back.

carly tells olivia she's back

They jump up and down. Ava and Sonny look repulsed.

Nina arrives as Sonny plods over to Carly. He says that she, Jason, and Nina are all traitors and deserve each other.

sonny calls nina carly traitors

Nina looks crushed and Ava glares over at her.

Joss goes to see Anna at her office and begs her to reject Dex’s application to the academy. If he becomes a cop, Sonny will have him killed.

joss begs anna to turn dex down

Anna says this is the best to protect him so Joss explains that Sonny had an FBI agent beaten. The cop says that’s a serious accusation.

Joss fills her in on what she knows. They are sure it was Sonny and Joss thinks Dex will only become more of a target.

Anna says it’s Dex’s choice and he understands the risks involved.

anna hears abotu jagger attack

Sobbing Joss is appalled and tells her she’ll be at his funeral and they will both know she could have saved him.

joss begs anna not to accept dex

As soon as she’s gone, Anna calls Molly in.

She hands her the statements from Dex and Cyrus about Sonny.

Molly reads them and asks what’s changed. She thought that she was friends with Sonny.

anna gives molly evidence

Anna says they had a mutual understanding because of Robin. But she can’t give him a pass and this needs to be pursued.

Molly wonders why she didn’t go directly to Robert. Anna thinks he would enjoy it too much.

Molly reminds her this is personal for her too.

molly says this is personal

She reads the statements and says there is plenty of evidence for a good case but she can’t prosecute because of conflict of interest.

Anna realizes she’s right. Molly says there are other ADAs.

Anna still wants her to do this and will push Robert to give it to her.

Molly repeats that it’s a conflict of interest and Anna says it’s a judge’s call. She wants her to do this because she will be fair.

anna makes speech about law

The authorities have been overly tolerant of him and she’s going after him for something he actually did.

Molly agrees he needs to be prosecuted but there are four other ADAs who could do it.

molly repeats it's a conflict of interest

Anna makes a speech about how they have to do their duty.

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